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Mongolia Brief November 13, 2014

Main Guidelines of Monetary Policy 2015 Approved
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, November 13 (MONTSAME) A plenary meeting of parliament ran on November 13 a final discussion of a parliamentary draft resolution on enacting the main guidelines of the state monetary policy of 2015 and approved them with a majority.

An introduction of how the draft had been prepared for the final discussion was presented by S.Demberel MP. He said the draft has amendments made previously by the Standing committee on economics during a preparation for the first discussion. It concerns the clauses that obligates the Bank of Mongolia (BoM) to promote macroeconomic external balance in order to provide sustainability of Mongolian Togrog and to take measures for preventing from accumulation of risks in banking sector; the BoM and the cabinet--to sustain a reliable supply system of consumer goods through switching the medium- and long-term program on prices of consumer goods into the market principles, and to implement the approaches descending the program. The included are also about beginning to establish sustainable system of export insurances and indemnity for the financial market, preparing to providing of monetary insurances for assets of saving-and-credit cooperatives and promoting of initiatives on sustainable financing.

Mongolia-Russia visa-free travel regime effective on Friday
November 13 ( The Mongolian-Russian agreement on terms for reciprocal visa-free travel of its passport holders for up to 30 days will be effective on Friday, November 14th.
The two countries signed the agreement to erase the difficulties and requirements travelers of both countries face during travel to each country.
The previous visa-free regime between Mongolia and Russia was terminated in 1995. The new Mongolia-Russia visa-free regime will be effective at midnight on the 13th.
Until now, only a few Mongolian citizens, including diplomatic services officers and their families, civil servants under special mandates, JVC employees, and civilians residing near the border were allowed to travel without a visa.
The consulate offices of both countries note that travelers must hold a national ID card and entry certification to travel to each country.
Head of the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Russia, Vladimir Vladimirovich Goryachev added, “Travelers of both countries staying in each country for more than 30 days should apply to related agencies.” 

SouthGobi Resources Announces 2014' Third Quarter Results
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, November 13 (MONTSAME) SouthGobi Resources Ltd which operates at Ovoot Tolgoi coal mine announced on November 10 its financial and operating results for the three and nine months ended September 30. It says that the coal exploitation decreased against the same period of 2013.
The company's significant events and highlights for the three months ended September 30, 2014 and subsequent period to November 10, 2014 are as follows:
As at the date hereof, the company is actively seeking sources of financing in order to be able to pay the interest due under the China Investment Corporation ("CIC") convertible debenture on November 19 of 2014. The company is also actively seeking additional sources of financing to maintain liquidity to fund its operations and meet its obligations.
The company continues to operate under difficult market conditions resulting from strong seaborne and domestic supply coupled with soft demand in China. As a result, coal prices in China declined further in the third quarter compared to the second quarter of 2014. Softness in market conditions has been marked by a slower seasonal restocking by purchasers of coal in the third quarter of 2014 compared to the same period of 2013. Although there are signs of stabilization or modest improvements in prices at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the company's sales volumes and revenues are expected to remain under pressure through the end of 2014.
Production of raw coal by the company decreased to 0.17 million tonnes in the third quarter of 2014 from 0.55 million tonnes in the second quarter of 2014. This decrease is due to the company's decision in June, in response to current market conditions, to reduce its production and place approximately half of its workforce on furlough. This furlough is anticipated to remain in place until the end of November 2014, subject to market conditions.
On July 30, the company announced Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd. entered into an agreement with National United Resources Holdings Limited (NUR) to sell shares representing 29.95% of the company's total common shares. The closing of this transaction is subject to certain conditions, including the approval of both the HKEX as well as NUR's shareholders.
As of August 29, the company had drawn down USD 3.8 million under the USD 10 million revolving credit facility (the Turquoise Hill Loan Facility) from Turquoise Hill. The Turquoise Hill Loan Facility matured on August 30 and is no longer available for further drawdowns by the company. Subject to certain terms and conditions as announced on August 31 of 2014 and filed on SEDAR on September 2 of 2014, Turquoise Hill has accepted the deferral of repayments of amounts and obligations due by the company.
On September 28, the company announced the construction of the paved highway from the Ovoot Tolgoi complex to the Shivee Khuren border crossing had been completed. The completion of the highway was one of the company's key objectives for 2014. The highway is anticipated to significantly increase the safety of coal transportation, reduce environmental impacts and improve the efficiency and capacity of coal transportation. Commissioning of the highway is expected by the end of this year.
The trial on the tax investigation commenced on August 25. Following two days of hearing, the panel of three appointed judges ordered the matter be returned to the Prosecutor General for further investigations due to insufficient evidence presented by the prosecutor. The Mongolian investigation authority issued a resolution on October 7 to order a re-investigation and new investigators to the case were appointed.
Mr. Vincent H. Kou, the company's general counsel and corporate secretary, has resigned with an effective date of November 14. Mr. Kou has accepted a new role with another company.
On October 31, the company sold 51.4% of its stake in Aspire Mining Limited for USD 1.4 million in net proceeds.

