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Mongolia Brief December 8, 2014

Mongolia-France Intergovernmental Working Group Meeting Approaches
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) The second meeting of this group will run December 8 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation.
The working group acts as a key mechanism of cooperation between the Governments of Mongolia and France, and aims to interact and exchange opinions on wide range of matters such as bilateral trade, economy, culture and education. The second meeting will be chaired by the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation of Mongolia D.Gankhuyag, and by the Minister of State for foreign trade, promotion of tourism and French nationals abroad Matthias Fekl.
The latter also intends to conduct a working visit to meet the Prime Minister and some members of the cabinet. Matters of the Mongolia-France trade and economic collaboration will be discussed with highlights on agriculture, infrastructure, energy and environment.

Vice FM Works in Basel
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) A delegation of cabinet members led by the Vice minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation D.Gankhuyag attended the 21st Ministerial Council of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), held December 4-5 in Basel, the Swiss Confederation.
The council gathered over 1,200 delegates from 57 states and representatives of 11 partners and of the United Nations, European Union and NATO. The head of the Mongolian delegation D.Gankhuyag gave speech to the gathered, then ran meetings with the OSCE Secretary-General Lamberto Zannier, a director for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Michael Georg Link, and a head of the Austrian delegation to discuss matters of bilateral relations and cooperation, issues of mutual interests and the regional security. 
The OSCE Ministerial Council, which mainly debated the fight against terrorism and some unprecedented threats for the Eurasian regional security, discussed the disarmament, cruel punishment and torturing, disaster risk reduction, combating corruption, follow-up actions for Helsinki+40, settlement of crises concerning Ukraine, improving gender equality, prevention of violation against girls and women, and amendment to the OSCE Action Plan adopted in 2004, and others. The presidency of the OSCE will be transferred in 2015 to the Republic of Serbia from the current chair Swiss Confederation, to Germany—in 2016, and to Austria—in 2017.
Mongolia became a cooperation partner of the OSCE in 2004 and the participating state--in 2012. 

Parliamentary Office to Cooperate with Danish Counterparts
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) The Office of the State Great Khural will cooperate with the same organization of the Danish parliament (Folketing).
A cooperation memorandum has been established between the two Offices during a visit to Denmark of Mr B.Boldbaatar, a head of the Parliamentary Office of Mongolia. They are aiming to expand their ties and cooperation. Mr Boldbaatar has been also received by the Speaker Mr Moggens Lykketoft, and has met with his counterpart U.Larsen.
In accordance with the document, the parliamentary Offices will exchange legal documents and related information, boost the collaboration between parliament think-tanks, share research materials and information about their activities, and exchange experiences.

U.Khurelsukh Becomes Deputy PM
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) At a plenary meeting of the State Great Khural on Friday night, a proposal was considered, backed by the Standing committee on state structure, on appointing U.Khurelsukh the Deputy Premier and S.Bayartsogt the head of the Cabinet Secretariat of Government.
M.Batchimeg MP presented the suggestion. With no questions or proposals Mr Khurelsukh was appointed by a majority (98.3%) the Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia.
A candidature of Bayartsogt raised many questions, this continued up to midnight, so the Speaker Z.Enkhbold stopped the meeting and resolved that the discussion would be continue on December 9.

Wreaths Laid to Monument of Chingis Khaan
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) On occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Democratic Revolution, wreaths were laid Saturday to the Monument of Chingis Khaan.
Present at the ceremony were Z.Enkhbold, the Speaker of parliament and chairman of the Democratic Party (DP); all parliamentarians; the DP members; and civil representatives.

Statue for Singer Late S.Tsogtsaikhan Unveiled
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) On the 25th anniversary of the Democratic Revolution, a ceremony ran Saturday to unveil the statue for late S.Tsogtsaikhan, the composer of the "Sound of Bell" song.
All Mongolians know that this song became a hymn of the democratic movement in 1989. The ceremony was attended by Z.Enkhbold, the Speaker; S.Odontuya MP; D.Delgerbat, a head of the Citizens’ Representative Khural of Bayangol district; S.Erdene MP, the Minister of Population Development and Social Welfare; D.Orosoo, the governor of Bayabgol district; and civil delegates.
The statue is located in front of the "TBD Anduud" commercial center in the city's Bayangol district. 

