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Mongolia Brief June 12, 2014 Part III

Border guards hold training demonstration

June 12 (UB Post) Mongolia’s border guard units displayed their field training exercises on Saturday, at the General Authority for Border Protection’s special training complex in Bayanchandmani soum of Tuv Province, to highlight the importance of the revision of border protection policy and required technical overhaul.

The exercises involved all types of weaponry and showcased military skills. Tracking dogs and horses used for border protection duties were also demonstrated at the event.
During the exercises, border guards revealed over 70 items that were confiscated from smugglers in the first five months of the year. It was the first time border units have revealed evidence materials to the public.
The evidence was from a case of five heavy-duty trucks being smuggled to Mongolia and sold in pieces to a metallurgy plant in Darkhan-Uul Province. The evidence indicated that some North Korean citizens were illegally crossing the border through Tuva Republic. Common goods usually attempted in smuggling across the Mongolian border were also displayed.
Over 30 Parliament and cabinet members, as well as journalists, were present during the event.

Mongolia will annually export 3 million EUR in textile products

June 12 (UB Post) Representatives of national industry called a press conference at Mongol News press agency about a huge investment in the textile industry, namely the establishment of a partnership contract. The agreement calls for an annual three million EUR in Mongolian exports.
As of today, a total of 450 textile factories are operating in Mongolia. Before soft loans from the Chinggis Bond for equipment and facilities were granted to textile factories, the Mongolian textile industry had been operating without any support. However, the Poland-Turkey joint company Rubin has agreed to buy textile products from Exclusive, a Mongolian company, and agreed to buy textile products worth three million EUR annually. Ilhan Erden, the president of Rubin, signed the contract during his visit to Mongolia, and agreed to buy the first portion of textile products in October.
For the three million EUR, Rubin is buying mainly jackets. A Mongolian company is now becoming an executive company of a foreign brand, and products made in Mongolia will be sold in the international market.

Qualities of export coal will be examined

June 12 (UB Post) The Mineral Resource Authority (MRA), General Department of Taxation (GDT), and Customs General Administration (CGA) established a partnership contract and memorandum.
D.Uuriintuya, deputy director at MRA, and O.Ganbat, director general of CGA, signed the contract.
The mining experimentation and assay laboratory of the MRA and central laboratory of the CGA will collaborate on supervising and evaluating samples of export coal. More specifically, the central customs laboratory will send samples of export coals to the mining experimentation and assay laboratory, and receive results of the examination every time. Officials pointed out that as result of this collaboration, qualities of export coals will be examined. Moreover, it will promote further cooperation between government organizations and enhance the mutual information exchange process, an initiative by the Ministry of Mining.
Since its establishment as a solid fuel laboratory in 1969, the mining experimentation and assay laboratory of the MRA has been studying and assaying coal, and has become an accredited laboratory that analyzes soil and water pollution around mining areas.

Mongolia attends the Workshop Eurasia international business forum

June 12 (UB Post) The Italian Chamber of Commerce, along with Mongolia, China, Japan, Korea, Bangladesh and Azerbaidjan, organized the Workshop Eurasia international business forum on June 9 and 10, in Rome, Italy. Director of the Division for Investment Promotion and Consultancy Services at Invest Mongolia Agency, D.Irmuun made a presentation about the investment environment of Mongolia at the forum.
Undersecretary Minister of Foreign Affairs Benedetto della Vedova opened the conference and gave a speech. Having more than 200 delegates from Italy and Asian countries, the international workshop was highly valuable for informing Italian business people of the business and investment opportunities offered by Asian economies.

Investment Summit – 2014

June 12 (UB Post) The Implementing Agency of the Government of Mongolia, Invest Mongolia Agency, Mongolian National Chamber of Trade and Industry, and Inner Mongolian Chamber of Commerce are working together to organize “Investment Summit – 2014” on July 2 through 4, in Ulaanbaatar.
From China, about 200 business representatives and investors from the energy, road, construction, mining, agriculture, communications, retail, banking, and environment sectors will attend the summit.
The summit is open to domestic companies and agencies, and will provide them with opportunities to find business partners, expand business collaboration, and introduce prospective projects and events.
If you are interested in participating, you can contact Invest Mongolia Agency or the Mongolian National Chamber of Trade and Industry and register for the summit.

