Thursday, June 19, 2014

Entrepreneur makes a name for Taiwan in Inner Mongolia

A Taiwanese entrepreneur has seen success in bringing Taiwan's service industry model to a real estate group in Inner Mongolia, writes our sister paper China Times.

Fan Chih-ling went to Hohhot, the capital of the region in norther China, in 2003 and has over a decade cultivated his local connections to the point where he is very familiar with the local investment environment as well as the relationship between business and politics.

Fan formerly focused only on his real estate business but attracted the attention of a local food and beverage group looking to move into the sector. The group got in touch with him and they cooperated on a major real estate project covering residential and commercial properties. The project, the World Trade Central Plaza, is seen as a major landmark in Hohhot.

The World Trade Central Plaza includes four towers, each with 17 floors above the ground and two basement levels. Its total space is over 80,000 square meters.

Fan said although he does not own a large stake in the project, the group gave him the authority to operate it because it fully trusted him.

Taiwan's profile in Hohhot was further boosted by a visit by Bagatur, the ethnic Mongolian Communist Party secretary of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region to the island in 2013. Fan said he feels locals are becoming increasingly interested in Taiwanese food and medical tourism services, including cosmetic surgery.

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