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Mongolia Brief May 8, 2014

Will Mongolia resume issuing mining licenses?
May 7 ( Last week, a proposal was made by the Minister of Mining D.Gankhuyag on amending the Minerals Law of Mongolia. If approved by the SGK, the amendment will resume the issuance of exploration licenses that has been prohibited by the law from 2010.
Also, the “law with a long name” (Law on the Prohibition of Minerals Exploration in Water Basins and Forested Areas) enabled the government to cancel over 200 licenses. However, the Mining Minister advocated the new amendment that the areas would not be overlapped and those licenses would not be renewed. Instead, it will allow further exploration in many different areas in the country that will increase reserves and deposits that will lead to more economic benefit. The Minister believes that it will attract more investors and side businesses that follow mining industry will also boost the other sectors.
Actually, this rhetoric has been around for so many years that it stopped convincing the public nor the investors. Industry specialists know that volatility is a dagger with sharp edges on both sides. Moreover, the coal market that our latest boom has been enjoying is in the decline. Commodity prices have been falling due to global decrease in demand followed by the recession and nobody wants to expand their investment in these uncertain times. Obviously, it is an opportunity to prepare weaker law requirement for investors in an desperate attempt to attract them. However, the it will prove how unstable the country is in terms of legal environment.
The number of licenses from 2010 to 2014 has decreased from 4137 to 2868. From 2005-2010 the licenses covered 46% of the entire Mongolian territory. Now it is only 7.6%. It is a positive result in social and economic sense. Although the licensed territory has decreased, the remaining licenses drove the country to boost its GDP for the last few years. We are not going to mine half of our country out. It is absurd. Instead, we shall improve the management side of the revenues that is to be created in the future from mining activities.
When the momentum came to us, we failed to build our railways, build refining factories, implementing major projects such as power plants. A Minister that is resigning Kh.Battulga, who argued that building Chinese standard gauges would threaten the countries security has failed to build a single km railway in the north of the country. He had held up the project that has been proposed by Energy Resource Inc. to build the railway to Gashuun Sukhait-Gants Mod port with its own resources. Last month, Mongolian and Chinese companies signed deal with a Chinese company owning 49% of the railway. This is geopolitical and economic disaster and result of a misguided policy.
Opening up the licenses issuance would not boost the economy, it will worsen the social and moral achievement we had as a country. We need stable and sound policies. Not the policies that fluctuates along with commodity prices. SGK is yet to approve the amendment, however, in desperation of DP’s attempt to revive the economy, it might get approved. We will update our readers in due course.

Parliament Discusses Minister’s Dismissal behind Closed Doors
Ulaanbaatar, May 8 (MONTSAME) A parliamentary meeting on Thursday is discussing a proposed dismissal of Justice Minister Kh.Temuujin behind closed doors.
As issues regarding the dismissal of the Minister include matters related with the State secrets, the parliamentary meeting has been carried out in a closed mode with a participation of Prosecutor-General of Mongolia D.Dorligjav.
Earlier, on April 7, O.Baasankhuu MP submitted a request of the dismissal of Justice Minister Kh.Temuujin on several alleged grounds including increased crimes nationwide since the latter took the current office.
The Standing Committee on Justice began to discuss the issue on April 14 at a closed meeting to leave it for the next meeting on April 24. A majority of committee members present backed on April 24 a proposal to discuss the matter at a parliamentary session which was expected to take place that Friday and was postponed to today’s meeting.

General Agency for Specialized Inspection issues warning to Narantuul market
May 8 ( Health and Safeguarding specialists and Environment and Tourism specialists from the General Agency for Specialized Inspection conducted an inspection of Narantuul “black” market this week and issued a warning to the owners of the market.  The inspection revealed that illegal prescription drugs, illegal animal products including fur, pelts, feathers and traps, bullets, and hunting tools, as well as rare herbs are being traded at the Narantuul market.
The General Agency for Specialized Inspection has thus issued a warning to the owners of the biggest market in Ulaanbaatar city to halt the trade of illegal items, to strengthen regulatory approaches, to keep the associated regulations and legislations, and improve its staff’s knowledge regarding the legislation and regulations.

