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Mongolia Brief December 1, 2014

Mongolian Ambassador Contributes to Recollection of Cultural Heritage
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME) The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the Russian Federation Mr Sh.Altangerel and a head of the Russian Republic of Kalmykia Aleksei Orlov have made personal contributions to a fund-raising called "Heritage".

The fund purchases and returns to Kalmykia the religious artifacts dating back to XVI-XX century. This action started in the middle of the 20th century in Leningrad (current Saint-Petersburg). In the next decade, the collection was broadly enriched and was exhibited in its homeland in 1999. Many people saw their family antiques that had been lost during a re-settlement of the Kalmyk people.
The Ambassador Altangerel said the Mongolians know an importance of recollecting the religious artifacts, "our people too have lost many cultural heritages due to external factors". By helping the Kalmyk to find/recollect their artifacts "we can return ours sooner or later, I believe”, he added.
Mr Sh.Ilaysov, a permanent representative of the Republic of Kalmykia to the Russian President, said Kalmykia has many years of good-neighbor relations with Mongolia, "these ties will not be limited in politics, economy and culture spheres. The peoples even share same characteristics, traditional values and history as well. These are the fundamentals of our brotherhood".
A president of the "Heritage" fund A.N.Severtsev M.D. said the lost artifacts are conserved in the Maimonides State Classical Academy. It is important that high officials are involved in the fund-raising, he noted, "everyone’s commitment is crucial for recollecting the heritage". 

"Script of Eternal Sky-2014" Exhibition Mounted in Baganuur District
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME) Dedicated to the 852nd birth anniversary of Chingis Khaan and the Day of National Pride, an annual exhibition and lecture both titled "Script of the Eternal Sky" ran November 29-30 in the city’s Baganuur district.
Authorities of the district, Mongolian language and script teachers and the Citizens’ Representative Khural participated in the opening of the event. A scientist from the Institute of Linguistics and Literature at the Academy of Sciences R.Otgonbaatar gave a lecture to the gathered about the traditions and reforms of teaching methodology of Mongolian script.
Previous exhibitions were mounted in Selenge, Bayankhongor, Dundgobi, Arkhangai and Orkhon aimags.

Green City Workshop Runs
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME)  A workshop meeting “Green City” was organized December 1 by the Office of the Mayor, Ministry of Environment and Green Development and the Association of Cities.
This took place in frames of implementation of the Green Development Policy, developed by the Ministry, and of related law, adopted by parliament this year's June 13.
The Ministry official in charge of green development policy planning Kh.Khishigjargal presented a “Sustainable Cities” paper, her colleague M.Ganbat--"Mongolia’s policy on Green City Development". A president of the Association of Cities B.Oyunbayar highlighted the UN Green Cities Declaration, and a deputy dean responsible for the Innovation and Academic Research of the Mongolian National University D.Nergui gave information on green construction and its importance.
After this, the gathered unanimously agreed that Ulaanbaatar city needs to join the concept of green development.
The UN Conference on Sustainable Development 2012 in Rio de Janeiro called for assistance for countries on green development. International organizations and donor countries are also prioritizing such policies.

Int’l Scientific Conference Named after B.Chimid Held
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME) An international scientific conference ran last Friday themed "Formation of Constitutional state and developmental tendency".
It was named after late Dr B.Chimid, a prominent state figure, Hero of Labour, People’s Teacher, State Honored Lawyer and Chief Editor of the Constitution of Mongolia.
A head of the “Chimid” foundation Ch.Battsogt addressed the conference, saying the event’s purposes were to present the deeds of B.Chimid and to learn positions of professional lawyers towards an amendment to the Constitution. The president of the Academy of Sciences academician B.Enkhtuvshin also greeted the participants. After this, reports were delivered by scholars and scientists from Germany, Japan and South Korea. 