Prosecutor-General Freed
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) The President has issued a decree on freeing Mr Dorligjav Dambii from a post of Prosecutor-General and Chief Advisor on State Laws.  Mr Dorligjav himself asked to do so. By this reason, the Vice Prosecutor-General G.Erdenebat will replace him until an appointment of other person.

Ulaanbaatar Now Connected with Center of Khuvsgul Aimag, Murun
December 8 ( Under the Action Plan for 2012-2016, Government intends to connect with a paved road all centers of 21 Aimags of Mongolia to the Capital City, Ulaanbaatar.
In this regard, the implementation works have been completed to connect centers of Bayankhongor (Bayankhongor), Dundgovi (Mandalgovi) and Dornogovi (Sainshand) Aimags to Ulaanbaatar in 2013 and centers of Sukhbaatar (Baruun-Urt), Umnugovi (Dalanzadgad) and Khuvsgul (Murun) Aimags have been accomplished in 2014.
On December 07, 2014, an opening ceremony of paved road between Ulaanbaatar and Murun, the center of Khuvsgul Aimag through Unit Bag (a sub-administrative unit of a Sum affiliated the Khutag-Undur Sum of Bulgan Aimag) was held accomplishing 253.3 km paved road between Murun and Unit Bag.
Before, a public transportation between Ulaanbaatar and Murun used to take about 20 hours of travel, so from now on it will take a twice shorter and a total of 115.5 billion MNT was expensed, of which 66.5 billion MNT was financed from Chinggis Bond.
As of today, out of 21 Aimags of Mongolia, 6 Aimags are not connected yet with Ulaanbaatar, whereas, 5 Western Aimags namely Bayan-Ulgii, Uvs, Khovd, Zavkhan and Govi-Altai as well as 1 Eastern Aimag of Dornod. 
Khovsgol Connected to UlaanbaatarMontsame, December 8

Mongolia and Sakha Republic Agree to Develop Mutual Beneficial Cooperation in Agricultural Sector
December 8 ( A delegation from the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) of Russia led by Minister for Agriculture and Food Policy, Aleksandr Artemyev had conducted a working visit to Mongolia on December 03-08, 2014.
During the visit, the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture of Mongolia and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Policy of Yakutia have established a Memorandum of Understanding on developing mutual beneficial cooperation.
The MoU was inked by Deputy Minister Bayanjargal TSOGTGEREL representing Mongolian side and the other part by Minister A.Artemyev and under the document, parties agreed to import domestic animal row materials, leather, skin, felt and cashmere products as well as other agricultural goods from Mongolia.
Also, the sides exchanged views to seek opportunities of collaboration in fur-bearing animals' and reindeer farms and exchanges of Mongolian yak and Yakutian reindeer, besides, to create a tourism tour between the two destinations and exchanging experiences in agricultural sector.
Moreover, a business meeting was organized in Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry focusing on export of Mongolian felt, felt products, meat, sheep skin, wool and cashmere products.

Little Mongolians Win Medals in World Schools Chess Championship
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) Chess player pupils of Mongolia successfully competed in the 10th World Schools Chess Championship which concluded on December 4 in Juiz de Fora city of Brazil.
A pupil from the "Erdem togs" secondary school and player from the "Gobichess" club B.Enkhsaran won a silver medal in the girls’ U7 category. Another silver medal went to L.Ochirbat, a pupil of the "Shine Mongol" school and player of the "Tsetsen nuudel" club, who competed in the boys’ U7 division.
A player from the "Gobichess" club D.Odgerel took the 4th place. Other three children were ranked 4-8th in the boys’ and girls’ contests.

'The Mongolian Observer' is born
December 8 ( “The Mongolian Observer”, a new bi-weekly English language magazine, is born. The founder and editor-in-chief is journalist Ch.Burenbayar, who issued the first English language newspaper in Mongolia, “The Mongol Messenger”, 25 years ago. The new English language magazine focused on politics, economy, art and culture, released its first issue last Thursday, under a ceremony.
The premiere issue of the magazine covered foreign affairs policy of Mongolia and the new geopolitical model.
Readers will enjoy the cover story “Mongolia and the New Geopolitical Model” by essayist D.Bayarkhuu, “A Hard Won Freedom and Independence Through International Cooperation” by journalist and essayist G.Ganbold, “The Theory of Growing Together” by journalist and essayist T.Tumurkhulug, “The Bridge Spanning Asia and Europe” by Prof.D.Shurkhuu, "Upfront" by politician R.Amarjargal, and an interview with former Foreign Affairs Minister of Mongolia Ts.Gombosuren.
Ch.Burenbayar promised that each edition of the magazine will cover a featured issue.