Border crossing offers electronic entry
November 13 ( The Citizenship and Migration General Authority Mongolia officially introduced an electronic entry and exit device at border crossings, with an a ceremony in October.
The electronic entry lets a traveler to enter or exit at a border crossing, reading data from the valid documents of Mongolian citizens or foreign nationals with residence permits. It also includes finger print and facial recognition features.
Introducing the electronic entry device, registration and control for individuals will meet international standards, increasing border crossing capacity  by taking approximately 14 to 18 seconds to allow entry or exit at border crossings.
Individuals should register their fingerprints, e-passport, ID card, residence permit, or multiple entry visas at the Buyant-Ukhaa office of the Citizenship and Migration General Authority Mongolia in advance. The electronic entry device will go into service on November 17, 2014.

Justice Minister refuses to work with R.Amarjargal
November 13 ( The DP caucus nominated a candidate for PM during Wednesday's caucus meeting. A total of 28 MPs who attended the caucus meeting agreed on the candidate for PM with 100 percent of the vote. Ousted PM N.Altankhuyag's Altangadas faction failed to attend the caucus meeting, as he announced that he would not support anyone who had voted against the DP led government.
Justice Minister Kh.Temuujin also did not vote on Wednesday. Justice Minister Kh.Temuujin said at the meeting, “I do believe R.Amarjargal can overcome the current situation of poor economic performance, leading the government as an individual. But I, Kh.Temuujin, as an individual, could not say it is right for a person who spat and ousted the party should lead the government in the name of the party.
"I think the DP should get out of this devil's circle that grips each end. That's why I would not vote for the nomination."
The Justice Minister also claims that he has no intention of working in the new PM's cabinet. But he will support the government on justice reform issues as am MP, in the framework of parliament. He personally requested that the candidate appoint professional personnel to rule legislation organizations instead of politicians.

Public bus service moves towards cashless payment
November 13 ( Public transport bus service will introduce a cashless payment option through digital card in April in 2015.  Citizens will be encouraged to buy a digital card in advance to use on public transport bus service in the city.
Price and design options for the digital card are now under discussion. “Data Card Consortium” won the tender of transferring public transport bus service to a digital payment system.
Ulaanbaatar City Transport Authority says that the process of transferring public transport bus service payment to digital payment will cost 14.2 million USD.
The new system will leave bus ticket collectors unemployed, so the Ulaanbaatar City Transport Authority is planning jobs as monitors for them.
Discounts for students, seniors and people with disabilities, who are already offered reduced fares, will also apply to the digital card.

Democratic Party Executive Committee Promotes MP R.Amarjargal for Prime Minister of Mongolia
November 13 ( On November 12, 2014, following the decision of the Democratic Party Group at the State Great Khural (Parliament), the DP Executive Committee members unanimously agreed to promote MP R.Amarjargal for the post of the Prime Minister of Mongolia and resolved to call the DP National Consultative Committee meeting tomorrow at 05:00 pm on November 14, 2014.
At the DP Group meeting two candidates were revised as the incumbent Head of the Cabinet Secretariat Ch.Saikhanbileg and MP R.Amarjargal, but final decision was on behalf of MP R.Amarjargal as considered as an experienced politician, who formerly served as Premier of Mongolia in 1999-2000.
If it would be finalized at the Consultative Committee meeting tomorrow, the promoted candidature issue will be consulted with other political forces having seats in the Parliament and then will be revised at the Standing Committee of the Parliament and if resolved would be submitted for an approval at the Parliament plenary session.
Moreover, at the latter DP National Consultative Committee, it was decided to call the Party Assembly Meeting on December 08, 2014 and in conjunction, the Speaker of the Parliament Z.Enkhbold yesterday announced on his Twitter page to promote his name for the Head of Democratic Party.

