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Mongolia Brief May 30, 2014

Ambassador N.Tulga visits ERBD

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland N.Tulga visited a central office of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development /EBRD/ on Thursday.

This action was co-hosted together with the bank's political relations department. The Ambassador spoke about measures our government has been taking within the 100-days of intensifying economy in frames of parliament's resolution.
Among the invited were members of the Executive Committee of the ERBD.
As of today, the ERBD has invested one billion USD in Mongolian private entities. 

Children visit State House

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) Children of staffers of the parliamentary office and of PMs' assistants visited the State House on Friday.
They were allowed to do so in frames of the Mother and Children's Day that falls on June 1.
The kids, aged over six, watched how their moms and dads work and visited the parliamentary hall seen before on TV only.
Last year, the same action was run for MPs' offspring. 

2015 budget framework report submitted to parliament

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) The Minister of Finance Ch.Ulaan MP Thursday submitted to the Vice Speaker R.Gonchigdorj the 2015 budget framework report and the 2016-2017 budget assumption report.
By the preliminary performance of 2013, the balanced revenue of Mongolia’s master budget reached MNT 5,880.6 billion, showing a decline of 503.7 billion or 92.1% against the predicted performance, but increased MNT 1,017.5 billion or 20.9% against 2012.
The performance of tax revenue planning was 89.1%, declining MNT 621.2 billion, whereas the non-tax revenue went up MNT 118.6 billion, showing a performance of 116.9%.
Excise tax income has been underperformed 194.5 billion togrog, the tax from domestic productions and services--337.2 billion, the revenue from external trade--135.2 billion togrog. All this affected the performance of the tax revenue.
The performance of the state budget revenue showed 87.6%, of revenue from local budgets--100.4%, of the Human Development Fund revenue--98.8%, and of social insurance fund--102.5%.
The Minister said the reports will be re-discussed and be considered together with a draft law on debt management.    

Mongolia-S.Korea consultative meeting held

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) The eighth consultative meeting between heads of Mongolia and S.Korea Foreign Ministries' Consular departments ran in Seoul May 28.
The meeting was chaired by Department director Mr Sh.Sukhbaatar and by the S.Korean Ministry Overseas Koreans and Consular Affairs Ambassador Mr Lee Jeong-gwan.
The gathered shared views on several issues including legal rights protection of Mongolians residing in S.Korea; implementation of treaties and conventions established between the two countries on consular affairs; condition easing for reciprocal travels, and searching for Mongolians who have gone missing in S.Korea.
The sides also reached agreements on reducing deposit money and number of documents requested ahead of the visa issuance, as well as on making shorter the visa issuance period.
At the meeting, the Mongolian side included public officers also from the Immigration Agency, Border Protection Authority, the Police, Social Insurance Authority, Employment Center, and management team from the Consular Department of the Embassy of Mongolia in Seoul.

“Premier’s 30 minutes” weekly meeting held

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) Within twenty days, the cabinet launched 40 works out of 70 planned in frames of the "100 days for intensifying the national economy", the Premier N.Altankhuyag noted at the “PM’s 30 minutes” meeting on Thursday.
He also said the cabinet for reforms submitted to parliament some bills on creating good conditions for doing business, now these draft are being discussed. The cabinet is also trying to eliminate all difficulties businessmen and wealth-makers are facing, Altankhuyag said. The cabinet formulated and discussed a bill on giving amnesty in order to disclose hidden economy, he added.
The cabinet backs projects on supporting the import and on augmenting the export. For example, a cement factory has been put into use in Khotol with a capability of producing one million tons of cement a year. An 80 million togrog financing has been allotted from the “Chingis” bonds for this factory. Moreover, the cabinet decided to finance the “Khov Tsav” cement factory at the “Mongoliin Alt” LLC and other joint cement factories, from the Development Bank of Mongolia (DBM).
The Premier said the national importers reached an agreement with the “Rosneft” to have it supply petroleum to Mongolia for five years. He had exchanged views with the Russian President Vladimir Putin on working out a middle- and long-term programme on developing the bilateral strategic partnership relations, he went on. They also had discussed issues of railway exploitation, augmenting the freight turnover and easing visa requirements, the government had expressed its readiness to back a matter on building natural gas pipelines across the Mongolian territory, Altankhuyag said.