Oyu Tolgoi export timetable will be extended

June 12 (UB Post) Oyu Tolgoi LLC distributes about 70 thousand tons of copper concentrate daily through the Gants Mod port. To increase this amount, regulations of customs need to be adapted. The Gants Mod port does not allow the transportation of Oyu Tolgoi copper concentrate after 5 p.m., because the border point has one entrance for both mining products and passenger transport vehicles. Customs General Administration reports that the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia’s Customs General Administration have agreed to adapt the timetable and extend operating hours for the Gants Mod port.

Mongolbank’s online payments to be transmitted in real time

June 12 (UB Post) Last Friday, Mongolbank announced that it underwent improvements related to its IT infrastructure and launched a system that performs low value payment on a real time basis. As a result of this improvement, when company to company, company to consumer, consumer to company, and consumer to consumer transactions of less than one million MNT are made online, money will be transferred to the receiver’s bank account right away.
Prior to this improvement, interbank payments were delayed for several hours. But now, as soon as the transfer button is selected, money will be transferred to the receiver’s bank account. As of 2013, 16.7 million low value transactions were made, totaling 900 billion MNT. This year, the amount was increased by 400 billion tugrug.

Elbegdorj Welcomes Latvian President

Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONTSAME) An official visit of the President of the Republic of Latvia Andris Berzins to Mongolia commenced Thursday with a welcoming ceremony on the Chinggis Square.
The leader of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj and his spouse Kh.Bolormaa warmly welcomed the Latvian President on the city's main square. Present were also Foreign Minister L.Bold MP, Non-resident Ambassador of Mongolia to Latvia A.Ganbaatar, Education and Sciences Minister L.Gantomor, Transport Minister A.Gansukh, Ulaanbaatar Mayor E.Bat-Uul and others.
The Latvian President is being accompanied by Parliamentary deputy Speaker Andrei Klementiev, Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics, Education and Science Minister Ina Druviete, Non-resident Ambassador of Latvia to Mongolia Ingrida Leverence and others.
The two Presidents paid respect to the monument to Chinggis Khaan, then Mr Berzins signed the Honorary Guest book. After this the two leaders had a closed meeting in the Ceremonial Ger in the State House.

PM Meets with Director-General of UN Office at Geneva

Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONTSAME) While participating in the 103rd session of the International Labour Conference (ILC), the Prime Minister met with Mr Michael Moller, the Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG).
The Premier said Mongolia needs to augment both its contribution and role in tackling global urgent problems and to expand its external ties in order to realize the national developmental policy. Keeping the active cooperation with the UN and its specialized organizations and with international financial and economic organizations, and supporting of the UN’s role and responsibilities at the global governance are the priorities of Mongolia’s foreign policy, Mr Altankhuyag underlined.
In response, Mr Moller said the Mongolia-UN relations and cooperation have been developing actively in the last 50 years, and that Mongolia is always enthusiastic about its collaboration with the UN, for example, it initiated several resolutions of the UN on fortifying the status of rural women, on developing cooperatives, on public literacy, on disarmament, on strengthening of the democracy and on peacekeeping. Thanks to the contributions, a reputation of Mongolia raised at international arena, Mr Moller said and hoped that the bilateral cooperation will continue successfully.

Speaker Works in Selenge

Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONTSAME) The Speaker of the State Great Khural (parliament) Z.Enkhbold Thursday started a working tour to Selenge aimag.
Together with S.Bayartsogt MP, the Speaker was saluted by the Guard of honor and then ran a meeting with S.Burenbat, a governor of Selenge; J.Sanjjav, a head of the Citizens’ Representative Khural of the aimag; and N.Batdorj, a deputy governor of the aimag. They gave to the Speaker information about the aimag's state of affairs.
Selenge with its 105 thousand population in 17 soums sowed this year 173 thousand hectares, of which wheat takes 130 thousand, fodder plants--28 thousand, potatoes--3,100 thousand, and vegetables-- 2,100 thousand hectares, they said.
The Speaker noted that the aimag has problems in developing an irrigated land farming, "which means that you should get some support". 

Bulgaria to Open Trade Mission Here

Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONTSAME) Mongolia has been named among twenty countries Bulgaria is planning to open trade mission in by the end of 2014.
According to a media statement of the Bulgarian Government, the new trade representative offices are to be opened in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, northern Iraq (Erbil), Algiers, Tunisia, Ghana, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, US (Chicago), Hungary and Cyprus.
The measure was approved by the government on Wednesday, the Ministry of Economy and Energy was allocated the money for maintenance of the new offices, says website of Sofia News Agency.
Five existing trade missions will be closed, while five of the new ones are to be financed through public-private partnership together with business organizations. This country currently has trade missions in 44 countries with a total staff of 61.