EBRD Delegates Visit MSE to Forward Local Currency Lending Programme
November 13 ( On November 12, 2014, an Acting CEO of Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE), D.Angar received in his office representatives of European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
During the meeting, the EBRD delegates have acquainted with current activities of MSE and its policies being carried out, besides, Government retail bond trading and urgent issues of market. Moreover, parties exchanged views on potential future development and future cooperation between the MSE and EBRD.
In September 2013, Ministry of Finance, Central Bank of Mongolia and the EBRD had signed a three-party Memorandum of Understanding on “Local Currency Lending Programme”, which includes EBRD’s role to develop Mongolian capital market and implementation of the program.
In order to realize the program, representatives from EBRD headquartered in London are visiting the MSE following the official request letter addressed the President of EBRD Suma Chakrabarti from Mongolian side and at the meeting held yesterday both sides reached consensus to continue collaboration workshop in the near future.

Mongolia Currently Stands in First Place with 5 Gold and 1 Bronze Medals at 4th Asian Beach Games, Thailand
November 13 ( The 4th Asian Beach Games are ongoing on its third day in Phuket, Thailand, however the official opening ceremony is scheduled on November 14, but four sporting events of Sambo, Ju-Jitsu, Flag Football and Squash have started and winners of Sambo and Ju-Jitsu have been already announced on November 13, 2014.
In the Sand Sambo competition, 59 sambists from 15 countries have competed in the Men’s 68, 82 and -100 kg and Women’s 52, 64 and 72 kg, and Mongolian Team has participated with six Sambists in each weight categories winning four Gold medals.
Gold medals were achieved by Davaadorj TUMURKHULEG in the Men’s 68 kg, Gan TUVSHINJARGAL in the Men’s 82 kg, Tumen-Od BATTUGS in the Women’s 64 kg and Bataa SAINBUYAN in the Women’s 72 kg respectively.
As of other two sambists wrestled and could not achieve any medals are Batbayar ARIUN-ERDENE, Men’s -100 kg and Sampil SOLONGOGEREL, Women’s 52 kg.
In the Ju-Jitsu competition, Sumiya BATGAL won a Gold medal out of 16 competitors in the Men’s ne-waza under 60 kg and Odsuren BOLD-ERDENE grabbed a Bronze medal out of 11 competitors in the Men’s -90 kg.
As of other participants, Baasandorj ARIUNTSOG stood at the 5th place in the Men’s -80 kg and at this moment, ne-waza Women’s under 50, 60 and 70 kg are ongoing.
Mongolia leads Asian Beach GamesMontsame, November 13

German Anthropologist Dr. Amelie Shenk Awarded with "Altan Gadas" Order
November 13 ( On November 13, 2014, a national of Germany Dr. Amelie Shenk has been awarded with the "Altan Gadas" (Polar Star) Order by the ordinance of the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj.
The Order was conferred by the Head of the Office of the President P.Tsagaan appraising her contribution made in the Mongolia-Germany relations, in particular, promoting Mongolian culture and tradition as well as many years of research works in Mongolian nomadic culture and scientific works and books and literatures published to promote Mongolia in Europe.
Dr. Amelie Schenk is a social anthropologist and probably Germany's most famous expert in Shamanism studies. For about 20 years she has lived mainly in Mongolia and knows the country well like no others.
She is the author of numerous books on shamanism and nomads. As co-founder of the "Friends of the Altai” Association, she is committed to the preservation of the nomadic culture and the protection of biodiversity in particular the Mongolian Altai region.

General Government Budget in figures
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, November 13 (MONTSAME) In the first 10 months of 2014, total equilibrated revenue and grants of the General Government Budget (GGB) amounted to MNT 4,850.2 billion, total expenditure and net lending of the budget reached MNT 5,128.6 billion, representing a deficit of 278.5 billion in the equilibrated balance of the GGBudget, and showing an increase of MNT 95.5 billion against the same period of 2013.
Tax revenue increased MNT 212.8 billion or 5.4 percent due to increases of 112.3 billion or 21.2 percent in other taxes, 103.2 billion or 15.2 percent in social security contributions and 19.5 billion or 1.3 percent in taxes on goods and services, although income taxes show decrease of MNT 23.3 billion or 2.7 percent which reflects a decrease of MNT 45.1 billion or 8.8 percent in revenue from corporate income tax.
In the same period, total expenditure and net lending of the GGB reached MNT 5,128.6 billion increasing 486.8 billion or 10.5 percent against the same period of 2013. This increase was mainly due to increases of MNT 209.7 billion or 13.7 percent in subsidies and transfers expenditure, of 190.3 billion or 10.3 percent in expenditure on goods and service, and of 183.7 billion or 2.2 times in lending minus repayments.

