Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beijing Lama Temple Donates Buddha Statue to Mongolia

Beijing Yonghe Lama Temple donated a statue of Buddha Maitreya to aTibetan Buddhismmonastery (bkra Cis chos gliG) with a religious ceremony held in Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, on June 13, 2014.

Lama Hu Xuefeng (Lobsang Samten), the abbot of Beijing Lama Temple, and Khenpo Tam pa skyabs, the abbot of the Mongolian monastery, held a religious ritual on the ceremony by chanting sutras, which attracted mass believers.

The donated Buddha statue measures 21 meters high and is made of copper gilded with gold. The ceremony only displayed the feet of the Buddha statue, the whole installation of which is expected to complete and open to public devotees on Oct. 15 this year.

The donation and invitation ceremony of Buddha Maitreya is a great event of the religious circle for both China and Mongolia, which not only strengthens religious contact between the two countries but also consolidates friendly exchanges among the people,” said Wang Xiaolong, China’s ambassador to Mongolia.

Lama Hu Xuefeng introduced that Beijing Lama Temple has had extensive contacts with Mongolian religious circle because of Tibetan Buddhism, which has formed a close relationship between Beijing Lama Temple and the “bkra Cis chos gliG” Monastery.

The Beijing Lama Temple has a 270-year history as a Buddhism temple since it was rebuilt from a temporal imperial palace for Emperors in 1744. As a Tibetan Buddhism monastery, the “bkra Cis chos gliG” temple also has a history of more than 300 years.

It is said that he “bkra Cis chos gliG” Monastery has experienced serious trauma due to historical reasons and Khenpo Tam pa skyabs have led the monks to restore and repair the temple with utmost efforts. A national wave of restoration and reconstruction of temples and monasteries began in 1990 in Mongolia, and Beijing Lama Temple decided to donate Buddha statue to this monastery in 2006.

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