Thursday, June 12, 2014

Slovakia and Mongolia sign agricultural contract

On June 5, Mongolian Ambassador D.Zumberellkham and the State Secretary of the Slovakian Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry, Latsko Bartoshova, signed a contract to supply Mongolia with 600 pregnant Semental cows. The agreement was established between Isokman Trading of Slovakia and Govi Khurakh LLC of Mongolia. In the first phase of the contract’s fulfillment, a total of 165 cows will be brought to Mongolia in the beginning of July.

At the contract signing ceremony, Bartoshova expressed satisfaction with the fulfillment of some provisions of the memorandum on agricultural cooperation between Mongolian agriculture and Industry Ministry and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Slovakia, signed during her last visit to Ulaanbaatar on September 2013.

Ambassador L.Zumberellkham thanked Bartoshova for paying attention to implementing mutually beneficial projects and programs in Mongolia, and supporting the two country’s collaboration and noted that bilateral cooperation between Mongolia and Slovakia – particularly in the politics and economic spheres – are becoming more active. He also introduced some suggestions to carry out cooperation in agriculture, especially to develop intensified cattle husbandry in Mongolia.

The sides discussed practical opportunities to develop the two country’s collaboration in other fields and agreed to cooperate actively.

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