'Mongolians in Deel' event held in Ankara
December 8 ( The Mongolian Cultural and Friendship Association in Turkey organized the “Mongolians in Deel” event in Ankara, on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Turkey and Chinggis Khaan's Birthday. The event was attended by over 100 students and guests.
“Mongolians in Deel” participants enjoyed Mongolian traditional folk songs, dance performances, and a Mongolian wrestling competition, as well as a Turkish khuumii band performance. The event is held annually.
Mongolian consul at the Embassy of Mongolia to Turkey L.Enkhtsolmon and former Commerce and Culture Minister of Turkey Agah Oktay were present and exchanged opinions on current and historical relations between Mongolia and Turkey.

Mongolia attends OSCE's annual Ministerial Council meeting
December 8 ( The 21st annual OSCE Ministerial Council meeting was held in Switzerland attended by Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister D.Gankhuyag and officials from the Mongolian government.
Deputy Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation Minister of  Mongolia D.Gankhuyag delivered a speech to the meeting of 57 participating OSCE states, 11 cooperation partners, and 10 international and regional organizations including the U.N., EU, and NATO. He also exchanged views on regional security issues, bilateral relations, cooperation and other issues with OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier and Director of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Michael Georg Link.
The 21st annual OSCE Ministerial Council meeting focused on unconventional threats to regional stability in Eurasia and global terrorism, discussing a wide range of issues from tolerance, disarmament, ending discrimination, risk reduction, fighting corruption, continuing the Helsinki +40 Implications for the Transatlantic Relationship, solving the Ukrainian crisis, and developing gender equality and the prevention of gender based violence.
Mongolia became an OSCE partner in 2004, and became a participating state in 2012.

The new government is to be established
December 8 (Mongolian Economy) Prime minister Ch. Saikhanbileg has put the names of his cabinet members to the parliament discussion: 1. Deputy minister U. Khurelsukh, 2.  Minister of Mongolia and the Chairman of the Governmental Affairs’ Office S. Bayartsogt, 3. Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism D. Oyunkhorol, 4. Minister of Foreign Affairs L. Purevsuren, 5. Minister of Finance J. Erdenbat, 6. Minister of Industry D. Erdenebat,7.  Minister of Construction and Urban Development D. Tsogtbaatar,8. Minister of Education, 9. Culture and Science L. Gantumur, 10.  Minister of Road and Transportation R. Jigjid, 11. Minister of Labor  Ts. Chinzorig, 12. Minister of Population Development and Social Protection S. Erdene, 13. Minister of Food and Agriculture R. Burmaa,14. Minister of Energy D. Zorigt and Minister of Mongolia M. Enkhsaikhan.
The Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party nominated G. Shiilegdamba for the Minister of Health and Ts. Tsolmon for the Minister of Defense. The issues related to Ministers are now under discussion at the permanent committees.

Mollywood Box Office: Top Movies of November 28-December 04, 2014
December 8 ( Upon the initiation of Mongolian Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection, a gross income of Mongolian movies screened at cinemas was announced for November 28-December 04, 2014.
During the period, the most earned movie was topped by “Omaryn Ereld” (Omar’s Quest) that made a total of 33,792,000 MNT (Tugrug).
This is a comedy movie produced by “Cocktail Films” Studio and written by D.Enkhbayar that features about four guys who accidentally enriched founding gangs’ money and when starting to spend they found being chased.
Mollywood Box Office Top Five Movies:
1. “Omaryn Ereld” director J.Sengedorj - 33,792,000 MNT
2. “Mukhar Gudamj” (Dead End) by D.Bayarsaikhan - 15, 269,000 MNT
3. “Tusgai Ajillagaa” (Special Operation) by D.Galbayar - 13,938, 000 MNT
4. “Altan Us” (Golden Water) by E.Orgil - 13,166,000 MNT
5. “Zurkh Zogsokhgui” (Beating Heart) by A.Anar - 4,686,000 MNT

