Saturday, May 3, 2014

RECAP: Record rainfall, amazing rescues

St. Petersburg, Florida -- Curtis Howell says he was just at the right place, at the right time, when he came across an accident, during Friday's widespread flooding.

"There was smoking…they would have been seriously hurt or killed," he said.

A mom and her three kids in Plant City, including an 8-month-old, became trapped after their car skidded through flood waters, flipped and got pinned under a semi truck.

"I jumped in the window, got the kids out…it was the right thing to do," Howell said.

Because storms compounded one on top of another, from mid-morning to early afternoon, some flooded areas saw water four feet deep.

Many others needed rescuing too, including a woman who called her pastor for help when her car got stranded.

"It was scary. I thought she was going to drown."

A 7-inch downpour in Tampa, drenched a produce stand, and resulted in vegetables floating down the street.

Meanwhile, a grandma in a little red sedan got stranded, along with a postal truck.

Slow going on Bay area bridges, can be blamed on accidents. The Howard Franklin and Gandy both a complete gridlock nightmare at times.

The Wildwood Acres Apartments in Tampa suffered damage to 50 different units.

And what's the saying about rain on your wedding day? Make that graduation day. USF's fields and parking lots were completely submerged, and dormitories soaked. A sight, not seen in 30 years.

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