Presidents Attend Memorandum Signing Ceremony

Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONTSAME) The President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj and his Latvian counterpart Mr Andris Berzins attended Thursday a Mongolia-Latvia cooperation memorandum signing ceremony.
Under their witnessing, three documents were inked--intergovernmental treaty on international road transport relations, an intergovernmental treaty on mutual visa-waiver for diplomat and official passport holders, and a memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the Foreign Ministries of Mongolia and Latvia.
All the documents were signed by relevant ministers of the two countries.

Presidents Hold Official Talks

Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONTSAME) The President of Mongolia Mr Ts.Elbegdorj and his counterpart of the Republic of Latvia Mr Andris Berziņs Thursday held official talks in Ulaanbaatar.
Greeting the Latvian leader and accompanying him officials, Mr Elbegdorj expressed a hope that the visit will strengthen the Mongolia-Latvia ties and will open a new page in our relations.
Mongolia has been adhering to the multilateral foreign policy since 1990 and aspires to develop open and mutually-beneficial ties with Latvia, said Mr Elbegdorj, believing that this policy will be fortified by this visit.
"Latvia is one of the friendly and close partner of Mongolia within the European Union. We always aim to boost the close relations with the EU and its members. Last year, Mongolia and the EU established a cooperation treaty," he said and thanked Latvian parliament for becoming the first EU member to ratify it. He also hoped that other EU members will ratify the treaty when Latvia will chair the EU in 2015.
In turn, the President of Latvia Mr Andris Berziņs expressed his satisfaction with visiting Mongolia and said his country wants to expand the bilateral political, economic and commercial cooperation. He said the art, culture and education are the main fields to intensify the ties, and emphasized an importance of holding talks in the educational sector.
Our countries have been keeping friendly ties and supporting each other at international field since establishment of the diplomatic relations in 1991, "we are greatly satisfied with participating together with Mongolia in peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan and in other countries", Mr Berziņs said.  Mongolia is a reliable partner of Latvia, he said.
He hoped that accompanying him Ministers and officials will launch many works to contribute to the bilateral relations. The countries gave all possibilities to collaborate in a land farming and logging areas, Mr Berziņs said. He is expressing a willingness to share Latvian experience with Mongolia in logging and in fishing. Latvia is ready to accept any cooperation proposals from Mongolia, he said.

President Andris Berzins Offers Mongolia to Export Its Products to Europe Utilizing Latvia’s Seaports

June 12 ( On June 12, Prime Minister of Mongolia Mr. Norov ALTANKHUYAG paid a courtesy call on the President of the Republic of Latvia Mr. Andris Berzins, who is conducting an official visit to Mongolia on June 11-13, 2014. 
During the meeting, Premier N.Altankhuyag mentioned that the bilateral relations between Mongolia and the Republic of Latvia have been continuously growing and noted this visit would bring impetus significant to the development and partnership of the two countries.
President Andris Berzins expressed his satisfaction on current enhancing bilateral relations and cooperation and emphasized that there is a broad opportunities of collaboration in economic sphere, in particular, in the sector of transportation logistics.
The Republic of Latvia relied on its seaports is giving a priority to the development of transit transportation and in this regard, Mongolia is enabled to export its products by broad gauge railways to Europe utilizing Latvia’s seaports, states the President Andris Berzins.

President about Visit of Latvian Leader

Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONTSAME) The President Ts.Elbegdorj Thursday held a press conference in the State House and released a communique about the official visit of his Latvian  counterpart Mr Andris Berziņs.
"Mr Berziņs accepted my invitation and is paying a visit to Mongolia," he said and underlined that their official talks ran in a friendly and open atmosphere.
"We have assessed the current state of our bilateral relations and discussed in details the perspectives of the future cooperation, we have exchanged views and expressed our positions on the current issues of international relations," he went on.
Mr Elbegdorj also stressed that the two countries need to intensify their relations and cooperation, and added that Mongolia has been observing Latvia’s efforts and progress in successfully surmounting an economic crisis and firmly embarking upon dynamic economic growth. "Many miles separate our two countries, but we have been supporting each other in international fora on issues of mutual interest, and we have agreed to continue and consolidate our cooperation," he said.
"To expand our relations, we need to bring our trade and economic cooperation onto a newer level, and in this regard, I welcome the Latvian businesses, accompanying the President Berziņs on this visit, and commend the holding of a business forum with Mongolian businesses," he said.
Then he pointed out that guided by the desire to promote people-to-people relations between Mongolian and Latvian peoples, the two sides emphasized an importance of strengthening cooperation in culture, education and sciences.
The Agreements have been signed between the Governments of Mongolia and Latvia on Exemption of Visa Requirements for Holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports, on International Transport by Road as well as the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs as a permanent mechanism in the relations. In recent years the legal basis for the bilateral relations and cooperation has been established and "thus are being further strengthened", Mr Elbegdorj said. The President Berziņs’s meetings with our state and government officials will be fruitful, he hoped. 

