Friday, February 21, 2014

Wax museum opens in Mongolia

Everyone has heard of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, where visitors can pose for photos with wax renditions of historical icons, Hollywood stars and famous athletes. The sculptures are made of silicone wax suitable for all climates.

In Mongolia there are a number of wax sculptures at the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum and the Mongolian National Museum. But a museum devoted strictly to wax figures has recently opened. Chinggis Wax is currently located in the Theater Museum. An opening ceremony for the gallery was held on February 14, with 13 wax sculptures on display. Scientists and researchers attended the opening. The gallery will be open to the public for six months starting on March 1.

The founder and president of the Chinggis Wax, D.Delgermaa said, “I had an idea to establish a wax museum in Mongolia five years ago. I studied it for a long time and started to create wax sculptures two years ago. I used to work in the tourism sector before, and I know tourists in Mongolia want to see things related to Chinggis Khaan. They asked me lots of questions about Chinggis Khaan. For example, they want to see a palace where Chinggis Khaan lived. I couldn’t respond to them. That is why I established the wax gallery and displayed 13 people representing the 13th century.

“I want to have my own gallery building, but I did not want to hide the exhibits until I had my own gallery. I am going to exhibit in the Theater Museum for six months and will add more wax
sculptures. Wax sculptures of Mother Oulen, Queen Borte, Boorchi, Zev, Jamukha, Mukhulai, Khasar, Zelme, Chinngis Khaan and four sons of Chinggis Khaan are being displayed in the exhibition. I will finish a sculpture of Subedei before the National Naadam Festival.”

Tickets to visit the gallery are 5,000 MNT for adults and 2,000 MNT for children. People are allowed to take pictures with the sculptures but are not allowed to touch them.

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