Mongolian Judo Team Grabs 1 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals from Judo Grand Prix, Jeju 2014
December 1 ( This year's last Grand Prix of the IJF World Judo Tour took place in South Korea with the Jeju 2014 held on November 27-29, where 278 judokas (Men 152 and Women 124) from 42 countries have competed as the season concludes a week later at the Tokyo Grand Slam.
Mongolian Judo Team was represented with its 13 male and 5 female athletes and concluded the Grand Prix finale with one Silver and three Bronze medals.
The Silver was achieved by Olympic Chamion N.Tuvshinbayar in the Men’s -100 kg and the Bronzes by D.Amartuvshin, Men’s 60 kg, G.Kherlen, Men’s 60 kg and N.Dagvasuren in the Men’s 81 kg.
Mongolian Judo Team will be continuing the World Tour participating in the Judo Grand Slam that will take place in Tokyo on December 05-07, 2014.
N.Tuvshinbayar wins silver in, December 1

Mongolian to Attend "Marco Polo" Premiere in New York
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME) A Mongolian actor B.Amarsaikhan will attend a premiere of "Marco Polo", a new TV Show by NetFlix, to take place on December 2 in AMC Loews theatre of Broadway in New York.
The actor has played a role of Arigbokh, the younger brother of the Mongolian Khubilai Khaan, becoming thus the first Mongolian actor to star in a Hollywood film.
The TV serial cost over USD 90 million in production and is scheduled to be screened from this December 12.

Our Script Calligraphy Exhibition Opens in Czech Republic
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME) An opening of the Mongolian script calligraphy exhibition took place last Friday at "Utopia" multinational restaurant in Czech Brno city.
This exhibition has been co-mounted by O.Srba, a doctoral candidate of the Department of Mongol Studies at the Charles University in Prague, and by F.Karahovic, a voluntary instructor for oriental countries. The opening was attended by diplomats of Mongolia’s Embassy in the Czech Republic; students, scholars of the Charles University; the Czech and Slovak people.
O.Srba gave e a lecture on culture and scripts of Mongolians. A diplomat of the Mongolian Embassy for trade and economic affairs D.Onorbilegt thanked O.Srba and F.Karahovic for propagandizing Mongolian culture, lifestyle and tradition to Czech people, and gave them gratitude certificates and souvenirs. After this, reports were given to the gathered on Mongolian history and traditions, F.Karahovic created a calligraphy work with the name of Chingis Khaan on a 2 meter-long paper, and our national anthem was performed by students of Brno's Conservatory College.

MPP Decides to Join Coalition Government with DP
December 1 ( On Friday scheduled Baga Khural (Lower Assembly) of Mongolian People’s Party to discuss whether to join the Coalition Government with ruling Democratic Party was held on the following day at the Independence Palace in Ulaanbaatar on November 29, 2014.
To recall, last week the newly elected Prime Minister Ch.Saikhanbileg sent a proposal letter to all political forces on establishing a Coalition Government, where the opposition party MPP refused to accept the invitation at their Group meeting-level, but the Board members agreed to join the Coalition. Therefore, MPP authorities called the Baga Khural to decide at all member-level.
The Assembly meeting with participation of 230 members out of total 310 was chaired by MPP Group Chairman S.Byambatsogt and consequently, majority of attendees polled to join the Coalition Government.
Following the decision, MPP spokesman T.Gantulga said, “We conducted a survey among fellowships in 9 Districts of UB and in 10 Aimags involving over 2,500 civilians and the 52.6% opinions showed it would correct to join the Coalition Government. The decision at the Baga Khural was issued due to urgent situation needs to resolve in the country and therefore we agreed to collaborate with the Democratic Party”.