Requirements to manage steamboilers distributed

June 12 ( The National Committee for Reducing Air Pollution has sent specific requirements, issued by the committee, to organisations that are sources of air pollution along with guidelines of the regulations that are to be followed to increase air quality.
The Committee sent requirements to 300 entities and companies that utilize steamboilers over 100 kw, and over 2000 entities that own steamboilers up to a 100 kw capacity.
These entities are obliged to be responsible for not creating high emissions above the limited level.
Of the entities who received the requirement, those who fail to meet the requirements by September 15thwill be imposed with fines of two million MNT each.
Research on eco-taxes that specify that the polluter pays are being underpinned.

Exhibition promotes the melody of grass

June 12 ( Mongolian State Honored Artist S.Sarantsatsralt is exhibiting “Grass” at the Red Ger Art Gallery between June 12th and 26th.
The Artist promises the exhibition will not be a typical exhibition of line drawings but that the new works will provoke an ongoing discussion of beauty, scent and the melody of grass.
The art exhibition by the amazing Mongolian artist will open for audiences at the Red Ger Art Gallery on June 12th at 6.00 pm.

Average Wage stands at MNT 760,000

June 12 (Mongolian Economy) The National Statistic Office came out with more data, this time discussing the average wage of Mongolian citizens. Average wage is calculated by examining social insurance payment. A social insurance report came out, covering 33,400 entities. In the first quarter, it was determined that the average wage of Mongolian citizens was MNT 763,000 – 700,000 for women and 830,000 for men.
Comparing the sectors of the Mongolian economy to one another, it is seen that the mining industry places among the highest as the average salary given to its employees at MNT 1.7 million. However, for small businesses, it is the opposite. Receiving the lowest amount compared to other sectors, its average wage rests at MNT 340,000. 
If you group the entities into organizations based on company size, differences can be seen. For small businesses of 1 to 9 employees, the average wage is MNT 450,000 per month. Companies of 10 to 49 employees receive an average of MNT 600,000 each month whereas companies with 50 to 99 employees earn around MNT 720,000 each month. For larger companies, who range between 100-199 employees, its workers receive MNT 740,000 per month and for big businesses of over 200 employees, the average salary reaches MNT 900,000 every month.

