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Mongolia Brief December 25, 2014 Part I

Management Academy Receives State Prize
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 25 (MONTSAME) By a decree of the President, the Management Academy has been awarded the Red Flag Order of Labour Merit.

It has happened on occasion of the 103rd anniversary of the Restoration of Mongolian National Freedom and Independence and the 100th anniversary of the Management Academy. A head of the Presidential Office P.Tsagaan Wednesday put the Order on the Management Academy’s flag for the significant contributions to preparing skilled staffers, improving their knowledge and developing the democratic society.

Negotiation between Government and China-Japan-Mongolia Consortium to Be Starting from January 05, 2015
December 25 ( On December 24, 2014, the Government authorities received representatives from China-Japan-Mongolia Consortium comprised of Shenhua Energy, Sumitomo Corporation and Energy Resources, who were selected as the winning-investor as partner to develop Tavan Tolgoi coal deposit in Umnugovi Aimag.
At the meeting, the Working Group Chairman, Minister M.Enkhsaikhan, Mining Minister R.Jigjid, Finance Minister J.Erdenebat, and Minister of Roads and Transportation N.Tumurkhuu on behalf of Mongolian Government and the Consortium was represented by Executive Director and CEO of Energy Resources LLC Mr. Gotov BATTSENGEL, Deputy CEO of Energy Resources LLC Mr. Lkhagvatsend OYUNBAT; Board Chairman of China Shenhua Overseas Development and Investment Co., Ltd. Mr. Shao Junjie, and General Manager of Sumitomo Corporation’s Ulaanbaatar Office Mr. Hiroto Fujiwara.
During the meeting, parties agreed to continue the negotiation from January 05, 2015 and pledged to successfully accomplish the mega project to invest and develop the Tavan Tolgoi coal deposit.
Group Chairman M.Enkhsaikhan stressed, “The Tavan Tolgoi project requires 4 billion USD investments and in this sense, this is a world-scale mega project. Winners are comprised of three states - Mongolia, China and Japan - and therefore, it increases the project’s value”.
CEO of Energy Resources LLC, G.Battsengel noted, “We are ready to contribute in the development of Mongolia sharing our experiences gained to date”.
General Manager of Sumitomo Corporation’s Ulaanbaatar Office, H.Fujiwara added, “Our Office has been operating in Mongolia since 1992 and under the project, we will focus to deliver the coal to the third market”.
Chairman of China Shenhua Overseas Development and Investment Co., Ltd., Sh.Junjie emphasized, “Shenhua Group has experienced many projects on international arena. In the scope of projects being implemented in Southeast Asian countries, major projects have been accomplished successfully when to cooperate with experienced domestic firms. In this regard, the Mongolia-Japan-China Consortium will partner under market principles and Mongolian Law”.
Under the Agreement of Cooperation between Government of Mongolia and the Consortium, parties to adhere mutually beneficial strategic partnership, which consist of a negotiation based on trusts and understandings as well as to discuss all matters concerned under the principle of joint creative work and finding a general solutions.

200 street signs installed on 54 streets
December 25 ( Ulaanbaatar's utility service department of the Governor's Office has installed 200 street signs at intersections on 54 streets.
The Ulaanbaatar Citizens' Representatives Khural confirmed the names of streets and squares and signs with names on a green background, written in Mongolian and English, were made according to MNS: 5283-2014 standards.
This is a part of measures to improve the city, providing information and time-saving measures to improve the lives of city residents.
The Ulaanbaatar public services brigade also installed 60 entry and exit signs in vehicle restricted areas in Bayanzurkh, Khan-Uul and Songinokhairkhan districts, upon the order of the Auto Road Authority.

First Vice-Ministerial Strategic Dialogue between Mongolia and China held
December 25 ( Ulaanbaatar hosted the first Vice Ministerial Strategic Dialogue between Mongolia and China from December 22-24th.
The Vice-Ministerial Strategic Dialogue was chaired by Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister of Mongolia N.Oyundari and Assistant Foreign Minister of China Liu Jianchao.
At the Strategic Dialogue, opinions were shared on global and regional issues and foreign affairs policy priorities, as well as views on politics, economy, culture and humanitarian cooperation between the two countries. Talks over further expansion of relations between the foreign affairs ministries of Mongolia and China were at the top of the agenda.
A Chinese delegation led by Assistant Foreign Minister Liu Jianchao met Foreign Affairs Minister of Mongolia L.Purevsuren.
Assistant Foreign Minister Liu also met with Mongolian researchers, scholars and media representatives on Wednesday, December 24th.

Mongolia and Turkey to Broaden Cooperation in Environmental And Tourism Spheres
December 25 ( On December 24, 2014, Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism, Mrs. D.Oyunkhorol received in her office the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Turkey to Mongolia Mr. Murat Karagoz.
At the beginning of meeting, Minister D.Oyunkhorol noted that however the two countries have an extensive experience of collaborative working in the environment field, but need to forward the cooperation into a newer level and therefore, agreements and contracts established earlier should be renewed.
Also, Minister offered several possible proposals of future cooperation, in particular, issues concerning of air and soil pollutions as well as waste management in Ulaanbaatar city. Besides, she added that there is a great opportunity of collaboration development in tourism as considered as a main sphere in economical sector. Further, Minister expressed her willingness to involve Mongolian experts in trainings to study in Turkey that aims to develop practical partnership in implementing joint projects and programs. Moreover, Minister D.Oyunkhorol requested the Ambassador M.Karagoz to pay a particular attention on implementing the planned “Orkhon Govi” project.
In turn, Ambassador Murat Karagoz said, “Even the environment and tourism have separate directories, but linked to each other closely. The three sectors you are responsible for have been regulated by three Ministries respectively in Turkey. I am fully agree with your proposals to step up partnership and intend to organize a workshop meeting in the sectors mentioned.
Particularly, if the Government of Mongolia includes the water issue into priority policy, it would be a step closer to cooperate”.
Furthermore, Minister D.Oyunkhorol mentioned, the Government of Turkey has potential experiences in resolving environmental issues and in this regard, Mongolia with supports of Turkey has been carrying out three projects in the fields, of which one of them is a project to supply with smoke-free stoves in ger areas of Mongolia. Also, preparations of construction of hydro-electric power station have been completed in Bayan-Ulgii Aimag. In addition, a 20 million USD project for construction of waste water treatment plant in Khan-Uul District of Ulaanbaatar is also ready. Therefore, Minister asked the Ambassador to assist in order to complete these projects effectively. Moreover, she said the Ministry is planning to host an exhibition and fair trade to share Turkish tourism industry’s experience, the country that stands sixth in the world’s tourism sector.
Concluding the meeting, Ambassador M.Karagoz conferred an official invitation to participate in the Expo 2016 Antalya, an International Horticultural Exposition to take place in Turkey for the first time.
The Governments of Mongolia and the Republic of Turkey have been collaborating in environmental field since 1998 by signing a MoU to cooperate in Meteorology and Environment sector. Later, an Agreement of Cooperation between the Ministries of Environment was established in 2006 and MoU in 2009 respectively.
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