Minerals law backed by Standing Committee
May 8 ( The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Economy discussed the bill to revive the economy and carried over the discussion to the plenary session on Wednesday`s meeting. The Committee also backed the decision to discuss amendments into the Minerals law of Mongolia. The bill is aimed at developing long term sustainability in the mining industry, which is a great contributor to manufacturing, FDI, export and state and local budget income say the bill inventors.  
The next issue discussed at the Standing Committee meeting was the Appendix of Parliamentary resolution No.27 to include certain deposits into the list of Strategically Significant Mineral Deposits of Mongolia. The Appendix will allow the Government to work determining the exact boundaries of the strategic mines to conduct multiprocessing in the deposits. There are 15 deposits already accepted as strategically important deposits.
However, most of the Standing Committee members said the draft needs to be reviewed again so the appendix was delayed.
The deposits that are to be added to the list of Strategically Significant Mineral Deposits of Mongolia are as follows:
Thermal coal
Khovd, Darvi
Government determines the exact boundaries of the mine
Brown coal
Tuv, Bayan
Government determines the exact boundaries of the mine
Selenge, Mandal
Government determines the exact boundaries of the mine
Mushgia khudag
Rare earth element
Umnugovi, Mandal-ovoo
Government determines the exact boundaries of the mine
Lugiin gol
Rare earth element
Dornogovi, Khatanbulag
Government determines the exact boundaries of the mine
Rare earth element
Umnugovi, Tsogt-ovoo, Khankhongor
Government determines the exact boundaries of the mine
Rare earth element
Khovd, Myangad
 Government determines the exact boundaries of the mine

Second Group of Mongolian Children to Take Part in Summer Camp Training Organized by Michael Jordan Flight School
May 8 ( The winner of 2013-2014 Super League of Mongolian National Basketball Association, the "SBL Khasyn Khuleguud" signed a contract with Michael Jordan Flight School to send 20 youngsters from Mongolia taking part in the 2014 Summer Basketball Camp training in Santa Barbara, California on August 06-10, 2014.
The document was co-signed by "SBL Khasyn Khuleguud" Club Director Odonbaatar BAYARTSOGT and Michael Jordan Flight School Director Mark Raveling on May 06, 2014.
According to Agreement Letter, the School offers 10% discount to Mongolian group of children interested to attend and this is the second opportunity for Mongolian youths to take part in this camp, where children from all over the world have been gathering and during the program Michael Jordan himself visits the children and gives them valuable instructions and advice.
Last year, "SBL Khasyn Khuleguud" sent 10 children between the ages 9-18 to attend the 10-day summer camp in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles cities, USA.

Fifth International Ulaanbaatar Marathon to Take Place on June 07, 2014
May 8 ( In order to develop race sport and promote the capital city of Mongolia to the world, the International Ulaanbaatar Marathon has been organized annually as customary on the first Saturday in June.
This year’s fifth international event is scheduled to take place on June 07, 2014, besides the day coincides with “No Vehicle Day” and welcomes the 375th anniversary of the founding of Ulaanbaatar city that marks in 2014.
Currently, over 25 thousands runners are estimated to take part and open to all as from local and foreign participants including students from high schools and higher institutions, amateurs and athletes.
Preliminary, the 2014 International Marathon will be organized in four categories including Classic Marathon for 42,190 m, Half Marathon for 21,095 m, Amateurs for 4,000 m and 8,000 m distances.
Winners of Half Marathon will be awarded with monetary prizes.
I - 2,500 USD
ll - 2,200 USD
lll - 1,800 USD
lV - 200 USD
V - 180 USD
Vl - 160 USD
Winners of Classic Marathon
I - 5,000 USD
ll - 4,000 USD
lll - 3,000 USD
lV - 300 USD
V - 250 USD
Vl - 200 USD
The Fifth International Ulaanbaatar Marathon will start from Chinggis Square through Chinggis Avenue West - Bumbugur - Sansar Tunnel - East 4-Road Intersection and back to finish line at Chinggis Square. Classic Marathon participants will run 5 laps.
Last year, the world record holder, a runner from Kenya, Patrick Makau Musyoki, attended the award presenting ceremony for Fourth Ulaanbaatar Marathon, where Mongolian Merit Athlete Bat-Ochir SER-OD finished first the Classic distance of the 2013 International Ulaanbaatar Marathon.

Wolf of Wall Street, Mr. Jordan Belfort Visits Mongolia in June 2014
May 8 ( A well-known American motivational speaker and former stockbroker, Jordan Ross Belfort, 52, will be visiting Mongolia upon the invitation of James Passin, Chairman of Khot Infrastructure Holdings, Ltd and CBM Company to share his experience with Mongolian businessmen and preliminary Mr. Jordan Belfort will arrive in Ulaanbaatar on June 06, 2014.
Mr. Jordan Belfort recounted his life in his memoir, The Wolf of Wall Street, and a film of the same name was created in 2013 based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, in which J.Belfort was portrayed by Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio. 
He was convicted of fraud crimes related to stock market manipulation and running a penny stock boiler room, for which he spent 22 months in prison.
On June 06, 2014, Jordan Belfort will meet Mongolian businessmen, politicians and economists at the Blue Sky Tower in Ulaanbaatar and will have discussions on the topics such as an art of persuade, how to trade a penny-cost value, key elements of the internal activation, how to increase career, how to create a long-term wealth, how to re-activate Mongolian stock market, secrets of how to raise money from liquidity low capital, how to trade Mongolian raw materials to foreign investors, how to avoid alcohol and drug dangers, and funny stories at Wall Street careers as well.

