Friday, February 14, 2014

Mongolia and hokkaido to expand cooperation

Foreign Affairs Minister L.Bold presented a speech on the “Mongolia-Hokkaido Workshop on Collaboration”, at an event organized in Sapporo, Japan, on February 10.

He noted that there are many opportunities for Mongolia and Hokkaido, who have similar natural and climate features, to develop wide cooperation in agriculture, animal husbandry, construction, city planning, tourism, developing small and medium sized enterprises, as well as in the cultural sector. The workshop was jointly hosted by the Mongolian Embassy in Japan, Hokkaido prefecture administration and the Center of International Cooperation of Hokkaido, with the support of the Japanese Foreign Ministry. Around 180 delegates from businesses and civil organizations in Hokkaido took part.

Foreign Affairs Minister of Japan S.Kihara participated in the workshop, and called on L.Bold. He expressed his support for implementing a “mid-term program of strategic partnership”, established by the Prime Ministers of the two countries, and said that he supported expanding cooperation between Mongolia and Hokkaido. Kihara also stated that the Government of Japan has made a decision on providing a soft loan of 7.5 billion JPY for the implementation of a higher engineering education development project in Mongolia. Japan will work actively towards the establishment of an economic partnership agreement between Mongolia and Japan, he added. The parties re-affirmed their commitment to support each other in elections at the UN and other international organizations.

The Governor of Hokkaido, H.Takahashi, and L.Bold had dinner together during his visit. Takahashi said she would make an effort to develop a deeper Mongolia-Hokkaido partnership. L.Bold expressed his interest in experiencing the Snow Festival of Sapporo and introducing Hokkaido’s tourism experience to Mongolia.

Minister L.Bold also visited Abashiri and Kitami, cities in the Hokkaido prefecture, upon the invitation of former Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, and President of the East Asian Research Institute Tsutomu Takebe. A Mongolian-Japanese cultural performance was staged under the auspices of the Foreign Ministers of Mongolia and Japan. Minister L.Bold invited the mayors of both cities to a conference of Northeast Asian cities scheduled this year in Ulaanbaatar.

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