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Mongolia Brief December 30, 2014 Part III

Number of Livestock Reaches almost 52 Million Heads

By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 30 (MONTSAME) The National Statistical Committee (NSC) Tuesday released preliminary results of livestock census of this year.

Accordingly, a number of livestock reached 51.9 million heads, increasing 6.8 million head or 15.1% against the previous year.
The number of horses reached 2.9 million, cattle--3.4 million, camels--349.3 thousand, sheep--23.2 million and goats--22.0 million. The number of horses increased by 375.9 thousand, cattle--by 503.3 thousand, camels--by 27.8 thousand, sheep--by 3.1 million, and goats--2.8 million heads against 2013. The number of horses amounted for 5.8% of the total livestock counted, of cattle--6.6%, camel--0.7%, sheep--44.7% and goat--42.3%.
The number of livestock increased in all provinces except Orkhon. The number of livestock increased dramatically in Sukhbaatar, Uvs, Gobi-Altai, Zavkhan, Bulgan, Khovd, Khentii, Dundgobi, Bayankhongor, Arkhangai, Khovsgol, Tov and Ovorkhangai aimags. 16 provinces and Ulaanbaatar city increased all five kinds of livestock.
Arkhangai aimag counted the largest number of livestock (4,293.9 thousand heads), followed by Tov (4,181.5 thousand heads) and Khovsgol (41.516.8 thousand heads).
The biggest number of horses (331.0 thousand) was counted in Tov aimag, of cattle (502.6 thousand)--in Arkhangai, camel (112.7 thousand)--in Omnogobi, sheep (2,229.9 thousand)--in Arkhangai, and goats (2,138.1 thousand)--in Bayankhongor.

City Names Its Best Children

By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 30 (MONTSAME) The administration of Ulaanbaatar city Tuesday announced the best children of the city.
For their success in sports, learning, arts and culture, 15 children have been selected as the top ones of Ulaanbaatar in various nominations.
Three pupils from Sukhbaatar, Bayanzurkh and Nalaikh districts B.Enkhsaran, N.Khas-Erdene and B.Dolgoon became the best athletes; A.Khajidtosgzol (Bayanzurkh), O.Monkh-Od (Songinokhairkhan), O.Surentsetseg (Bagankhangai)--the most talented; S.Otgonbaatar (Bayangol), E.Azzaya (Chingeltei), M.Bilguun (Songinokhairkhan)--the most creative; Ts.Dulamjav (Khan-Uul), D.Khaliun (Bayanzurkh), L.Tsakhiurpurev (Baganuur)--top leadership pupils; B.Torkhuu (Sukhbaatar district), B.Khaliunaa (Chingeltei) and B.Namuun (Bayangol)--the most intellectual children. 

State Giant S.Munkhbat Wins Second Time Presidential Trophy

December 30 (infomongolia.com) Welcoming the 103rd Anniversary of Restoring the National Freedom and Independence of Mongolia, the Presidential Trophy traditional wrestling tournament among top 128 wrestlers was held in the Wrestling Palace, Ulaanbaatar on December 29, 2014.
President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj and other government officials have witnessed the competition, where following the final round, a wrestler from “Khilchin” Sports Committee, State Giant (Ulsyn Avraga) S.Munkhbat has won the Presidential Trophy.
State Giant S.Munkhbat, resident of Uvs Aimag, has achieved the Trophy for his second time and this tournament was first launched in 2011 on the occasion of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Independence Day of Mongolia from the Manchu Qing Dynasty.
The runner-up of the tournament was a wrestler from “Aldar” Sports Committee, State Hawk (Ulsyn Khartsaga) T.Usukh-Ireedui.
During the award handing ceremony, President Ts.Elbegdorj presented his watch used to wear to the winner of the tournament, State Giant S.Munkhbat.
We appreciate the Press and Communication Division of Office of the President of Mongolia for collaborating and providing the below photos.

Fencers Win First Medal at Int’l Competition

By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 30 (MONTSAME) Mongolian fencers successfully competed in the “Guangzhou-2014” international open tournament recently ran in Guangzhou, China.
An athlete from the “Khangarid” sports club B.Batkhuu grabbed a gold medal in the epee contest. Fencers from “UB Fencing” club E.Enkhtulga and T.Anarsaikhan won silver and bronze medals, respectively. On the second day of the tournament, the epee team of Mongolia with B.Batkhuu, E.Bat-Erdene, E.Enkhtulga and T.Anarsaikhan won a gold medal, defeating a team of Hong Kong.
This year’s tournament attracted some 500 fencers of China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and China’s Macau. Our five athletes were coached by Alexander Rovnyagin.
Prior to these competitions, the Mongolians had a two-week joint training in Chinese Guangzhou.

No traffic restrictions on January 1 and 2

December 30 (news.mn) The Traffic Police have announced that traffic restrictions in the city will be in place on December 30 and 31st, as usual, but there will be no traffic restrictions in the city on January 1 and 2nd, 2015, as the government has announced these days as public holidays.
Due to New Year's celebrations over the holidays, Traffic Police have issued warnings against drunk driving and to avoid traffic accidents.

Researchers protest the PM to 'Save Science'

December 30 (news.mn) Researchers and scientists held a protest demanding that PM Saikhanbileg apologize for his remarks about research institutes.
Over 500 researchers and scientist held the "Save Science" protest at Chinggis Khaan Square, organized by the Science Trade Union of Mongolia, to speak out about cuts to science funding and the consolidation of research institutions.
The protesters held signs that read “Recall the government which treats science unjustly”, “No more industry development without science”, and “Shame on the government without a policy of continuity. Shame on MPs who do not know which way to take”.
The demonstrators demanded that PM Ch.Saikhanbileg issue an apology for his remarks about research and science institutes in Mongolia, made during the December 19th plenary session meeting.
PM Ch.Saikhanbileg decided to merge research programs at national universities and technical institutes in Mongolia and remarked, "I do not doubt that many people do not know that so many institutes are funded by the government budget, much less the names of the institutes.”
Researchers see the PM's comments as insulting remarks against researchers and scientists, and a blind-alley decision, and claim that the PM's doubts about Mongolia's internationally known researchers proves that he is far from understanding the nation's contributions to science.
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