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Mongolia Brief June 19, 2014 Part III

Chinese Foreign Minister to Visit Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, June 19 (MONTSAME) Invited by the Foreign Minister L.Bold, his counterpart of China Mr Wang Yi will pay an official visit to Mongolia on June 24-26.

Wang Yi formerly served as China's Vice Foreign Minister, Ambassador to Japan, and Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office. As of March 2013, he is the Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China.
Wang was born in 1953 in Beijing. After graduating from high school in September of 1969, he was sent to Northeast China. He subsequently served in the Northeast Construction Army Corps in Heilongjiang Province for eight years. In December of 1977, Wang returned to Beijing, and in the same year was enrolled in the department of Asian and African Languages of Beijing International Studies University (BISU). He studied the Japanese language at the institution, graduating in February 1982 with a Bachelor's degree. Wang has been a member of the 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in session between 2007 and 2012 and the current 18th Central Committee in session between 2012 and 2017.

Int’l Conference on UB Dialogue Finishes

Ulaanbaatar, June 19 (MONTSAME) An international conference of the Ulaanbaatar Dialogue on Northeast Asian security took place June 17-18 in Ulaanbaatar.
Co-organized by Mongolia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Institute of Strategic Studies (ISS), the conference aimed to propagandize and explain the Mongolian President’s initiative on Ulaanbaatar Dialogue for Northeast Asian security to scholars and researchers. They were received by the President Ts.Elbegdorj.
A member of the policy council at the Institute of Strategic Studies M.Batchimeg MP made the opening remarks at the conference addressing some 100 experts from Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, China, Russia, Japan, the USA, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. After this the gathered  exchanged views on a present situation in Northeast Asia, its security risks, proposals and initiatives on contributing to ensuring of regional security and peace, also matters related to economy and environment and strengthening peace and stability in the region.
Considering that this conference was a well-timed action, the participants decided to run it every year. 

UB-Frankfurt Flight to Be Bridge between Asia and Europe

Ulaanbaatar, June 19 (MONTSAME) A ceremony took place Thursday to open the direct flight operated by the flag-carrier Mongolian Airlines (MIAT) between Ulaanbaatar and Frankfurt city of Germany.
Present at the ceremony were Samu Dusdieker, an attache of Germany's Embassy in Mongolia on economic affairs, and other officials. Having underlined an importance of opening of the direct flight, Mr Dusdieker hoped it will increase a flow of European tourists to Mongolia and make easier for Mongolians to go to the USA, "in other words, it will be a new gate between Asia and Europe".
He also said that through the flights, moderate economic ties between Mongolia and Germany will be forwarded. 
The Mongolians used to reach the city via Moscow, Berlin, Seoul or Beijing. By the approved schedule of the MIAT, the flight from UB to Frankfurt will be performed every Thursday and Sunday, whereas the flight from Frankfurt to UB--every Wednesday and Saturday on Boeing 767 300ER. The flight takes eight hours 30 minutes, said executive director of the MIAT G.Jargalsaikhan.
The MIAT intends to start direct flights to the USA and other countries in 2-3 years, the flight to Frankfurt is a beginning of this plan, he said. For the time being, the MIAT is flying to Beijing, Erlian, Sanya (China), Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka (Japan), S.Korean Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, Hanoi and Dubai (charter flights), also to Moscow, Berlin and Frankfurt, on Boeing 737 800 and Boeing 767 300ER. 

Vacancies Announced in Health Sector

Ulaanbaatar, June 19 (MONTSAME) Promoting the health sector employment, a job fair ran at the Trade Union Cultural House on Wednesday.
The Municipal Labor Agency and the Health Development Center have arranged the event for the second year to inform people about vacancies in national health organizations. Some 30 entities offered visitors a total of 316 vacancies.
This year, 2.5 thousand students have graduated from 12 national medical high education institutes, said Ch.Batbold, a director of the Health Development Center. These graduates will work in provincial primary health care organizations for the first two years since graduating, he added.
The last year, 109 out of 300 registered job seekers were provided with permanent work places during the first edition of the job fair.

UB Hosts "Auto Expo 2014"

Ulaanbaatar, June 19 (MONTSAME) The annual "Ulaanbaatar Auto Expo 2014" opened in Misheel Expo center on Thursday.
The event, the biggest of its kind in Mongolia, gathers world-known vehicle distributers, auto trade centers, commercial banks, insurance companies and car diagnosis and repair centers operating in Ulaanbaatar to offer car leasing, insurance, diagnosis services in a single venue.
The expo has been organized by MMK company in collaboration with the Transport Ministry, the Municipal Transportation Agency, the Customs Authority, the Traffic Police, Misheel Group LLC and Auto Radio FM 96.3, with a support from Subaru and Shuurkhai Channel Television.
The event will open for visitors until June 22.