Consular meeting runs in S.Korea

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) The Foreign Ministry's Consular Department chief Mr Sh.Sukhbaatar organized May 29 a meeting of consuls of several countries to Mongolia.
At the meeting, held in the Embassy of Mongolia in Seoul, present were concurrent and non-resident consuls of Australia, Chile, Columbia, Vatican, Mexico, Paraguay and Singapore to Mongolia–all residing in South Korea.
Mr Sukhbaatar presented consular policies and relations of Mongolia to the gathered and answered their questions. He also highlighted an importance of the meeting for information sharing and rights protection, and offered them to hold this kind of event on a regular base.

Discussion runs on pastures urgent problems

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) The parliamentary Standing committee on environment, food and agriculture Thursday held a discussion themed "Urgent problems to pasture lands" in a scope of a consideration of the draft law on land.
The discussion brought together MPs, officials from the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture, also teachers, scholars and researchers from Mongolia's State University (MSU) and University of Agriculture, as well as herders and farmers from Khentii and Darkhan-Uul aimags.
Head of the committee G.Bayarsaikhan opened the discussion. A department head of the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture L.Choi-Ish gave a report titled "Policy on pasture, legal environment and urgent problems"; agricultural science Prof. S.Jigjidsuren--a report themed "Tradition of pasture exploitation and lessons". Dr Khaishaan from the Hohhot Pedagogical University of Chinese Inner Mongolia spoke about reform in pasture exploitation in his country, followed by a scientist from the MSU Dr G.Nyamdavaa with "Ecological and proper lands for pasture livestock" report. 

Second Intergovernmental Commission Meeting between
Mongolia and Kyrgyz Republic Runs in Ulaanbaatar
May 30 ( The Second Intergovernmental Commission Meeting between Mongolia and the Kyrgyz Republic on Trade, Economy, Science, Technical and Cultural Cooperation was held in Ulaanbaatar on May 28-29, 2014.
The Mongolian part was led by Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Mongolia M.Tumenjargal and the Kyrgyz part was headed by Minister of Transport and Communications of Kyrgyz K.Sultanov.
The meeting discussed main guidelines and concrete actions for developing the Mongolia-Kyrgyz relations and cooperation until 2016, particularly determined activities to be carried out in the fields of trade, investment, business, agriculture, transportation, mining, regional cooperation, environment and culture and resolved to establish several documents charted to strengthening the legal foundation for bilateral relations and cooperation.
Upon the meeting, Secretary General of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry E.Oyuntegsh and Vice President of Kyrgyz Chamber of Commerce and Industry R.Apasova signed a cooperation agreement and a MOU on setup of a business council between the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan.
While staying in Ulaanbaatar, the Kyrgyz delegation paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister of Mongolia N.Altankhuyag and held meetings with Minister of Roads and Transportation A.Gansukh and Deputy Minister of Industry and Agriculture Ts.Tuvaan respectively.
The next meeting is scheduled for 2016 in Bishkek.

Norway-funded projects are running in province

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) In Bayan-Olgii aimag, its governor Kh.Darmen met Friday with Mr B.Andersen, a delegate of the Norwegian Assistance Organization /NAO/.
At the meeting, Kh.Darmen thanked the organization for its constant support to the provincial public health sector.
In turn, Mr Andersen said the NAO-funded two projects have started in child rights protection and infants' health in the aimag and asked the locality to actively participate in these projects. 

Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan sign documents

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) Within the 2nd meeting of the Mongolia-Kyrgyzstan intergovernmental commission meeting, concluded on Thursday, the two countries made decisions on expanding a legal ground for the bilateral ties and cooperation, and then established relevant documents.
The parties emphasized that the intergovernmental commission, the related Ministries, departments and provinces will play a vital role in realizing these documents.
A protocol of the commission meeting was signed by M.Tumenjargal, the Vice Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism and acting head of the commission's Mongolian side, and by K.Sultanov, Kyrgyzstan’s Minister of Transportation and Communications.
A memorandum of mutual understanding on making a cooperation agreement and creating a business council between the two Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan was inked by E.Oyuntegsh, the secretary-general of the Mongolian Chamber, and by R.Apasova, a deputy president of their National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Foreign Minister visits Denmark

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) Mongolia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs L.Bold paid an official visit to the Kingdom of Denmark on May 27-28.
Mr Bold was received by Her Highness Margrethe II, the Queen of Denmark, and by Mr Mogens Lykketoft, the Speaker of the Folketing (parliament).
Her Highness Margrethe II underlined that the Mongolian President’s visit to Denmark in 2013 was a historic event that brought the bilateral relations into a newer level.
The FM and the Folketing Speaker reached an agreement to implement specific works to enhance the inter-parliamentary ties. Mr Mogens Lykketoft paid an official visit to Mongolia last year.

Mongolian Ambassador works in Baden-Wurttemberg

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) Ambassador of Mongolia to Germany Ts.Bolor paid a introductory visit to Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany on May 27-28.
The Ambassador met with Mr Nils Schmid, Deputy Prime Minister of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, to share views on a visit of the latter to Mongolia this June, as well as to talk about cooperation and relationship between Mongolia and Baden-Wurttemberg.
Highlighting that the political relationship of the two countries has been advanced to comprehensive partnership, the sides agreed on mutual willingness to enrich the ties with new economic contents.
Amid his stay in the state, the Ambassador also visited several institutions including Baden-Wurttemberg International, Region Stuttgart, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, "Mongolian Academicians Union" NGO, and Solongo secondary school, and then held a meeting with the Mongolians residing there. 

L.Bold meets Ministers of Denmark

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) In frames of his official visit to the Kingdom of Denmark May 27-28, the Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs held official talks with his counterpart of Denmark Mr Martin Lidegaard, and with Mr Mogens Jensen, the Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation. He also met with Lars Thuesen, the State Secretary of the Foreign Ministry for commerce and strategic affairs.
The sides discussed matters on expanding the Mongolia-Denmark economic ties and cooperation and on making investments to new fields.
“Some biggest companies have been running business at Mongolia’s market for many years, they are introducing technical renovation in the energy and heating sectors,” the Ministers said, adding that the countries have a big opportunity to collaborate in processing agricultural raw materials.
Following the meeting, Mr Bold legged the Denmark’s Agriculture and Food Council, the Association of Industries and the Center for Green Energy, and gave to the Danish businessmen details about an investment environment in Mongolia. The sides also exchanged views on possibilities to cooperate in the areas of agriculture, foods including dairy production and re-processing garbage and to introduce the progressive experience of Denmark in Mongolia for green technologies.
By the visiting programme, the Minister has met with members of the Denmark-Mongolia Society that will turn 25 in 2015. He received information from them about their projects, programmes and activities running in Mongolia, and said his Ministry is ready to support the society.

School pupils to parade against tobacco

May 30 ( Female MPs in Parliament, the Mongolian Pupil's Association, the WHO, the Health Center of the Capital City and the General Police Department are to hold a 1000 children`s parade “Let`s put away tobacco” celebrating World Tobacco Free Day today  at Chinggis Khaan`s Square, May 30th. The 1000 children parade will start  at the 5th secondary school as children move to Chinggis Khaan`s Square to show respect to the monument of the Great Khaan and appeal for calls against tobacco.
MP, L.Erdenechimeg, Officer–in Charge of the Office of the WHO Representative in Mongolia, Salik Govind, the Director of the Mongolian Pupil's Association O.Selenge and officials of the General Police Department will deliver speeches to open the event.