First Consultative Meeting between Foreign Ministries of Mongolia and India Takes Place in New Delhi
December 1 ( The First Consultative Meeting between Foreign Ministries of Mongolia and the Republic of India was held in New Delhi on November 27, 2014.
The Mongolian side was chaired by Director of the Department of Asia and the Pacific at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation, Ch.Bayarmunkh and the Indian part was headed by Director General of the East Asia Division at the Ministry of External Affairs, Pradeep Kumar Rawat.
During the meeting, parties exchanged information on the political, socio-economic situations and priority objectives of the foreign policies of the respective countries and talked about possibilities for fostering Mongolia-India comprehensive partnership relations, particularly, for stimulating bilateral cooperation in the fields of defense, education, culture, agriculture, trade and economy and renewable energy.
The sides highlighted a particular importance of regular top and high-level reciprocal visits for promoting bilateral relations and cooperation and agreed to host such visits in the light of the 60th anniversary of the Mongolia-India diplomatic ties to be marked in 2015.
The Mongolian delegation also had a meeting with Secretary (East), Ministry of External Affairs of India Mr. Anil Wadhwa, reports Mongolian Foreign Ministry.

End the rail gauge debate
By S. Batzaya
December 1 (Mongolian Economy) For eight years, Mongolia has debated which gauge the rail transport system should adapt—Russian or Chinese, a difference of 85 millimeters. During recent visits to Mongolia, both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping advised officials to make an immediate decision on the rail gauge.
Way back in 2010, parliament passed its rail transport policy: 1,800 kilometers to be constructed immediately, and up to a total of 5,600 kilometers in the coming future. Apart from 225 kilometres of railway construction underway between Ukhaakhudag and Gashuunsukhait on the Chinese border, little has been done since. The decision to use two different types of gauge—the Chinese narrow gauge for Tavantolgoi-Ganshuunsukhait, Sainshand-Zamiin Uud and Khuut-Bichigt, and the Russian broad gauge, covering 550 kilometers, for Tavantolgoi-Sainshand, Khuut-Choibalsan-Numrug, and Erdenet-Mogoin Gol at the Russian border—has sparked heated debate.
A speedy end to the rail gauge debate will bring about far-reaching economic benefits—dramatically increased commodity exports, increased exit points to Russia and China, and lucrative expansion of exports to third neighbours through direct access to an already-agreed-to seaport in China.
Mongolia has lost its way
Mongolia is increasingly dependent on commodity exports like coal. The Prime Minister, during a visit to China in 2013, signed a deal to export 50 million tonnes of coal, a contract worth billions. Thus far in 2014, only 12 million tonnes of coal have been exported to China. What’s the holdup? The preferred method is by rail, which can transport 10,000 tonnes. The current method of delivery is by truck, which carries 140 tonnes of coal. The lack of rail transport is keeping a vast windfall of cash out of Mongolia’s pocket.
“We have to settle our domestic matters urgently. Mongolia has lost its way in the railway sector. So the railway transportation policy must be cleared up as soon as possible,” said G. Bayarsaikhan, Member of Parliament and Head of the Standing Committee for the Environment and Agriculture.
As of 6th October, 2014, the 225 kilometers of rail from Ukhaakhudag to Gashuunsukhait are close to 80 percent completion. When completed in 2015, Mongolia’s total rail capacity will reach 30 million tonnes, rising to 67 million tonnes in 2016. Total rail currently extends to 1,905 kilometres, of which 1,807 kilometres are owned by the joint Mongolian-Russian Ulaanbaatar Railway Company. The company employs 15,000 people. According to the state-owned Mongolia Railway Company, a commissioning of railways in the east would offer new jobs for as many as the aforementioned.
Third neighbours
Coal demand is projected to increase in Japan and Korea by 2020 to 40 million and 15 million tonnes respectively, according to the Mongolian Railway Company, which insists these demands can be supplied by Mongolia.
To link the rail network to domestic sites and the rest of the world, Mongolia will need to construct 5,600 km of rail. The first stage of 1,800 km construction will connect Tavan Tolgoi mines, through Tsagaan Suvarga cooper mine to the Sainshand Industrial Complex.  Two exits to China are planned, one at Gashuunsukhait and the other at Bichigt. The exits correspond with regions in China where coal shortages mostly occur. Hebei province in China will face a shortage of 85 million tonnes of coal by 2020, while Liaoning province 30 million tonnes, according to the Mongolian Railway Company.
Despite debate over whether to export through Gashuunsukhait or Bichigt to reach Hebei and Liaoning provinces, exits to China mean more than increased access to Mongolia’s southern neighbour.
“The President of China, Xi Jinping, signed various agreements during his visit to Mongolia last August. One of them was to make Mongolia a country with a sea exit.” said G. Bayarsaikhan.
A sea exit would allow Mongolia access to third-market demands. According to the Ministry of Road and Transportation, Mongolia could deliver mining products to Japan and Korea, where the steel and coking coal demand is still high.
Financing the rail projects
Preliminary estimates suggest approximately USD 5.2 billion is needed to build the initial 1,800 km of rail—far more than Mongolia’s State budget can handle alone.
Both domestic and foreign investment will be needed to complete the projects. Mongolia announced an open tender, where 20 companies from 12 countries have sent their proposals. The Ministry of Road and Transportation estimates to attract 60 percent of total expenses from investors, whose investments are expected to return in just over 9 years.
Samsung Corporation is currently in charge of constructing the 225 km of railway between Ukhaakhudag and Gashuunsukhait. Once completed in 2015, the new rail would enable transportation of commodities from Tavan Tolgoi and Oyu Tolgoi to China. The completed rail transport will kick-start a significant boom for the economy—a boom that should continue as the rail network sees further development.
Mongolian Railway Company associates said, “It is not important which gauge is favoured by the government. The most important thing is that the rail policy must be stable. Frequent changes cause certain damages in the project implementation. Rail is cost effective. Thus construction needs to proceed.”
And so the argument continues over which gauge Mongolia should use. Time passes and coal demand in China, Korea and Japan is filled by other countries, despite Mongolia’s ample supply.