Merit Athlete of Mongolia, B.Ser-Od Breaks His Personal Best Record at 2014 Fukuoka International Marathon
December 8 ( On December 07, 2014, the Fukuoka International Open Marathon Championship organized by Japan Association of Athletics Federations, the Asahi Shimbun, TV Asahi Corporation, and Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd. was held in Fukuoka city of Japan with participation of 800 runners for 42 km.
This is the 68th edition and Mongolia’s top long-distance runner Bat-Ochir SER-OD has participated upon the invitation representing a local Japanese company NTN Co., Ltd. Out of 575 runners finished the race, Kenyan athlete Patrick Makau came in the first place with a record of 02:08:22 followed by Ethiopian runner Raji Assefa (02:08:48) and the Bronze medal was achieved by Mongolian runner B.Ser-Od finishing the 42 km of race with a record of 02:08:50.
However he finished third, but Merit Athlete of Mongolia B.Ser-Od broke his personal best record from 02:09:00 to 02:08:50 that made during the Hofu Yomiuri Marathon held in December 2013.

UN Secretary-General Delivers Message on Human Rights Day
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) The Secretary-General of the United Nations Mr Ban Ki-moon Monday delivered a message on occasion of the Human Rights Day which is marked on December 10.
"We denounce authorities who deny the rights of any person or group. We declare that human rights are for all of us, all the time: whoever we are and wherever we are from; no matter our class, our opinions, our sexual orientation. This is a matter of individual justice, social stability and global progress.
"The United Nations protects human rights because that is our proud mission--and because when people enjoy their rights, economies flourish and countries are at peace.
"Violations of human rights are more than personal tragedies. They are alarm bells that may warn of a much bigger crisis.
"The UN’s Human Rights Up Front initiative aims to heed those alarms. We are rallying in response to violations--before they degenerate into mass atrocities or war crimes.
"Everyone can advance the struggle against injustice, intolerance and extremism.
"I call on States to honor their obligation to protect human rights every day of the year. I call on people to hold their governments to account. And I call for special protections for the human rights defenders who courageously serve our collective cause.
"Let us respond to the cries of the exploited, and uphold the right to human dignity for all," the message says.

“Mongolian Democracy in Japanese Media” Exhibition Opens
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) The Speaker and some MPs attended December 8 an opening of a photographic exhibition named "Mongolian Democracy in Japanese Media".
It has been opened at history museum of the State House by Japanese photographer Hiroyuki Usami. The Speaker Z.Enkhbold said that it is still important for Mongolians to learn and feel how the Mongolian Democratic Revolution was seen through foreigners’ eyes. He praised the journalist’s bravery and professionalism that led him to the closed country to report to Japan and to the world all the process.
Mr Hiroyuki Usami recalled how 25 years ago he was nervous questioning himself whether he could do his job in a minus 28 Celsius, and said that is happy to show the photos to the Mongolians.
The exhibition displays 70 photographs and copies of news articles about Mongolian revolution published in "Sankei", "Yomiru", "Nikkei", "Asahi", "Mainichi" and other Japanese papers.
Present at the opening were also acting Minister of Justice Kh.Temuujin, and M.Batchimeg, D.Battsogt, L.Erdenechimeg and R.Burmaa MPs.

Department Heads of Foreign Ministries Meet
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) Head of the Asia-Pacific Department of the Ministry of External Relations and Economic Cooperation Ch.Bayarmonkh held a meeting with Ms Sudha Devi, a director of the East Asian Department of Malaysia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on December 4 in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia.
At the meeting was also Concurrent Non-Resident Ambassador of Mongolia to Malaysia Mr Ch.Battomor. The parties noted that there are some reasons for the two countries to create a mechanism of dialogue between the two Ministries, for example, "we should resume the political ties, focus attention on fortifying the mutual understanding and trust, and boost the relations in trade, economy, culture and education sectors". Then they considered as necessity to exchange experts and to activate negotiations through the Embassies, and shared views on running high level mutual visits and political talks.
Mongolian delegation led by Bayarmonkh also met with the chair of the Consular Department of the Malaysian Foreign Ministry. The sides agreed to run official talks in a first quarter of 2015 on inter-citizen matters, exchange information, and establish necessary documents. 

