Monday, November 28, 2011

Study: Ulaanbaatar metro possible by 2020

A metro construction research team reported the results of a two-year study to the mayor on Thursday.

According to JAICA research, 60 percent of the capital’s population is served by public transportation. To avoid overloading, the report says, Ulaanbaatar’s public transportation system should be renovated.

The mayor said that new public transportation service will be established and construction of a metro will begin in 2013. Underground construction will start in the center of the capital.

The Asian Development Bank has researched public transit possibilities in three areas: metro, light railway, and special bus lanes. The bank believes special bus lanes are the best way to improve public transportation in Ulaanbaatar. According to the bank, one kilometer of metro construction costs between USD 45 million to USD 100 million and one line takes ten years to build. Special bus lanes can be built in less than two years.

But metro construction is what has been chosen, and work will start in 2013 and finish in 2020, said the research team.

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