Three Independents Announce to Become Opposition Force in Parliament of Mongolia
December 1 ( One of the three incumbent Independent Parliamentarians at the State Great Khural (Parliament), Ts.Davaasuren called a press conference in the Government House on December 01, 2014.
In his statement, MP Ts.Davaasuren announced that all three members will be adhering an opposition position in the new Coalition Government and stated, “Once the MPP decided to join the Coalition Government, we three members will act the opposition role to monitor the state affair. It is fact that the MPP members were against Ch.Saikhanbileg to elect him as Prime Minister, but they agreed to cooperate with him after accreditation, which shows the MPP wants only to enter the Cabinet.
Being oppositions, we will monitor not to overcoming the ‘debt ceiling’ and to adhere the policy reminding not to nominate officials with ‘double coat’ to a Minister post. Moreover, we will permanently stand against on attempts of selling the 34% of Oyu Tolgoi’s shares to foreigners and to stop conspiracy if any attempts would rise on privatization of the Tavan Tolgoi, because what would happen when the Tavan Tolgoi shares were already distributed to civilians. Nevertheless, we will always raise our voice and will be working as a creative opposition force, despite of numbers”.

Health Ministry Provides Information on World AIDS Day
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME) On the occasion of the World AIDS Day, observed on December 1 every year, the Ministry of Health together with the National Center for Infectious Diseases has called a press-conference to inform that there are 181 reported cases of AIDS in Mongolia.
According to them, 24 died of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), 117 are being treated for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) in Mongolia. Over 20 percent of the new cases of HIV infection are young people aged 14-25. Ten of the 11 infected mothers gave birth to healthy children, as were diagnosed immediately.
HIV treatment budget for 2015 was estimated to be 190 million Togrog, said the officials.

