Monday, February 17, 2014

Mongolian horses on a cultural encounter

A unique solo exhibition by Mongolian artist Ts.Gan-Erdene, “Encounter”, was held at the Munster City Government Office in Munster, Germany from February 3 to 14. The artist was invited by Dr. Reinhard Klenke, president of the Munster City Government.

In his artwork, the nature of both Mongolia and Germany come together, the reason why the artist named his exhibition “Encounter”. Mongolian horses serenely standing or wandering on the shore of the North Sea of Germany are portrayed in many of his works. The artist has affection for the beauty of this vast and remote landscape. The color of the sea and its waves, the bright sunshine and a clear sky remind him of the Mongolian Gobi, where he spent his childhood. The idea of bringing together Mongolian and German nature into one scene was inspired by this resemblance.

The horses along the North Sea of Germany are exploring a new homeland and natural setting conceived by Ts.Gan-Erdene.

Ts.Gan-Erdene graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Munster in 2010. Since then, the artist has been living and working as an artist in Germany.

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