Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mongolia to spend 2.2 billion MNT on summer celebrations

The total spending budget for the 2014 Naadam Festival, 808th anniversary of the establishment of the Great Mongol Empire, and the 93rd anniversary of the People’s Revolution was approved at 2.2 billion MNT.

Some 369.9 million MNT of the total funds will be generated from the income made from Naadam Festival operations, 500 million MNT from the city budget, 57 million MNT from the surplus of last year’s Naadam Festival earnings, and the remaining 1.2 million MNT will come from the Government’s Resource Fund.

Some 921.2 million MNT of the total budget (13.1 percent) is devoted to awards, 946 million MNT (42.8 percent) will be spent on organizing cultural events and ceremonies, 494 million MNT (22.4 percent) will be spent on services and maintenance, 142.5 million MNT (6.4 percent) will go towards event security and emergency services, and the remainder will be spent on management of the Naadam Festival.

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