Friday, June 20, 2014

Mongolia attends G77+China summit

Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister of Mongolia D.Gankhuyag represented Mongolia in the Group 77 + China summit held last weekend in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Food security, poverty reduction and creating sustainable ways to protect the planet were on the summit’s agenda.

The summit was opened with speeches by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and Chairman of 68th Session of the UN General Assembly John Ash, and high ranking representatives of around 133 countries were present at the event.

At a summit meeting Deputy Minister D.Gankhuyag conveyed President Ts.Elbegdorj’s greetings and held bilateral talks with Foreign Affairs and Deputy Ministers of over 20 countries, discussing and sharing views on bilateral cooperation issues.

The G77+China summit concluded on Sunday with the adoption of a declaration calling for a new world order that is equitable, stable and peaceful.

The Santa Cruz declaration underlined their commitment to reducing poverty andinequality, fostering sustainable development, protecting sovereignty over natural resources and promoting fair trade.

Bolivia holds the current chair of the Group of 77, and the organization commemorates its 50th anniversary this year. The G77, established in 1964, is the largest inter-governmental organization of developing countries within the UN system with a membership of 133.

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