Forum of commercial chambers of three countries to run

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) The 10th general forum of the National Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Mongolia, Russia and China will be held on June 12 in Ulaanbaatar.
Main objectives of the forum are to correlate actions of the chambers in business, to launch joint projects, programmes and activities, to discuss how to overcome commercial and economic problems.
For the time being, some 100 business delegates of Russia and China have reported to participate in the upcoming action. 

Stock exchange news for May 30

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades held Friday, a total of 22 thousand and 624 shares of 24 JSCs were traded costing MNT 35 million 274 thousand and 820.00.
"Remikon” /10 thousand and 426 units/, "Silikat" /2,500 units/, "Mongolia Development” /1,900 units/, "Uvs chatsargana" /1,478 units/ and "APU” /1,263 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value--"Suu” (MNT five million and 096 thousand), "Bayangol hotel" (MNT four million and 896 thousand), "UB hotel" (MNT four million and 640 thousand), "Uvs chatsargana” (MNT four million and 564 thousand) and "APU” (MNT four million 484 thousand and 940).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 516 billion 878 million 507 thousand and 020. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 14,814.37, decreasing by MNT 186.40 or 1.24% against the previous day.

Lost wallet with $ 4,200 returned

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) An officer at the Court Decision Implementing Authority Mr Batzorig returned a lost wallet with 4,200 dollars and 380,000 togrog to its owner on May 27.
The owner turned to be a guitarist of "Khurd" rock band B.Naranbaatar, who had been carrying that large amount of cash in his wallet to buy medical equipment to donate later to a children’s hospital. Naranbaatar thanked the noble man and gave him their golden album and promised to invite him as an honor guest to their soon-to-come concert.

Effect of cleaner-burning cookstoves to be investigated in Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) The University of Illinois will receive a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to research how cleaner-burning cook stoves will affect air quality in Mongolia, says on May 29.
Similar studies will be conducted in Alaska, Nepal, and China. The EPA said Wednesday that the University of Illinois was one of six universities to receive about $9 million in funding to investigate cleaner technologies and fuels for lighting, heating and cooking.
The World Health Organization estimates that cookstove smoke accounts for over 4 million premature deaths each year. The EPA says almost 3 billion people are exposed to household air pollution from crude stoves.
Such stoves are a major source of black carbon, which affects people's health and contributes to climate change.

Mongolian defeats world champion

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) B.Chinzorig defeated Thursday the world champion Everton Lopez from Brazil at the world boxing championship among military men that is taking place in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Representing Mongolia, four boxers--N.Togstsogt (56kg), B.Chinzorig (64kg), B.Monkh-Ireedui (69kg) and J.Otgonjargal (75kg)--are competing at the tournament under supervision of A.Gantulga coach.
In the first round, N.Togstsogt, J.Otgonjargal and B.Chinzorig won their opponents to further fight for medals.
The championship has brought together boxers from Columbia, France, Sri Lanka, Brazil, South Korea, Algeria, Morocco, Germany, Mongolia, Italy, China, Russia, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Iraq and Nigeria.
The events will end on June 4.

Ulaanbaatar to host Asian Junior Wrestling Championship

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) The Asian Junior Wrestling Championship will run in Ulaanbaatar on June 5-8, under three categories of freestyle men, freestyle women and Greco-Roman.
Ahead of the tournament, a press conference will be held in Tuushin Hotel, with participation of Mongolian Freestyle Wrestling Federation president Mr Dagvadorj, International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA) bureau member Mr Akhroldjan Ruziev and FILA continental president Dr Kim Chang-Kew.

Russian "Mannequin" play to be performed

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) The Drama Theater is to stage “Mannequin” by Nikolai Koliada, Russia's  popular playwright, on June 11-13 in frames of ongoing playlets project of the theater.
In the main roles will play J.Oyundari , G.Otgontsetseg S.Bold-Erdene. It tells about lives and love of two young women living in a remote railway station.

