Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BelAZ dump trucks put into use at coal minefield in Gobi

BelAZ dump trucks with the lifting capacity of 110 tonne have been put into operation at the coal minefield Tavan Tolgoi in the Gobi desert in Mongolia.

The first batch of BelAZ 75135 dump trucks were delivered to the company Khishig Arvin at the end of 2013. The machinery was assembled and mounted under the supervision of technical experts of the Zhodino based company. Khishig Arvin has plans to buy more Belarus-made dump trucks in the future.

The coal minefield Tavan Tolgoi is located in the south of Mongolia’s Gobi desert. It is one of the world’s biggest coal minefields.

The Belarusian company informed that Mongolian companies are very well familiar with Belarus-made dump trucks. Mongolian companies have been operating these trucks for quite a long time and have plans to keep doing it in the future.

BelAZ dump trucks have been exported to Mongolia for several decades already. Since the 1970s BelAZ dump trucks have been used at the Erdenet copper and molybdenum deposits. Besides, BelAZ-75131 dump trucks, BelAZ 7530 dump trucks and BelAZ 76473 vehicles that were shipped to Mongolia in the recent years have been operated at the Nariin Sukhait coal mine and the Tsagaan Suvarga copper and molybdenum deposits.

Founded in September 1948, the Zhodino based automobile engineering company Belarusian Autoworks was incorporated into a public joint stock company in 2010. As of October 2012 OAO BelAZ is the management company of BelAZ Holding Company, which comprises 6 enterprises. BelAZ specializes in making mine dump trucks, frontal wheeled loaders and bulldozers, tow trucks, special vehicles for underground operations, heavy-duty trucks for metallurgy industry, and other specialized vehicles. BelAZ accounts for a third of the global market of rock haulers.

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