Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kimberley station couple plan horse trek in Mongolia

A couple who work on a station in the Kimberley admit they don't always know where they should call home.

Nic Cuthbert and fiance Donna Adaire are well seasoned travellers, often preferring to go to places other Western travellers don't visit.

They're now working towards a horse trek through Mongolia.

Nic says the idea came following an interest in the history of Genghis Khan.

"I've become fascinated with the nomadic culture of the Mongolians... the two of us live a modern nomadic life.

We want to be able to go there and experience it first hand."

The adventure follows on from Nic's overland motorbike trip through Nepal, Burma, Iran, and Europe; ending up in London for the 2012 Olympic Games.

He says he had the aim of learning more about how foreign aid is being spent, following personal fundraising efforts for the charity Action Aid.

"More than anything, they're actually going into communities and creating sustainable long term projects.

I wanted to see how that money was being directed to those programs on a long term basis."

Donna explains why she loves spending time away from the routine of work and life in Australia.

"I've always gone to the places that people have told me not to go to.

You don't get the memories or life experience I've got by living safely and within the confines of what people define as normal."

Learn more about their travel philosophy and preparations for Mongolia through a conversation with Vanessa Mills for Kimberley Mornings.

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