‘Impossible not to Love’ exhibition opens

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) In a "Blue Moon" art gallery, an exhibition named "Impossible not to Love" will display wildlife photographs taken by G.Batsukh, since this Saturday.
Amid the exhibition, a promotion event will take place for photo albums called "Attitudes of Wild Animals" and "Whispers of Birds"– both authored by G.Batsukh.
Taking place as a support to the photo albums, the exhibition will illustrate pictures of wild life, animals, birds, and flowers taken by Batsukh’s during his visits to South Africa, Tanzania, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, China, the United Emirate, and well as throughout Mongolia. It will work until June 3.
Proceeds of the two-volume book sale will go to national and worldwide promotion and protection of the Gobi Bear (Mazaalai).

"Mothers' needlework exhibition" opens

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) Dedicated to the Mother and Children's Day, an exhibition themed “Mothers with creative hands” opened Friday at the Independence Palace.
This event has been organized by the Mongolian Democratic Socialist Women's Association with an aim to support unemployed, retired and single mothers.
This action is displaying over 40 embroidery works.

Opera and Ballet Theater releases June program

Ulaanbaatar, May 30 (MONTSAME) This June, the Opera and Ballet Theater is planning to present a rich-as-usual program to classic art enthusiasts in Ulaanbaatar.
The program opens with ‘Coppelia or the Girl with Enamel Eyes’ by Leo Delibes on June 1. The program includes also three big ballets such as the"Fountain of Bakhchisaray" by Boris Asafiev (June 8), "Swan Lake" by Tchaikovsky (June 22), and "Spartacus" by Aram Khachaturian (June 28).
Opera lovers can also see "La Boheme" by Giacomo Puccini (June 28), along with three Mongolian operas--"Three Dramatic Characters" by B.Damdinsuren and V.Smirnov (June 7), "Genghis Khan" by B.Sharav (June 14-15) and "Drifting Clouds of Fate" by Ts.Natsagdorj (June 21).

Open day event for Defense Ministry

May 30 ( An open day event that is designed to promote policy and the function of the Defense Ministry and Armed Forces of Mongolia and to provide public services to civilians will be held at Chinggis Khaan Square at 11.40 pm.
This event is particular as it falls on same day for Mongolian peacekeepers. During the event Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag will honor Mongolian peacekeepers who completed missions in Afghanistan by granting them with State High Honors and the Defense Award. Visitors will be able to see exhibitions displayed by the Armed Forces divisions, performance by Temuujin urlug secondary school children, an art fight show by Armed Forces 084, 150th divisions, great performances by the Mongolian Military song and dance academic ensemble and Armed Forces Exemplary Brass Band and other entertainment.

Government takes back new railways construction plan

May 30 ( During Thursday`s plenary session meeting of Parliament, speaker Z.Enkhbold announced that the Government took back the draft resolution on building lines of new railways that was submitted to Parliament.
The Government submitted the draft resolution on building 1435 mm gauge lines of new railways in Tavantolgoi – Gashuunsukhait, Sainshand – Zamiin Uud, Khuut – Bichigt, 1520 mm gauge lines of railways between Mogoin gol – Erdenet, Tavantolgoi – Sainshand – Baruun-Urt – Khuut – Choibalsan and Khuut – Numrug to Parliament last April.
The reason behind withdrawing the draft resolution remains unknown.

