Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Golf Mongolia Tours

Last year, American golfer Andre Tolme made headlines and put Mongolia on the map as an adventure travel destination when he became the first person to golf the length of the Central Asian nation. Now he is offering Golf Mongolia Tours, an opportunity for adventurous golfers to tee off in the land of Genghis Khan and share Tolme's love for one of the world's most unspoiled destinations.

Participants will experience Mongolia's unique culture, meet its nomadic peoples and golf amidst its breathtaking scenery. Beginning June 10, 2005, the 10-day Adventure Golf and Mongolian Culture tours will cost $2,600. Two 14-day tours in July will cost $3,700 and include the Naadam Festival, Mongolia's three-day national celebration of the "three manly sports" – archery, wrestling and horsemanship. Visit www.golfmongoliatours.com to view detailed itineraries and purchase tours. Contact Andre Tolme at andre@golfmongolia.com.

Golfers begin their journey with a round at the Ulaan Baatar Golf Club, Mongolia's only golf course. Then the adventure kicks in. Traveling in four-wheel-drive vehicles, participants will visit the isolated wilderness of Dundgov Province and begin play with a par-30 hole covering 5,000 yards. Eight more holes of golf, each 3 to 4 miles long, are played over the course of five days in remote locations selected for their beauty, cultural landmarks, and ideal golfing conditions. The course winds through the mountains and grasslands of three provinces, culminating in Karakorum, the imperial ancient capital of legendary warrior, Genghis Khan.

In addition to golf, participants will visit active monasteries, ancient ruins, and camp each night in the remote solitude of Mongolia's steppe, while riding camels and horses with Mongolia's nomadic herders. While an active sense of adventure is needed, the tours provide elements of comfort with stays in four-star hotels in Ulaan Baatar and a mobile clubhouse with home-cooked Mongolian meals and an open bar each night in the wilderness.

After completing his 1,300-mile golf adventure across Mongolia in 2004, Tolme appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and his exploits were featured in the New York Times, Outside, Men's Journal, The Times of London, NPR, BBC, The Today Show, CNN, ESPN and other media outlets worldwide. To read articles and his travel diary, visit www.golfmongolia.com.

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