Speaker Attends Exhibition of Portraits of Democratic Pioneers
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME) The Speaker of parliament Z.Enkhbold has addressed an opening of an exhibition that presents portraits of the people who took an active part in the 1989's Democratic Revolution of Mongolia.
The exhibition opened Monday as a dedication to the 25th anniversary of the revolution. The Speaker said this anniversary will be celebrated from this December 20 through December 20 of 2015. “Previously, the date used to be marked separately as the anniversary of the Democratic Party and the anniversary of Democratic Union. This time it will be dedicated to those who are friendly with the democracy," Mr Enkhbold emphasized.
The exhibition has been co-mounted by painters L.Khadbaatar and G.Norovragchaa, and is organized with a support from the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and the Foundation for Culture and Arts. It features portraits of the Democratic pioneers such as the incumbent President Ts.Elbegdorj, the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar E.Bat-Uul, a Vice Speaker R.Gonchigdorj, also of S.Zorig, S.Tsogtsaikhan and others. The exhibition also shows paintings depicting democratic revolution’s actions.

MP Legs Hospital in Songinokhairkhan District
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME) A member of parliament Ms L.Erdenechimeg Monday visited a general hospital of Ulaanbaatar city’s Songinokhairkhan district.
This hospital, founded as the 2nd children hospital with 165 beds, has been overloaded trying to treat 286 young patients one thirds of whom are transferred from Bayangol district that still does not have its own children hospital. Erdenechimeg noted that Bayangol district should take its patients back and promised B.Galsantseden, a chief doctor of the hospital, that she will negotiate with the city’s authorities and related officials on accelerating a construction of a model hospital in Songinokhairkhan district.
Births are increasing, the district’s hospital is being overloaded, "but we are making great efforts to save children", said Dr Galsantseden. "A new hospital is needed urgently," he added.
To a question about a payment for extra works of doctors, nurses and workers Dr Galsantseden replied that the salaries are given normally. 

WB Country Manager Wants Support from MP
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME) A member of parliament and a head of the Standing Committee on security and foreign policy Mr Ts.Oyunbaatar received the World Bank country manager for Mongolia Jim Anderson on Monday.
In a talk about projects, made ready by the World Bank for realization, Mr Anderson asked the MP to have them discussed by the related Standing Committee and by parliament. The projects are “Smart Governance”, “Third Sustainable Livelihood”, “MN Education Quality Reforms” and “E-Health”. He also noted that the third stage of the “Sustainable Livelihood” is to be funded by a non-refundable aid from the Government of Switzerland, "but it might be cancelled if the implementation is postponed again". In response, Ts.Oyunbaatar said he supports these projects. He also noted that the public tend to be unpleasant towards the outcomes of projects funded by foreign investments. "We intend to give directions to the cabinet to ensure more openness and transparency in the implementation of those projects”.
Oyunbaatar went on to say that the Government is intensely addressing the issues of corruption and suggested holding discussions and running researches into the issue. To this Mr Anderson said it is possible that the WB support a project concerning corruption.

Tavan Tolgoi Investors’ Bid Continues
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME) International bid to select investors for the construction of a power plant with annual capacity of 450 MW based on Tavan Tolgoi coal deposit is underway. The candidates are Marubeni Corporation and Kansai Electric of Japan, Daewoo Engineering of S.Korea, and GDF Suez& POSCO Energy–a French-S.Korean joint consortium.
Project group of GDF Suez&POSCO Energy worked November 26-28 on the target areas where the plant, power-lines and air pipes are to be built. Other participants will work at the site in January.
The investment proposals by these participants will be submitted in February of 2015. In order to ensure transparency and fair competition in all phases of the selection, a USA-headquartered "Deloitte" auditory organization is assessing the selection process. It is expected that, after constructing the power plant on Tavan Tolgoi, the electricity purchased from China for Oyu Tolgoi operations will be substituted by the domestic supply. Opportunities of value-added production from the power and washed coal tailings will be facilitated as well. 