Mongolia and Russia Would Establish Bilateral Strategic

Partnership Programs for Medium and Long Terms

May 30 ( The regular "30 Minutes with Prime Minister" was held on Thursday, May 29 and at the beginning of the meeting, Premier N.Altankhuyag noted that in the scope of "100 Days to Strengthen Economy" program, about 40 tasks from 70 planned ones have been started in last 20 days.
He further said, “The Government is working now on providing flexible business environment, where several bills have been submitted and being discussed at the Parliament that focuses to ease difficulties and barriers facing entrepreneurs.
Moreover, authorities striving to provide better business opportunities by the means of creating conditions for the disclosure of underground economy and the law on economic amnesty was discussed at the Cabinet and soon will be submitted to the Parliament, besides the Cabinet is holding its meeting twice a week.
The Government announced the Year of 2014 under motto “Let’s Create in Mongolia”, which is a priority target to resolve current economic difficulties facing in the country and we deem a diagnose and policy to recover economy was determined timely, because our country imports about 90% of its total demand.
As of implementing goals supported by the Government is recently launched Khutul cement plant with capacity of half million ton of cement production per year and this project was financed with 80 million USD from Chinggis bond resources.
Last Monday at the irregular Cabinet meeting, it was resolved to finance several projects to increase export output such as “Khukh Tsav”, “Montsement” and “Cement Factory” projects to produce cement domestically, where necessary fund will be allocated by Development Bank of Mongolia”.
At the meeting Prime Minister also mentioned that during the recent visit to the Russian Federation, Mongolian and Russian authorities signed a 5-year contract for oil products supplies to Mongolia that would enable to save over 100 million USD a year.
Moreover, during his meeting with the Russian President V.V.Putin, parties exchanged views to establish bilateral strategic partnership programs for medium and long terms. Also, sides discussed issues on enhancing railway transportation of Mongolia-Russia joint venture and reciprocal visa-free travel between the two nationals and Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag affirmed that the Government of Mongolia is ready to support the mega project on putting natural gas pipeline through Mongolia territory.

The Fuel Prices in Mongolia will Not Change in Near Future in Any Circumstances, Says Fuel Policy Department Director L.Radnaasuren

May 30 ( On May 28, 2014, the Ministry of Mining hosted its regular monthly "Transparent Mining" meeting, where the 10 major tasks to carry out in 2014 was introduced, besides the Ministry authorities clarified about negotiations held between Russian state-owned Rosneft Company and Mongolian petroleum importers.
It was previously reported the Rosneft signed a 5-year contract for oil products supplies with Mongolian major importers of NIC (Petrovis), Magnai Trade and Shunkhlai companies and a Protocol of Cooperation between Rosneft and Mongolian Petroleum Authority was also inked during the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum held on May 22-24, 2014.
According to the Ministry, this negotiation has been discussed over one year and finally agreed to import petroleum on a new tariff, in detail, the Rosneft offered a new price per unit, which is very competitive compare to other suppliers and the new tariff is based on Singapore Stock Market and will be importing from June 2014.
In order to clarify what means a new tariff, because it is confusing whether the price units of gasoline in Mongolia would be decreased after new contracts established or increased due to foreign currency rates fluctuating daily, contacted with the Ministry of Mining and Director of Fuel Policy Department Mr. L.Radnaasuren gave the following clarification.
“It is true that the 5-year contracts between Rosneft and Mongolian oil importers were made on easy terms and Mongolia enables to import fuel at lower unit prices compare to previous contracts, but it does not mean the gasoline prices would be decreased nor increased, because it all depends on currency rate changes.
To clarify, the Government of Mongolia annulled the Customs and Excise Taxes on gasoline and diesel fuels import in 2011 in order to stabilize the domestic prices, but the Ministry of Finance is requesting to end this regulation, because new tariffs set. If the foreign currencies will not raise and stabilized at current rates (1,800 MNT per 1 USD), it enables to decrease the current fuel prices and simultaneously set taxes, but if the foreign currencies raise we will annul again the import taxes for fuels, which is being under discussion.
In other words, the fuel prices will not change in near future in any circumstances”.
As of May 30, 2014 in Ulaanbaatar, the price for A-92 & MGL-93 is 1,660 MNT, A-95 - 1,890 MNT and Diesel - 1,790 MNT per liter since the last increases made in February 2014.
In 2011, the Government of Mongolia annulled Customs and Excise Taxes on gasoline and diesel fuels import, but decided to collect the Excise Tax on import of diesel fuel in 2012.

