Monday, June 30, 2014

Korean Air Making a Difference to Students in Mongolia

Korean Air held a ‘donation ceremony’ on 26 June at Gun Galuutai Complex School nearby Baganuur, Ulaanbaatar to formally handover to the school thirty computers with desks and chairs.

Gun Galuutai Complex School has 1,800 students ranging from 1st to 12th grades. The school has, in the past, experienced teaching difficulties because of the poor IT facilities.

Korean Air’s computer donation program started last year when it provided thirty computers for the Bolovsrol School in Mongolia. The aim of Korean Air’s donation program in Mongolia is to enable students to keep up with technology and learn the skills to enable them to be computer literate.

Korean Air has other CSR projects in Mongolia including its ‘Global Planting Project’, which has seen the planting of trees in Baganuur since 2004 to help counteract desertification, which badly affects the region; students at Gun Galuutai Complex School have also participated in this project. The Korean Air Forest in the Baganuur area, now extends to 44ha (440,000 square meters), consisting of some 83,000 trees. The airline has also employed local forestation experts who are residing in the area to manage the planted trees and educate residents on forestation. Meanwhile, Korean Air has also donated books and computers to Chinese schools in rural areas and built houses for communities in Manila and Cebu in order to fulfill its social responsibility in and out of Korea.

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