Friday, June 27, 2014

High capacity laboratory opens for better food safety in Mongolia

Newly constructed extension of the Central Food Laboratory of SAMO Scientific Food Research and Manufacturing Institute opened on Wednesday with the aim to improve food safety in Mongolia.

The extension was built as part of a Mongolia-Korea bilateral contract on “Strengthening safety monitoring on agriculture-based food products in Mongolia” project, which is financed by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

Total cost of the establishment was one million USD. According to reports, 600,000 USD was used for equipment purchase and installation, while 400,000 USD was spent on training specialists and researchers. The researchers of Korea Food Research Institute, who executed the laboratory project, are currently teaching Mongolian staff the operations of the laboratory equipment.

The new laboratory is fully equipped with required modern equipment and is capable of conducting extensive research on any type of food product.

At the opening, Deputy Minister of Industry and Agriculture Ts.Tuvaan said, “The Food Safety Law of Mongolia was approved last year and we faced an urgent need to establish a high capacity laboratory to enforce the law. The newly opened laboratory can detect content and origin of all types of food products that include meat, dishes, vegetables and flour, using nano-technology.”
“Detailed research can also be conducted on samples of food that caused food poisoning, on meat with possible antibiotic content, or wheat with pesticide content for clarification at this laboratory,” he noted.

Acting chief of SAMO Institute G.Maral commented, “Calories, quality statistics, amino acid, fat acid compound, pesticide, antibiotic content, food coloring and flavoring substances, as well as food preservation substances will be detected with our equipment in the laboratory.”
She also highlighted that their previous equipment required extensive time and manual operations, while the new laboratory will save time and increase efficiency. “Previously, we conducted researches on around ten samples, now we will do studies on 50 to 60 samples per day.”
“Our researches will not be limited by only samples which inspectors brought. We will conduct our research based on requests of individuals and organizations for a certain amount of fee.”
Evaluations by SAMO Institute will be valid throughout Mongolia.

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