Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cooperative Health Engagement opens to community during Khaan Quest 2014

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia - Khaan Quest is a regularly scheduled, multinational exercise co-sponsored this year by U.S. Army Pacific, and U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific, and hosted annually by the Mongolian Armed Forces. KQ14 is the latest in a continuing series of exercises designed to promote regional peace and security. This year marks the 12th anniversary of this training event.

“(During this year’s) Khaan Quest, we hope to continue the great and ever-improving partnerships, training and development of our common national goals of peace, stability and quality of life improvements for our respective citizens who look to the capabilities of their nations,” said U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Mike Bridges, the commander of the Alaska Army National Guard, during the ceremony.

During the Engineering Civic Action Program projects, as well as Cooperative Health Engagement events, armed forces medical professionals and engineers from Mongolia, the U.S., and other participating nations will train and work alongside one another, which will help strengthen military-to-military relations.

“The medical activity has been organized annually since 2004 to strengthen the (civilian-to-military) relationship and share the experience among the military personnel who are participating in this exercise,” said Mongolian Armed Forces Brig. Gen. D. Davaa, the chief of military supply and service department of the general staff of the MAF. “I believe that the Cooperative Health Engagement has made significant contributions to the reform of the Mongolian Armed Forces by cooperating and exchanging experiences side-by-side with other nations and increasing their professional skills.”

The medical professionals will provide medical services to the community such as minor surgery, prenatal, pediatric, neurology, and dental care. Thousands are anticipated to take part in the services during the weeklong engagement.

“Khaan Quest is a shining example of bringing our respective military teams and members together to give back to our communities via our training, special equipment and depth of experience,” said Bridges. “I extend my thanks to all who will make this a positive and memorable exercise mission to the wonderful people of this community and the nation of Mongolia.”

KQ14 is designed to enhance military-to-military relations between the U.S., Mongolia and other armed forces throughout the globe, to improve peacekeeping operations capabilities and to increase interoperability among the participating nations.

KQ14 is slated to host more than 1,000 services members, including approximately 300 U.S. personnel and participants and observers from 24 countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Nepal, Poland, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Tajikistan, and the United Kingdom.

This exercise marks the 12th iteration of this regionally significant training event.

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