Mongolia at ARF Inter-Sessional Support Group Meeting
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) A delegation led by Mr Ch.Bayarmonh, a head of the Asia-Pacific Department of the Ministry of External Relations and Economic Cooperation, participated in the ASEAN Regional Forum Inter-Sessional Support Group Meeting on conference building measures and preventive diplomacy on December 2-3 in Melaka of Malaysia, reported on Monday Mongolia’s Ministry.
Mr Bayarmonkh presented Mongolia’s concept on its nuclear weapon-free status. He said Mongolia discussed its nuclear weapon-free status for the first time at the regional level during a meeting last July in Tokyo, Japan, considering that this status is one of the vital factors of ensuring the stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region. He added that Mongolia proposes holding a regional consultative meeting next year in Ulaanbaatar. 
This year’s ARF meeting approved its agendas for the next meeting, including follow-up meetings on Mongolia’s status such as conference of chief officials and Ministers. It means that a big opportunity has opened to deliver the nuclear weapon-free status of Mongolia to the center of attention of the regional security dialogue and to collaborate with ARF countries in the issue.
Joining 27 countries including Mongolia, the ARF is a mechanism of talks on the political and security in the Asia-Pacific region. The ARF’s objectives are outlined in the First ARF Chairman's Statement (1994) to foster constructive dialogue and consultation on political and security issues of common interest and concern; and to make significant contributions to efforts towards confidence-building and preventive diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific region. 

"Khan" Bank's Foundation Supports Disabled
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) On the occasion of the international Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, the "Khan" bank's foundation gave five wheelchairs, made in Mongolia by “Nikel Ganba” LLC, to five people with physical impairments.
In order to embrace the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in its business and activities, the foundation has been making considerable contributions to the economic and social development of Mongolia. One of the major challenges of people with physical impairments is finding a custom-made wheelchair. Depending on the illness, injury, or disability, the wheelchair should be different for each person and be custom-made. In addition, the wheelchairs imported to Mongolia are mostly made in China, with poor quality.
Therefore, the foundation supported the initiative by members of “Khorit” team, participating in a TV show for young leaders, to produce custom-made better quality and comfortable wheelchairs at Nikel Ganba LLC’s bicycle factory. 
People who received the wheelchairs were happy as it was the first time they had their own custom-made wheelchair, made in Mongolia by the Mongolian engineer with an advice from "Tugeemel Hugjil" center for people with physical disabilities. 

Mongolian Becomes Bodybuilding World Champion
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) A four-times Mongolian Champion and Asian Champion J.Nurlan glorified the Mongolian state flag on December 7 at the World Championship of Body Building and Physique Sports being held in Mumbai of India.
He has won the gold medal in "age 41-49" and 81kg+ categories, becoming thus the first world champion from Mongolia.
Nurlan engaged in this fitness sport since 1991, is the absolute champion and Mister of Mongolia, having won the 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2012 Bodybuilding Championships. He also ranked the fifth at 2012 Asian Championship, and grabbed bronze medals at 2013 and 2014 Asian Championships. 
The Sixth World Body Building and Physique Sports Championship is witnessing over 400 athletes from 48 countries. The events will complete on December 10.

Mongolian Actress Stars in Wolf Totem
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) "Wolf Totem" film, directed by Jean Jacques Annaud and based on a famous novel "Wolf Totem" by Jiang Rong will be released in February of 2015, in which a Mongolian actress R.Ankhnyam has played a role of Galsmaa, one of the main characters in the novel, representing a brave Inner Mongolian girl.
The film will be presented in a 3D format in theaters. The director of the film, created by China Film Group, Mr Jean Jacques Annaud is famous for his works such as “Bear” of 1988 and “Brothers” of 2004, as well for his skills of filming wolves, bears and tigers. The cost of “Wolf Totem” totaled USD 38 million. The director has seen first time R.Ankhnyam playing in the Chinese "Gaadan Meerin" movie. 
"Wolf Totem" novel by Jiang Rong was published in 2004 and has been sold in over 20 million copies. In China it has become the second bestseller after "Quotations of Mao Zedong". 

'Pearl Bead -10' exhibition
December 8 ( The “Pearl Bead -10” exhibition “Steppe Nature, Ecology and Heritage in Dornod” will be on display at the National Museum of Mongolia, starting from December 9th.
“Steppe Nature, Ecology and Heritage in Dornod” is the result of a scientific expedition completed by over 20 scientists, researchers and journalists, covering 3,000 km. The expedition explored ecological and cultural sites and nomadic cultural heritage in Sukhbaatar, Erdenetsagaan in Sukhbaatar Province, and Matad sum in Dornod Province.
The amazing discoveries will be on display for the “Pearl Bead -10” exhibition at the National Museum of Mongolia through December 14th.

