Friday, February 7, 2014

President names Top Horse-head Fiddle Player

Instructor of the Mongolian State University of Culture and Arts B.Munkhtuvshin was named the “Top Morin Khuur Player of 2013” at a presidential award ceremony which took place at the Government Palace on February 5.

The award was presented by the Chief of Staff of the President of Mongolia, P.Tsagaan.
“Instructor of the Mongolian State University of Culture and Art’s and morin khuur player B.Munkhtuvshin contributed to the development cultural arts through his morin khuur pieces and courses for foreign amateur morin khuur players,” said P.Tsagaan.

Upon receiving the award, B.Munkhtuvshin said, “Morin khuu is well respected by the state of Mongolia. The state morin khuur is exalted in the Government Palace. Former presidents of Mongolia have issued decrees to honor and exalt morin khuur. I’m honored to have received the first Presidential Prize of the year of the horse. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to the President.”

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