Miss Mongolia, I.Tugsuu Stands in Top 8 at Miss Earth 2014
December 1 ( The 14th edition of the Miss Earth 2014 pageant named the Ambassador to environmental protection campaigns worldwide and the winner was announced in Quezon City, Philippines on November 29, 2014.
The pageant´s theme was promoting ecotourism which aims to raise awareness to the tourists and travelers regarding ecological conservation in order to directly benefit the economic development, where 85 beauties from all the destinations across the world have competed for the title.
The Miss Earth 2014 crown went to host nation contestant Jamie Herrell, where the Miss Earth - Air 2014 to Andrea Neu (USA), the Miss Earth - Water 2014 to Maira Alexandra Rodriguez (Venezuela) and the fourth crown Miss Earth - Fire 2014 to Anastasia Trusova (Russia) respectively.
Notably, Mongolian contestant Idersaikhan TUGSUU, 22, has successfully participated standing in the Top 8 Beauties of the Miss Earth 2014. Moreover, she won a Silver medal in the Cocktail Wear Competition and her view on natural eco-system and desertification as well as performance of traditional clothing attracted a lot of attention.
I.Tugsuu has been winning the "Miss Friendship International 2009" and first runner-up of the “Miss International 2011” as well as many other regional and international titles including “Miss Mongolia 2011”.

Russian Music Sounded
By N. Khaliun
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME) The Mongolian State Philharmonic Hall organized a "Night of Russian Music" on November 26, reports the Russian Embassy in Mongolia.
The guests were offered M.Glinka, D.Shostakovich and A.Borodin music pieces performed by a Mongolian quartet, in which T.Togoldor and M.Khulan played on violin, S.Munkhmandakh on viola, and T.Azzaya on violoncello. 

National Philatelia exhibition on display
December 1 ( On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the issuing of the first postage stamp in Mongolia, the Federation of Mongolian Philatelists, in collaboration with Mongol Post, are holding the “Mongolian Postage Stamp -90th Anniversary” national philatelia exhibition at the National Museum of Mongolian History, opening on Monday, December 1st.
Celebrating the historical event, Mongol Post (Mongol Shuudan) has issued a series of postage stamps and an envelope that features the history of postage stamps in Mongolia, and opened the Postage Stamp Museum of Mongolia with a ceremony.
The Postage Stamp Museum of Mongolia is now located at the Central Post Office. The Postage Stamp Museum displays over 990 different themes featured on 4,100 postage stamps, from the very first postage stamp of Mongolia to gold, silver foil, silk, and holographic postage stamps.

Turkish Embassy in Mongolia Hosts Cultural Events in Ulaanbaatar Celebrating 45th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties
December 1 ( Arts Council of Mongolia in collaboration with the School of Radio, Television and Media Art affiliated Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture has successfully hosted a two-week course on how to make animation on November 17-27, 2014.
The two-week classes namely “Light Box” was organized with great supports of Turkish Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, Turkish Airlines, Gobi Cave Restaurant and Altan Biir NGO that aimed to contribute in the development of animation art, to enhance students’ capacity and to support international cultural exchanges, where a young talented animator from Turkey, Mustafa Ozkan was invited to host the classes for 20 students and 5 teachers of the School.
This cultural event was a part of celebrating the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Mongolia. Within this 2-week class, participants learned the basic theories of animation making, animation history, character and concept of design, background design, time and space in animation, cinematography, camera views and etc. Besides working as a team on real animation film projects participants experienced actual animation making practices.
The closing ceremony with awarding certificates to participated students was held in the Turkish Embassy on November 28th, where students showed their created short films and the best Turkish anime films were also screened.
Moreover, the Turkish Embassy announces that as continuous of cultural exchanges, the co-founder and the President of AKUT Search and Rescue Association NGO, Mr. Ali Nasuh Mahruki is opening his photo exhibition in Ulaanbaatar at the Union of Mongolian Artists at 06:00 pm on December 02, 2014.
Ali Nasuh Mahruki is a professional mountain climber, writer, photographer and documentary film producer, who climbed to the summit of Mount Everest and was the first ever Turkish person to climb the Seven Summits.
The exhibition will be featured photos of travels made in Mongolia last August that will last until December 05 and he plans to continue his second exhibition at the Ulaan Ger Art Gallery in UB on December 08-12, 2014.

