Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Russian servicemen to take part in int'l military drills in Mongolia

More than 65 units of military hardware belonging to troops of the Russian Eastern military district will take part in the active stage of a drill for liquidation of assumed "illegal armed formations" in the framework of international maneuvers "Selenga-2014", the press service of the Eastern Military District told ITAR-TASS, quoting an agreement reached by Russia and Mongolia in the second round of consultations on the joint maneuvers.

The Russian side is planning to deliver to Mongolia 152mm self-propelled artillery installations Akatsiya, multiple-rocket launch systems Grad, air defense self-propelled installations Shilka, helicopters Mi-24 belonging to an Air Force base of the Eastern military district stationed in the Baikal region, the press service said.

The Russian commanders are planning to reinforce a ground force component of the Russian troops sent to the exercises, employing more than 20 personnel armored carriers, seven T-72 tanks and several 120mm mortar launchers Vasilyok.

All the hardware will be delivered from Russia to Mongolia by a military train. The hardware will be unloaded at Bayan-Tumen railway station in Mongolia from where it will move to the area where a field camp of the joint group of troops will be stationed.

The Russo-Mongolian exercises "Selenga-2014" will be held on a test range in Choybalsan, Mongolia, in the third decade of August. Around 500 Russian servicemen of a motor-rifle regiment, permanently stationed in Buryatia (Baikal region, Russia) will take part in the joint maneuvers with an overall number of around a thousand participants.

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