Monday, May 19, 2014

Rare foal is a mare’s day gift at Werribee Open Range Zoo

A MOTHER’S Day miracle has unfolded again at Werribee Open Range Zoo.

Mahan, a Przewalski’s horse, gave birth last Sunday — the second time she had given birth on Mother’s Day.

The rare breed was declared extinct in the 1960s in Mongolia but an international breeding program in zoos has managed to keep the majestic wild animals alive.

Werribee Open Range Zoo’s life sciences manager, Russel Traher, said the latest birth was an exciting development.

“Mahan is a very experienced mother and is keeping a close eye on her foal,” Mr Traher said.

“The foal is feeding well and she is beginning to explore her surroundings.”

Visitors to Werribee yesterday were lucky enough to see the foal take her steps under mum’s watchful eye.

Mahan’s previous foal Nikolai was born in 2012 and the wild horses can be seen on the zoo’s safari tours.

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