Mongolian Wrestlers Invited to Baku

Ulaanbaatar, June 19 (MONTSAME) Fifteen Mongolian wrestlers have been invited to the Final "Golden Grand Prix" in memory of Heydar Aliev, President of Azerbaijan, to take place in Baku on July 25-27.
The Mongolian team includes B.Davaasuren (48kg), A.Battsetseg (53kg), S.Tserenchimed (58kg), Monkhtuya (60kg), B.Odonchimeg (69kg) O.Burmaa (75kg) in women’s categories and  D.Tsogtbaatar (57kg), B.Nemekhbayar (61kg), E.Nyam-Ochir (61kg), G.Mandakhnaran (65kg), G.Tserenpuntsag (70kg), B.Batzorig (70kg), P.Onorbat (74kg), O.Uitumen (86kg), D.Khuderbulga (97kg) in men’s categories.
The Golden Grand Prix particularly chooses winners and medalists of world high-level contests such as the World Championships and Continent Cups and Grand Prix.
Winners of every weight category will be awarded 10 thousand USD, while silver medalist will be granted five thousand USD and bronze medalists--two thousand USD each.
Mongolians have won five silver and four bronze medals in previous editions of the Golden Grand Prix. Last year, E.Sumiya, T.Monkhtuya and B.Odonchimeg bagged two silvers and one bronze at Golden Grand Prix in Baku.

Student Wrestlers to Head for Hungary

Ulaanbaatar, June 19 (MONTSAME) Mongolian wrestlers are preparing for the 11th World University Championship of 2014 which will run in Pecs, Hungary on July 7-13.
At the prestigious events, Mongolia will be represented by eight men and five women wrestlers, including B.Shoovdor, B.Nomin-Erdene, B.Davaatseren, S.Narantsetseg, E.Tsevegmid, O.Oyuntuya, Ts.Tsendjav, O.Odgerel (girls), and B.Nyamkhai, B.Batmagnai, B.Khash-Erdene, L.Javzanjamiyan and T.Tuvshintulga (boys) under coaching of Ts.Bayarsaikhan.
Some 300 young talents from 30 countries are expected to compete in Pecs Championship that welcomes sport ambassadors of remote cultures and students of other universities.

Russian and Mongolia to strengthen cooperation in preventing and fighting natural fires in border areas

June 19 (Relief Web) Russia and Mongolia are going to strengthen cooperation in the area of preventing and fighting natural fires in border areas. The agreement was reached today in Ulan-Bator during the meeting of representatives of the Federal Forestry Agency, the Emergencies Ministry’s Main Office for the Trans-Baikal Territory, Mongolian State Emergency Situations Agency and Ministry of Nature, Environment and Green Development. The main subject on the agenda was prevention of and protection against forest and wild fires in the border areas of Russia and Mongolia.
During the meeting Alexey Zverev, Head of the Civil Defense Directorate of the Emergencies Ministry’s Main Office for the Trans-Baikal Territory discussed with the representatives of provinces Dornod and Khentiy bordering the Trans-Baikal Territory information of the sides in case of forest and wild fires on the border. The parties specified the procedure for the drills with border fire crews of the Trans-Baikal Territory Main Office and Mongolian State Emergency Situations Agency on simplified passing the state border.
The meeting also heard reports on organization of activities to prevent and fight wild fires in border areas of the Trans-Baikal Territory, the Republic of Buryatia, Tuva and Mongolian provinces Selenge, Bulgan, Dornod and Khentiy.
The parties decided to make amendments to the draft Russian-Mongolian Intergovernmental Agreement on protection against forest fires signed in 1995.

Khaan Quest- 2014 kick off on Friday

June 19 ( Khaan Quest – 2014 the annual multinational peace support operations exercise is set to begin in Mongolia on Friday June 20th. Approximately 1100 military service members of Army, Navy and Air Force including members of the Mongolian Armed Forces (MAF), U.S. military, South Korean Marines and International military representatives from 23 countries will participate in exercise Khaan Quest-2014 at the Five Hills Training area (TAVAN TOLGOI), and in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia between June 20th -July 1st.
Mongolia has held Khaan Quest every year since 2003. This year, the military training exercise is scheduled to carry out four stages operations in command and chief of staff exercises, field training, provide humanitarian aid and perform their duty of supporting those facing calamities.

Mazaalai most affected by desertification

June 19 ( The World Day to Combat Desertification is observed every year on 17th June. On this occasion of the World Day to Combat Desertification, a forum on the Mazaalai protection program was held on "Desertification and the Mazaalai".
At the forum UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Mongolia, Ms. Sezin Sinanoglu, State Secretary for the Ministry of Environment and Green Development, J.Batbold, and the National Committee combating Desertification and protecting soil were in attendance.
Participants of the forum considered the matter whether to submit the program designed for the protection of the endangered Mazaalai before the Naadam festival.
Parties also agreed to sign a memorandum of Understanding on international cooperation as soon as the program is submitted.
UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Mongolia, Ms. Sezin Sinanoglu pledged to support the program.
She said “I was upset because I thought that any activity to save the Mazaalai would be a failure, but now my thoughts have changed.”
The State Secretary for the Ministry of Environment and Green Development J.Batbold said that “the World Day to Combat Desertification is being observed. The Mazaalai protection program forum on "Desertification and Mazaalai" is not being held by coincidence.
The Mazaalai is a vulnerable species that is affected by desertification the most. If there is no rain, not only the Mazaalai, but also the others cannot find anything to eat. That is why we are holding this forum on "Desertification and the Mazaalai" to save their habitats.”