Dusty Life at Tsogttsetsii

June 12 (Mongolian Economy) A Thirsty Town
Environmental concerns are often forgotten when there is the possibility for mining wealth. Tsogttsetsii residents face many problems ranging from pasture degradation to water scarcity. For example, there were 50 springs near the town just a few years ago. Today you can count the number of springs on one hand.
Mineral concentration in the water at Tsogttsetsii is high. Having enough drinking water is critical, according to local authorities. Water costs MNT 2 a litre at the water pumps, which filter the water for drinking. Some people complained the water from privately owned wells outside the centre of town was brackish.
Around 12 to 13 wells have run dry, the Umnugobi Citizens’ Council restricted water usage from BalgasiinUlaan Lake, beginning January 1, 2016, but later recanted the order after miners complained—they being the largest driver of growth for the region.
“Everything is turning for the worse because of the current system’s failure,” said Tsogttsetsii Governor N. Amgalan “Counties should be developed along with mining development. But everything is challenged here and locals are no longer interested in having the minerals used by companies.”
The people living in the Gobi know now more than ever that water is scarce. Water is taken by TavanTolgoi from Balgasiin Ulaan Lake. Water experts say that more research is needed for the water resources but nothing has been done. Tsogttsetsii has 65,000 livestock – relatively few for communities in Umnugobi. Tavan Tolgoi JSC, which is partially owned by the local government, has been mining for 50 years, providing coal for three neighbouring provinces.
The dust in the air as a result of the operations prevents livestock from grazing nearby. Mining activities there expanded in 2005, and Tsogttsetsii has become all the dustier for it. Herders are left with little other choice than to pack up and leave.
The construction of the railway that will link Erdenes Resource’s Ukhaa Khudag mine and the Gashuun Sukhait customs zone is adding fuel to the fire. The railway will restrict livestock grazing even more, locals complained. Herders said the railway should be constructed so that it circumvents traditional routes they use for their pastureland.
Soot in the Lungs
Health conditions are deteriorating all over town. One out of three people suffers from respiratory ailments and one out of two residents is allergic to dust, according to the local hospital officials.
Symptoms are worst among children younger than five years old. Those children represent 60 percent of all who suffer from respiratory ailments. The effects are heightened during winter and spring.
In 2012, the local hospital was expanded to a trans-county hospital, but the actual size of the one-story building remains the same It has only eight beds for patients. Ten doctors are on staff in the hospital, and the hospital only just recently received its first lab technician. The hospital lab can now provide nine types of examinations.
“The Minerals Law needs to be amended so that mining licences are not given if the mining activity is to be run at a settled area,” said one angry local. “Locals will lose, but those who get the licence will not.”
The growing population at Tsogttsetsii is also making the schools crowded. The school today has 800 students compared with the 440 it is able to hold. Groups of students arrive throughout the course of three different shifts each day. Energy Resource invested in the construction of a new school and kindergarten in January last year. The Muruudul School has 600 students enrolled and another
140 at its kindergarten. It also has a dormitory housing 100 children.
If the current situation continues the same as today, Tsogttsetsii’s citizens will be deprived of their right to live in a healthy and safe environment. Looking out through the dusty air, the future for the residents here is hard to decipher. 

Concert Dedicated to World Mongolians to Be Staged at Chinggis Square, Ulaanbaatar
June 12 ( Cultural Frontier Servant of the Republic of Kalmykia, Russian Federation, singer and composer Arkady Mandzhiev called a press conference today in Ulaanbaatar announcing a live show concert namely “Let’s Praise Our Ancestors”.
The show will be convened at the Chinggis Square starting from 07:00 pm on this Sunday, June 15, 2014, where “Kalmykia” band and Merit Actress of Kalmykia Gilyana Bembeeva as guest performers and local singers including the Merit Artist of Mongolia D.Jargalsaikhan, “3 Buduun” band, pop singer Bobo as well as artists from Inner Mongolia such as singer S.Khaliun and “Jalam Khar” ethnic band are to join the concert.
At the press conference, initiator Arkady Mandzhiev appealed saying, “The ceremonial concert Let’s Praise Our Ancestors is dedicated to our Mongolians whose intravenous running blood is considered Mongol. Mongols! Even living abroad brothers and sisters, let’s speak and sing in the beautiful language of Oirat Mongolian and let’s enjoy a wonderful evening together”.

Sh.Tuvdendorj appointed as Minister of Industry and Agriculture
Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONTSAME) A member of parliament Sh.Tuvdendorj has been appointed the Minister of Industry and Agriculture.
At its plenary meeting on Thursday, the parliamentary session discussed this issue and a majority backed the appointment with 85% votes.
The Ministerial post had been vacant since a former Minister Kh.Battulga resigned from the post at own request.

Vice Speaker holds banquet for Latvian President
Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONTSAME) A Vice Speaker of the State Great Khural R.Gonchigdorj Thursday held a banquet for visiting Mr Andris Berziņs, the President of Latvia.
Mr Gonchigdorj said Mongolia wants to develop its cooperation with its neighbour countries and with other influential countries under its "Third Neighbou" policy, as well as friendly relations and cooperation with Latvia.
He also highlighted an importance of the inter-parliamentary ties in developing the bilateral relations and collaboration, and noted that the Mongolia-Latvia inter-parliamentary group has been set up recently headed by G.Batkhuu MP.
Expressing a satisfaction with having an opportunity to share issues of the bilateral relations, Mr Berziņs hoped that the Mongolia-Latvia ties will enhance.
In turn, Mr Gonchigdorj said Mongolia wants to revive education exchange programme and exchanged views with the President of Latvia on overcoming a global economic crisis.
Present at the banquet were L.Bold, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and G.Batkhuu MP.