Unique Artworks of Famous Mongolian Artists at Affordable Prices

May 30 ( The 976 Art Gallery, which was opened in April 2012 by Ms. Badamgarav GANTUYA with aims to support talented Mongolian artists helping them become exposed domestically and internationally, has recently decided to launch a 976 Art Gift Shop by selling small-sized unique artworks of famous Mongolian artists at affordable prices.
Within the central part of Ulaanbaatar, purchases in amount of above 200,000 MNT will be delivered for free and below for 5,000 MNT (Tugrug) including free simple packaging, and if you prefer a decorative packaging it would cost 4,000-6,000 MNT.
Also, 35% of the price is a contribution offered by artists to support the development of a contemporary art in Mongolia, say organizers.
For more contact details:
5th floor of Max Mall, Peace Avenue-35, Bayangol District
Ulaanbaatar 15141, Mongolia
Phone: 976-9905 1127

First in Eastern Region of Mongolia, 18-Storey “Chinggis” Tower to Be Constructed in Khentii Aimag

May 30 ( The Governing Administration of Khentii Aimag proclaimed to name its center of province as Chinggis city following the Citizens' Representatives Khural (Council) decision made on November 18, 2013. Before, the center of Aimag used to name as Undurkhaan.
So on May 29, 2014, the Aimag Council at its regular meeting has resolved to construct a "Chinggis" Tower and the ground breaking ceremony was held on the same day, which was marked as the first day of the first summer month by a Lunar calendar.
At the ceremony, Governor of Khentii Aimag J.Oyunbaatar, Aimag Council Chairman S.Purevjav, Governor of Chinggis city N.Bazarkhand and other officials along with locals and representatives from “Shadavdarjaalin” and “Gundgaravlin” monasteries and “Khan Khentii” ensemble have attended.
The new tower will have a 18-storey building featuring a stupa design and would cost about 7 billion MNT, which will be executed by “Khos Bar” LLC at its own expenses and during the ceremony, Governor J.Oyunbaatar said, “After the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, Erdenet and Darkhan cities are considered to be leading urbanized centers, so in the eastern region of Mongolia, the Chinggis city will be a leading developed center”.
According to blueprint, Chinggis Tower will have an underground parking, convenience centers, offices, hotels, guest reception hall as well as apartments including luxury residences. In addition, the building will be covered with white surfaces and on the front panel “Chinggis” will be written vertically in a Mongolian traditional script.
The construction is started on Thursday, May 29 and is planned to be accomplished by the end of 2015. Before, it was prohibited to construct buildings over 4-story in the center of Khentii Aimag, but following the advanced technology progress it is now able to construct sky-buildings in this region.

First Website with Mongolian Cyrillic Domain Name Defined to Parliament of Mongolia

May 30 ( Two years ago, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) officially announced that preparations for .мон (mon) and .мн (mn) Mongolian Cyrillic domains were successfully completed especially for Mongolian use.
So on May 29, 2014, a national Datacom LLC, which is providing a service to introduce Mongolian Cyrillic domains, handed over its first Certificate to the Secretariat of the State Great Khural (Parliament) to utilize eight Mongolian domains of the Parliament namely улсын-их-хурал.мон, уих.мон, монгол-улсын-их-хурал.мон, муих.мон, парламент.мон, нээлттэй-парламент.мон, их-хурал.мон, and хурал.мон.
For visitors who used to apply for, this domain name will be remained simultaneously.
The Certificate was presented by Director General of Datacom Company G.Enkhbold to the Secretary General of Parliament Secretariat B.Boldbaatar.
Currently, all state organs and organizations granted with a Certificate of Intellectual Property are being registered to have Mongolian Cyrillic domains and according to Datacom, these organs will have their new domain names concurrently by October 15, 2014 and after, registration for companies and private entities will be started.

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