Friday, June 27, 2014

Mongolia’s ‘contortion sisters’ awe ‘America’s Got Talent’

America’s Got Talent reality television series’ season nine is taking place in Las Vegas, USA currently.

Mongolian contortionist sister G.Erdenesuvd and G.Buyankhishig are participating in the show. The sisters have been working in America for 12 years.

In the first round of the show, judges admired their flexibility and unique contortion performance, and passed them to the next round.

On June 25, Unuudur newspaper spoke to G.Erdenesuvd about the show and their performance.

I saw a video of your performance on YouTube and it was amazing. Thank you for showing the world what Mongolian contortionism is.

Thank you. The audiences accepted us well. It was great that we were announced as “Mongolian gorgeous women” on stage.

When was the last time you came to Mongolia?

It has been ten years. I go to Mongolia in August and will be kissed by my mom and grandmother. My grandmother asks me always “When will you come back?”. I can’t wait to go back to Mongolia.

Where are you working now?

We have a contract with Cirque Dream Show. This show travels around the USA to perform.

Which state do you live?

We live in Orlando city of Florida State. We have settled here since 2006. But we did not stay at home for a long time until 2011. We stayed at home two weeks a year. Now our job is quite flexible.

Why did you decide to participate in America’s Got Talent?

It was a chance to promote Mongolian contortionism to the world.

There is picture of you and your sister teaching contortionism on Facebook. Do you teach contortionism to foreigners?

Yes, we do. We teach contortionism on our free time. We taught contortionism to 10 Mongolian girls. Now they are working in various circuses and theaters in the USA.

Do you perform aerial silk performances?

Our performance is called, “Aerial Sphere”. Audiences like it. Previously we performed one called “Four aerial cube”. Aerial silk is different from contortionism. Five girls of the above mentioned 10 girls performed aerial silk performances with us before.

Are you connected with Mongolian contortionists and teachers?

Yes. We are connected with our first teacher D.Majigsuren and State Honored Artist and contortionist B.Norovsambuu.

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