Hunnu Airlines launches direct flight to Paris
Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONTSAME) A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place Monday to open the direct flight of the “Hunnu Air” company of Mongolia from the Chinggis Khaan international airport (Ulaanbaatar) to Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris).
Present at the ceremony were the company’s executives and Mr Yves Delaunay, a former Ambassador of France to Mongolia.
As of present, the "Hunnu Air" makes direct flights to China’s Hailar, Shanghai, Manzhouli, Hong Kong; to Russia’s Ulan-Ude; to Thailand’s Bangkok city. Domestic flights are made to Bayankhongor, Dornod, Omnogobi, Khovd and Khovsgol aimags.
For the time being, the company has two Airbus A319-100 and three Fokker 50 airplanes, and is expected to receive Airbus 330 200 soon.

Stock exchange news for June 12
Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades held Thursday, a total of 1,123 shares of nine JSCs were traded costing MNT three million 268 thousand and 693.00.
"Nako tulsh” /590 units/, "Mongolia Telecom" /184 units/, "State Department Store” /149 units/, "Hermes center" /70 units/ and "Gazar suljmel” /116 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value--"Gazar suljmel” (MNT two million and 340 thousand), "Mongolia Telecom" (MNT 266 thousand and 380), "Gobi” (MNT 256 thousand and 700), "Nako tulsh” (MNT 139 thousand and 830) and "Tavantolgoi” (MNT 76 thousand and 526).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 520 billion 326 million 576 thousand and 844. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 14,901.11, increasing by MNT 1.30 or 0.01% against the previous day.

Disabled earn driver’s licenses
Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONTSAME) A "Tsag Urgelj" (roughly translated as "Always") driver licensing school has recently awarded driver’s licenses to 18 people with disability.
The school has been running a commercial driver’s license training for the disabled since its establishment this March, under a support from Ministries for Social Security, for Labor and for Justice.
A lack of designed for the disabled roads and accesses to facilities in the city hinders a development and education chances for these people, noted the graduates. "With the licenses, it will be easier to travel in the city on our own," they said. 

Banknote exhibition opens in State House
Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONTSAME) An exhibition displaying coins and banknotes used in Mongolia’s commercial circulation opened in the State House Wednesday.
The event is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Mongolbank (the Central bank of Mongolia) and the banking system in Mongolia.
Organized by the Bank of Mongolia and the Mongolian Association of Numismatics, the exhibition shows coins made of gold, silver and cooper amid the Mongol Empire. In addition, portraits of descendants of Chinggis Khaan will be displayed for curious ones until July 31.

Tug of War Asian Championship to run
Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONTSAME) The 2014 Tug of War Asian Championship will take place June 14-16 in Ulaanbaatar.
The events will run in two categories--indoor and outdoor--in accordance with the Tug of War International Federation’s (TWIF) rule. The outdoor competitions will take place in the "Mongol Shiltgeen" camp, eastern suburb of the city, whereas the indoor contest—in the "Buyant-Ukhaa" sports complex.
The competitions will take place in categories of men’s 600 kg, women’s 500 and mixed 560 kg.

Here to come UB sculpture festival
Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONSTAME) Ahead of the 375th anniversary of the establishment of the capital city, the Governor’s Office and the Municipal General Plan Authority are planning a sculpture festival here.
In organizing the first-ever event of this kind, the city authorities will collaborate with art organizations to promote creativeness of the artists who work on sculpture and to add to the city's artistic decorations--a thing, they think, Ulaanbaatar needs much.
The event invites not only professionals but also free-lance artists, amateurs and students. There are three criteria for sculptures–to create a live relation with the surrounding, to be maximum height of 2 meter, and to have life endurance for many years.
The best thirty works will be displayed at the National Park July 5-14, the best three will be awarded pecuniary prizes totaling five million togrog.

Here comes "Puje Drum Show"
Ulaanbaatar, June 12 (MONTSAME) As a part of series of solo concerts of a Mongolian legendary rock group "Kharanga", its drummer N.Purevdash (Puje) will stage his own show in UB Palace this Friday.
In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the band, many will support the drummer in this show, together with DJs and friends. At the concert, an audience will be "surprised" many times, including a turning stage and great performances.
Mr Purevdash has been playing in the group since its establishment in 1989.
Kharanga (roughly translated as Chime) is a hard rock/progressive rock band from Ulaanbaatar. Their discography include ‘Sound of the Century’ (1997), ‘Best of Kharanga’ (1997), ‘The Sea of Thought’ (2000), ‘Color of the World’ (2003), and Special Edition Gold (2007).
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