Ulaanbaatar to host 14 international competitions in 2015
December 8 (news.mn0 The Government of Mongolia has decided to host 14 international sports events and tournaments in Mongolia in 2015, In its regular meeting, the cabinet agreed to spend 1 billion MNT on the hosting of international sports events in Mongolia.
Mongolia hosted over 10 international sports events and tournaments, spending 1.2 billion MNT in 2014. The international sports events and tournaments involved 5,472 athletes, coaches, officials, and delegates and generated 6.7 billion MNT in indirect income for the state budget.
Mongolia will host the following international sports and events next year:
2015 FAI World Championships for Free Flight Model Aircraft
Chinggis Khaan 2015 Judo Grand Prix 
FIDE Women's Grand Prix 2015
ICCD Asian Individual Deaf Chess Championships
Asian Youth Fencing Championship 2015.
2015 Asian Football Confederation Asian Cup
2015 Eastern Zonal Men's Volleyball Championship
Mongolian Open  2015 Freestyle Wrestling Tournament
Mongolian Open  2015 Skating Tournament
Mongolian Open  2015 Soft Tennis Tournament
Mongolian Open  2015 Practical Shooting
Ulaanbaatar Marathon 2015
All-Ethnic Mongol Wrestling Tournament
International sports tournament for veteran athletes.

China-Russia-Mongolia Agree to Organize Tripartite Tourist Travel
December 8 ( On November 26-28, 2014, the first trilateral Tourism Cooperation Joint Conference between the People’s Republic of China, the Russian Federation and Mongolia was held in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.
Mongolian delegates were headed by Chairman of Ulaanbaatar City Tourism Board, Implementing Agency of the UB Administration, E.Battulga.
Before, such Conference used to take place only between bilateral sides, so from this year, the meeting has been enlarged including Russian Transbaikalia region.
At the meeting, parties agreed to open auto-route travel via Manzhouli – Chita – Ulan-Ude – Irkutsk – Ulaanbaatar – Arkhashaat. Moreover, to launch train travel namely “Steppe Star” from Hohhot to Ulan-Ude through Ulaanbaatar as part of continuous of the “Tea Road” multinational auto races that aims to attract travelers from the fourth part.

Speaker receives German delegation
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) The Chairman of the State Great Khural (parliament) Z.Enkhbold Monday received a visiting here these days delegation of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG).
The delegation includes Mr M.Grund, a member of Germany’s Bundestag (parliament), manager of both the Christian Democratic Union of Germany and the Christian Social Union and head of the Germany-Central Asian inter-parliamentary group; and Tomislav Delinic, a manager of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s (KAF) Northeast Asian branch.
Mr Grund congratulated the Speaker on being elected the chairman of the Democratic Party (DP). "Mongolia has become an exemplary state in its region for its development of democracy, Kyrgyzstan and Myanmar have expressed us a willingness to study Mongolia’s experience in democracy, and the KAF has been cooperating with the DP," Mr Grund said and asked the Speaker to give a report at the KAF’s Academy.
The KAF has been running activities in Mongolia for years, the Speaker noted ans said the DP is forming the new cabinet with a members from other political parties. Then the sides exchanged views on other issues.
Present at the meeting were also R.Burmaa MP, a head of the parliamentary Standing committee on petitions; Johannes D. Rey, the KAF Representative to Mongolia.

Stock Exchange news for December 8
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, December 8 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades on Monday, a total of 20 thousand and 936 units of nine JSCs were traded costing MNT 17 million 826 thousand and 836.00.
"Hai Bi Oil” /17 thousand units/, “Merex” /2,408 units/, “Khokh gan” /1,000 units/, “Tav” /193 units/ and "Gobi” /115 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value were "Hai Bi Oil” (MNT 10 million 101 thousand and 050), "Tav” (MNT five million and 824 thousand), “Gobi” (MNT 851 thousand and 905), “APU” (MNT 324 thousand and 406) and "Merex” (MNT 230 thousand and 630).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 469 billion 484 million 745 thousand and 077. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 15,093.83, increasing 53.38 units or 0.35% against the previous day.

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