State drafts are still discussed
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, November 13 (MONTSAME) A plenary meeting of parliament on Thursday ran the second reading of drafts on 2015' state budget and on social insurance and human development funds.  
Before this discussion, the Standing Committee on budget had run its second discussion of the same drafts. The Committee obligated a working group to pursue certain directions in the estimation of costs of investment projects and events and in the studies. The directions include reducing the operating costs of Specialized Government Funds, the expenditure of foreign loans, and reducing the interest expenditures of new government bonds; deducting the costs of equipment and capital maintenance of all sectors except health and education, and reducing those costs in the latter by 30 percent; reducing all operating costs for general budget managers; deducting all costs of feasibility studies and consulting, and omitting the costs reflected in the draft under a name of housing support; reflecting the costs of some projects and programs into the budget draft of 2015; transferring the financial responsibility for certain infrastructural projects to the Development Bank.
A faction of Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) highlighted in its conclusion a necessity to focus on drafting the budget in a very economical and efficient manners, while the "Justice" coalition's faction  concluded that it is impossible to increase any operational costs of investment costs, thus, the working group should focus on reducing expenditures and on creating incomes.
Faction of Democratic Party (DP) outlined in its conclusion that financing responsibilities for some investment projects and events should be transferred to the budget of Ulaanbaatar and of the Development Bank.
A chairman of the Standing committee on budget Ts.Davaasuren said that the committee had prepared the draft for this discussion by pursuing following directions: to decrease some operating costs of state organizations by 5-30 percent, costs that are financed by the Specialized Funds by 50 percent, and the costs of equipment and capital maintenance of the health and education sectors by 30 percent based on the recommendations given by the National Audit Authority.
At the second reading, some suggestions were approved, reflected in the draft, such as cutting a number of deputy directors, vice-directors and legal advisors by 345 and reducing the operational costs. It means that a governor of aimag, soum and a city district is to have one deputy only, the UB Mayor--two deputies and no advisor, a director of government agency is to have one deputy or vice director and no advisor. After having voted on controversial definitions, the MPs passed the draft to the Standing committee on economics for having it prepared the bill for the third and fourth readings, on Friday.

MP receives US Ambassador
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, November 13 (MONTSAME) A chairman of the Standing Committee on social policy, education, culture and science D.Battsogt MP received Thursday a delegation headed by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the USA to Mongolia Ms Piper Campbell.
The sides focused on issues of people with disabilities. Mr Battsogt gave the visitors information about Mongolians with disabilities. "By 2013, there were 96 thous.325 such people, or three percent of the whole population, and matters concerning them are vital in social care and are the focus of the state policy on human development," he said. The social care for the disabled has been reflected in several laws and regulations, but their realization has some shortcomings, such as deficient implementation of the legal acts and regulations, impotent monitoring, limited involvement of the disabled in social interactions, a lack of resources of educated personnel to interact with them, and immature infrastructure for the disabled, he said.
In response, Ms Campbell thanked the MP for his time and introduced to him Mr John Wodatch she was accompanied by. He has been working to improve legal environment for the disabled for 40 years, currently he is advising the Mongolian working group on developing a draft on people with disabilities. Mr Wodatch highly spoke of the current development of the draft law and said it is expected to become a comprehensive law that concerns all matters around the disabled. The working group should learn pros and cons of the development of the same law of the USA, he noted and expressed a satisfaction with Mongolia’s aspiration towards settling these issues.
Present at the meeting were J.Batsuuri, G.Bayarsaikhan and L.Erdenechimeg MPs along with US officials.

