Friday, June 27, 2014

Amur falcons: Pangti, Naga reach Mongolia

It has been reported that the two satellite tagged Amur Faclons named Pangti and Naga have returned back to Mongolia. However, another Amur Falcom named Wokha seemed to be still stuck in Africa.

According to Nagaland principal chief conservator of forests and head of forest force M. Lokeswara Rao, on November 7, 2013, Nagaland was declared as the falcon capital of the world.

On the same day, three Amur Falcons were satellite tagged and released. The birds were named Naga, Wokha and Pangti.

These three birds were fitted with satellite tag with antenna and with solar panel on their backs.

After reaching South Africa the Naga and Pangti have taken different routes during their return journey flying over Somalia Crossing Arabian sea Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Meghalaya, Manipur, entered Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, China now reached inner Mongolia. The birds were expected to visit Doyang roosting site this October too.

Wokha is reported to be still in South Africa, as per the website the bird was still active. However, there were two possibilities for the bird getting stuck in Africa - the bird might have died, there is no movement of bird and the satellite tag of the bird might have come out of bird and fallen on the ground and bird might be still alive flying without a satellite tag.

This is the first time the Amur Falcons were satellite tagged and released and Nagaland has entered in international map in the conservation movement.

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