Who is this law for?

June 19 (Mongolian Economy) The Mongolian government is currently discussing a new law of economic transparency that has been submitted for review this week. This law explains the necessity of promoting companies which have come close to shutting down by allowing them tax forgiveness. 
Part of this law outlines the favor of big authorities. A company or individual who has not declared social insurance tax or other mandatory taxes may be forgiven once. White-collar businesses can also be excused after they hide the status of their income or capital. Although this tax forgiveness law is designed to promote transparency, it benefits only the interest of upper-class individuals. 
Those who register their property or other belongings under another name and reveal this act within a period of six months are allowed a pardon and will face no punishment. Parliament member, S. Byambatsogt, argues that this law breaks the loyalty of the constitution and that members will not vote for this law, which forgives people who are corrupt or made money illegally. This law is damaging and unfair to those who conduct business in an ethical and legal manner. 
This law is not directed towards the general population. Instead, the law aims to help the few wealthy people who have carried out unlawful activities. The fear that remains behind this law is that it has the potential to boost the concept that people do not have to work within a legal framework. Rather, they can continue performing prohibited acts without receiving punishment. 
Another section of the law outlines that hidden capital or income that is revealed allows the enterprise who declared this information to be free from criminal investigation. Any information that is related to income declaration between January 1, 2006 and January 1, 2014 will be deleted. 
This kind of situation is not unfamiliar to the world. Many economies resort to forgiveness laws when the economy shows signs of decline. One example is Germany. The main idea is that if you reveal hidden capital or income, the businesses responsible are required to pay the taxes they were supposed to pay, however they would be exempt from criminal investigation. For Mongolia, this means that people who work in a legal manner do not receive any sort of promotion. Rather, it means that those who work within an illegal framework are pardoned. 
In addition, if any media organization or journalist publishes information regarding hidden capital or income of corporations, they are subject to pay fines. An individual would be required to pay 5 million MNT, whereas media organizations would be required to pay a staggering 50 million MNT. 
It is important to note that this law has a minimal chance of being passed. Many parliament members and the general population are not in favor of the outlines presented in this law. 

Mongolia Business Summit in UB these days

June 19 (Mongolian Economy) Starting today, a 3 day investment summit will take place. Organized by Mongolian Economic forum within the 100 Day Stimulus Plan enacted by the government, over 80 foreign investors will participate from around 20 different countries. Today’s events include registration and a reception that will take place in Ikh Tenger with Mongolian foreign representatives. 
A conference will take place tomorrow to interact with international investors, bankers and local business leaders. Saturday’s activities include an array of trips. Some places foreign investors will be visiting include the Egiin Gol Hydro Power Plant and Tavan Tolgoi Power Plant. They will also have the opportunity to see the APU food and beverage company, Gobi cashmere factory, and the MAK cement plant in Nalaikh. 
Mongolian Economy is a proud major sponsor of this investment summit that aims to bring together international investors and local businesspeople that will increase much needed investment. This platform is a high level event that will cover a variety of projects ranging from the new Ulaanbaatar International Airport to the Meat Processing Facility to the Highway project.

Some Major Commercial and Trade Centers to Be Operating with New Working Hours from July 01, 2014

June 19 ( In compliance with the public request, Mayor of the Capital City issued a Resolution No. A/505 on June 17, 2014 to make changes in the working hours of some trading centers, markets and service centers locate along the major roads in the territory of Ulaanbaatar.
According to amendments, operators performing services will follow the new regulation and it is deemed to reduce the traffic loads and stabilize the traffic flow on the roads of Ulaanbaatar, which is effective from July 01, 2014.

Mongolia and France Sign First Document of Cooperation in Defense Sectors

June 19 ( The Deputy Minister for Defense of Mongolia A.Battur has conducted a working visit to the French Republic on June 12-13, 2014 and has witnessed the largest in the world International Land and Air-land Defense and Security Exhibition, which is being organized in Paris on June 16-20, 2014.
During his visit to France, Deputy Minister A.Battur held a meeting with the Junior Minister for Veterans at the French Ministry of Defense Kader Arif to discuss bilateral defense relations and implementation of cooperation and exchanged views on the prospects of bilateral partnership in defense sector and at the end of the meeting parties signed a technical agreement of cooperation.
This agreement between Mongolia and France becomes the first document based upon bilateral relations and partnership in defense sectors.
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