Bio-security training runs
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, November 13 (MONTSAME) Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation of Mongolia and the UN Office of Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) ran on November 12-13 a seminar-training on national implementation of the international Biological Weapons Convention.
As known, this Convention aims to unite nations against the threat of biological and chemical weapons, and the UN provides expertise and technical assistance and supports trainings of cadres for the nationwide implementation of the Convention. This seminar has been of importance in terms of adopting the recommendations on reflecting the “Bio-Security” issues into the domestic regulations. As for Mongolia, there are 10 associated laws.
Assessments and conclusions on the domestic regulations were made by the international R&E Centre “VERTIC” during the previous seminar held in October.
Mongolia joined the Biological Weapons Convention in 1972 and observes duty to enact and pursue the domestic regulations in harmony with the international principles.

Heads of Mongolia-Canada groups meet
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, November 13 (MONTSAME) One of the Vice chairmen of the State Great Khural and head of the Mongolia-Canada inter-parliamentary group R.Gonchigdorj met on Thursday the leader of the Canada -Mongolia friendship group of Canadian parliament Mr Brad Trost.
Mr Gonchigdorj wished the guest a pleasant stay here and congratulated him on being elected to lead the friendship group. He noted that the relations of the two countries are intensively developing and expressed a satisfaction with a regularity of high level interactions between Mongolia and Canada, "for example, the visits of the Governor-General David Johnston and of the Foreign Minister John Baird upgraded the bilateral relations and cooperation". He also stressed that Mongolia considers Canada not only as its important partner in North America but also as the Third neighbor.   
In response, Mr Trost said he confident that within his leadership the interactions between the two legislative bodies will achieve more success.
After this, the side focused on ways of expanding the cooperation.
The member of the Canadian parliament Brad Trost was elected in 2004 from the Saskatoon Humboldt electoral district of Canada, and was appointed the head of the Mongolia-Canada inter-parliamentary group last week.

Trade balance estimated positive
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, November 13 (MONTSAME) In the first 10 months of 2014, Mongolia traded with 131 countries, and a total external trade turnover reached USD 9,080.0 million--exports 4,605.7 million and imports--4,474.3 million.
The external trade turnover increased by USD 258.8 million or 2.9 percent. Exports went up by USD 1,125.5 million or 32.3 percent, the imports went down by USD 866.7 million or 16.2 percent against the same period of 2013.
The trade balance showed a surplus of USD 131.4 million in the first ten months of this year. It was in a USD 1.9 billion deficit in the same period of 2013.

Harvesting in statistics
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, November 13 (MONTSAME) By November 1, 515.2 thousand tonnes of cereals, 160.7 thousand tonnes of potatoes, 102.6 thousand tonnes of vegetables were harvested and 1117.9 thousand tonnes of hay harvest, 36.4 thousand tonnes of handmade fodder were produced.
Compared to the same period of the previous year, harvesting of cereals rose by 130.8 thousand tonnes or 34.0 percent, of vegetables -- by 2.4 thousand tonnes or 2.4 percent, hay harvest -- by 62.9 thousand tonnes or 6.0 percent, handmade fodder -- by 4.9 thousand tonnes or 15.6 percent, and harvesting of potatoes went down by 30.8  thousand tonnes  or 16.1 percent.

Statistics of industrial production
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, November 13 (MONTSAME) The industrial production index (010=100 seasonally adjusted and experimental estimation) in the first 10 months of 2014, increased 14.4 percent from the end of 2013, by 8.5 percent against the previous month and increased by 16.9 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.
 The mining products such as molybdenum with concentrate, gold,  copper concentrate,  iron ore, crude oil, fluorspar concentrate increased by 5.0-63.1 percent in the mining and quarrying sectors while the production of beer, bakery products, juice, cigarettes, metal foundries,  milk, cake, metal steel, knitted goods, soft drinks, buuz, dumpling, bread, vacuum windows and doors, sausage, cement, sawn wood, horse meat rose by 0.4 percent to 3.0 times in the manufacturing sector compared to the same period of the previous year.

Statistics of freight and transport
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, November 13 (MONTSAME) In the first 10 months of 2014, 17051.5 thousand tonnes of freight and 2840.8 million passengers (double counting) were carried by railway transport. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the amount of carried freight decreased by 354.9 thousand tonnes or 2.0 percent, and number of carried passengers also showed decrease of 355.2 thousand people or 11.1 percent.
The revenue from railway transport in the first 10 months of 2014 reached MNT 349.3 billion reflecting decrease of MNT 2.9 billion or 0.8 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.
By the end of October, 2916.1 tonnes of freight and 579.4 thousand passengers (with double counting) were carried by air transport this year. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the amount of carried freight was dropped by 580.7 tonnes or 16.6 percent and number of carried passengers -- by 88.4 thousand people or 13.2 percent. The revenue from air transport in the first 10 months of 2014 reached MNT 211.2 billion and there were an increase of MNT1.4 billion or 0.7 percent against the same period of 2013.