Ambassador at 2014 KIEP and Associations of Area Studies Conference
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME) The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the Republic of South Korea Mr B.Ganbold has participated in the KIEP and Associations of Area Studies Conference, which ran November 25 in Seoul of South Korea.
He gave a report on the economic integration proposals and initiatives on Eurasia made by the regional countries, opportunities for Mongolia to join them, and the governmental policy and measures. He underlined that the "Silk Road" initiatives of China and South Korea and the Russian "Eurasia’s Union" initiative are similar in terms of emphasizing a need to develop a transport infrastructure.
Mr Ganbold also noted that specific measures are being taken for constructing new tracks of railways through territories with minerals, for improving conditions for transit transportation and linking mineral-rich regions of Mongolia, and then emphasized an importance of these measures in boosting the regional energy, trade, especially infrastructure.
The S.Korean Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) is a think-tank under the affiliation of the South Korea's government. This institute has decided to host the annual conference on regions and international studies, this year’s conference discussed some 50 reports.

Anniversary of Mongolia-China diplomatic relations celebrated in China
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME) The General Consulate of Mongolia in Hohhot city of China’s Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region has organized a banquet of honor dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Mongolia-China diplomatic relations and the 20th anniversary of re-establishing the Treaty on Friendly Relations and Cooperation.
A member of the Standing committee of Inner Mongolia’s Party Committee and Vice Governor of Inner Mongolia Yung Guangzhun opened the banquet, saying Mongolia and China are friendly neighbors and that 65 years ago a new era started of the friendly ties.
“The state visit of China’s President Xi Jinping to Mongolia in August this year opened a new chapter of the bilateral relations, forwarding them into the comprehensive strategic relations,” he underlined and hoped that the cooperation between Mongolia and this Autonomous Region will widen.
The Inner Mongolian “Odon” TV channel, Daily Newspaper and “Solongo” information network reported this event and interviewed high officials of our Ministry of External Relations and Economic Cooperation.
At the banquet were Sh.Sukhbaatar, a director of the Consular Department of the Ministry; B.Byambadorj, the General Consul of Mongolia to Hohhot; and other officials.

Stock Exchange news for December 1
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades on Monday, a total of 177 thousand and 621 units of 19 JSCs were traded costing MNT one million 018 million 197 thousand and 268.00.
"Mon-it buligaar” /137 thousand and 996 units/, “Genco tour bureau” /17 thousand and 410 units/, “Khokh gan” /11 thousand and 485 units/, “Mongolia Development” /4,413 units/ and "Merex” /2,000 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value were "Mon-it buligaar” (MNT 994 million 269 million and 900), "Gobi” (MNT nine million 316 thousand and 700), “Talkh chikher” (MNT four million 255 thousand and 500), “Darkhan nekhii” (MNT two million and 197 thousand) and "Mongolia Development” (MNT two million 184 thousand and 435).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 466 billion 737 million 059 thousand and 612. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 15,001.91, increasing 82.72 units or 0.55% against the previous day.

About conference “Ways to reduce air pollution”
By N. Khaliun
Ulaanbaatar, December 1 (MONTSAME) This conference ran at the "Center on Conservation of Freshwater Reserves and Nature of Mongolia" of Ministry Environment and Green Development on November 27.
It was organized by the the National Committee for Reducing Air Pollution and Mongolian Academy of Sciences with aims to involve more scientists and scientific organizations in a development of methods to reduce air pollution.
The gathered discussed important issues as the air pollution forecast, an improvement of energy efficiency technologies reducing pollution, an introduction and use of latest technologies. The conference ended with a development of recommendations.

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