Stock Exchange news for November 13
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, November 13 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades on Thursday, a total of 22,653 shares of 17 JSCs were traded costing MNT 30 million 935 thousand and 75.00.
"Hermes Center” /8,932 units/, “Moninjbar” /5,056 units/, “APU” /2,185 units/, “State Department Store” /1,304 units/ and "HBOil” /1,200 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value were "APU” (MNT eight million 84 thousand and 670), "Mongol Nekhmel” (MNT four million 914 thousand and 701), “Atar Orgoo” (MNT three million and 400 thousand), “Gobi” (MNT two million and 250 thousand) and "Darkhan Nekhii” (MNT one million and 750 thousand).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 529 billion 670 million 370 thousand and 58. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 15,209.56, decreasing 132.08 units or 0.86% against the previous day.

City solution forum approaches
By N. Khaliun
Ulaanbaatar, November 13 (MONTSAME) The "City solution" forum will run at the "Corporate" hotel on November 14. It will be co-organized by the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) and the capital city authorities together with JCI Mongolia.
The gathered are supposed to discuss a wide range of issues such as road traffic measures, E-ticket project, public transport route planning, E-governance-smart application, "Street" and "Ulaanbaatar on bicycles" projects.  

Unfortunate events in statistical mirror
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, November 13 (MONTSAME) In the first 10 months of 2014, 3911 disasters and accidents occurred. As a result, 159 people died, 14664 livestock and animals were lost, 3454 of which died of hoof and mouth disease.
Among the natural disasters and accidents reported in the first 10 months of this year, 3287 were construction fires, 255 -- forest fires, 116 cases of domestic animal rabies, 85 cases of floods and river and lake accidents, 36 earthquakes of 3.5 magnitude, 32 incidents of heavy rain and floods, 24 incidents of severe storms, 17 anthraxes, 13 incidents and emergency calls related to chemical substance use, 12 incidents of thunder, 11 slug firearms accidents.
In the first 10 months of 2014, estimated damage caused by the construction fires amounted to MNT 10.5 billion, by porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome -- MNT 1.6 billion, by forest fires -- MNT 1.4 billion, by heavy rain and floods – MNT 755.4 million, by severe storms -- MNT 586.3 million, by domestic animal rabies MNT 69.9 million. A total of MNT 687.9 million was spent on the disasters and accidents.
In the first 10 months of 2014, 95 people died from drowning in rivers and lakes, 49 people died in construction fires, five people died thunderstruck, three in forest fires, artisanal mining and rock falls, two from heavy rain, floods and severe storm.        
Compared to the same period of the previous year, the occurrences of natural disasters and accidents increased by 12.

Call for registration of all firearms
November 13 ( The license center at the General Police Agency of Mongolia has registered 2,576 firearms nationwide, in the scope of “Firearms Registration - 2014”.
In the scope of the “Firearms Registration - 2014” campaign, the license center at the General Police Agency of Mongolia conducts registration and the issuing of licenses for unregistered firearms belonging to civilians or legal bodies.
In the nationwide campaign, over 100 firearms were issued licenses, 31 firearms licenses were updated with new locations, 92 firearms were seized, 13 firearms dealers were targeted, and 109 unregistered firearms were discovered.
Also, 32 air rifles were counted, 107 violations were uncovered and 45,000 MNT fines were imposed, and 2,467 notices and warnings were issued in collaboration with the media.
In Ulaanbaatar, the license center counted 1,035 firearms in the city, issued permits to 20 firearms owners, relocated 14 firearms licenses, discovered four violations and imposed 60,000 MNT fines, issued 1,773 notices, and sent two firearms with unknown origin to the National Institute of Forensic Science.
Civilians and legal bodies who own firearms should pay gun taxes in their district, or to the province tax office in order to register the gun with their district, sum or province`s police department, according to the Firearms Law of Mongolia.

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