Nuclear Energy Agency Head Attends Regional Meeting in Austria
Ulaanbaatar, May 8 (MONTSAME) Head of the Nuclear Energy Agency of Mongolia (NEA) N.Tegshbayar and chief of the NEA Foreign Relations and Public Cooperation Section N.Tamir have taken part in a regional meeting of the Technical Cooperation national coordinators of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
Held on May 5-8 in Vienna, Austria, the regional meeting brought together leaders of nuclear energy bodies of Asia-Pacific countries.
The participants discussed ways of upgrading projects being implemented by the member states, strengthening the regional cooperation in fortifying the radiation safety infrastructure and seeking ways of developing human resources at the nuclear medical sphere. Furthermore, they focused on enhancing national infrastructure for nuclear radiation safety, rendering support to the members within the cooperation, peaceful exploitation of nuclear energy and intensifying activities by using successful experience and opportunities.
Mongolia has launched to use nuclear technology for medicine, foods, agriculture, geology and mining sectors in frames of the IAEA Technical Cooperation. For instance, the 1st Central Clinical Hospital’s Nuclear Diagnosis Sector has received a SPECT gamma camera within the Technical Cooperation Programme. Related experts have been trained for three years as well.     

Parliamentarians Meet South African Ambassador
Ulaanbaatar, May 8 (MONTSAME) Head of the Mongolia-South Africa inter-parliamentary group S.Odontuya; and member of this group G.Batkhuu Wednesday received a delegation headed by Mr Bheki Winston Joshua Langa, the Concurrent Non-Resident Ambassador of South Africa to Mongolia.
Beginning the meeting, Odontuya MP thanked the Ambassador for visiting Mongolia in times of the 20th anniversary of the bilateral diplomatic relations, and expressed a willingness to enhance the Mongolia-South Africa inter-parliamentary relations and cooperation with political talks and mutual visits.
The parliamentarian noted that the Mongolia-South Africa inter-parliamentary group has been set up recently, and its main function is to establish direct ties between parliaments of the countries. She also pointed out Mongolia is paying attention to attracting foreign investments while parliament is discussing the mineral law.
In turn, Mr Langa emphasized that the anniversary of the bilateral diplomatic relations is coincided with the National Freedom Day of South Africa, and then reported that elections of both parliament and President are running these days in his country. Saying that the Mongolia-South Africa relations and cooperation have been intensively developing, Mr Langa emphasized the countries are possible to cooperate in the mining sector and exchange experiences.
Expressing a satisfaction with meeting with the South African Ambassador, G.Batkhuu MP said Mongolia wants to learn experience of South Africa in the mining field, and hopes that the countries will collaborate in legislative matters for the sectors and introducing the best experiences.

Minister Ts.Oyungerel Receives South African Delegation
Ulaanbaatar, May 8 (MONTSAME) The Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism Ts.Oyungerel Tuesday received the South African delegation led by Mr Bheki Winston Joshua Langa, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of this country to Mongolia.
The sides exchanged opinions on the ways of cooperation in culture, sport and tourism spheres in frames of the 20th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between Mongolia and South Africa.
During the meeting, the parties agreed to establish a memorandum of cooperation on mutual understanding in tourism sector with an aim to develop this sphere.    

Minister S.Erdene Meets with Emir of Kuwait
Ulaanbaatar, May 8 (MONTSAME) In a scope of the visit to Kuwait, the Minister of Population Development and Social Protection S.Erdene was received by the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al Sabah on Wednesday.
Same day, this news was released on Qatar News Agency official website.
The sides discussed the matters about cooperation relations between Mongolia and Kuwait and ways of enhancing them.

Mongolist Yu.N.Kruchkin Awarded Polar Star Order
Ulaanbaatar, May 8 (MONTSAME) Pursuant to a decree of the President Ts.Elbegdorj, the Polar Star Order has been awarded to a Russian scholar and Mongolist Yu.N.Kruchkin for his long-year contributions to developing the friendly relations and cooperation between Mongolia and Russia.
On Thursday, head of the Presidential Office P.Tsagaan granted the Order to Mr Kruchkin.
During the ceremony, P.Tsagaan congratulated Mr Kruchkin on receiving the state prize for his big contributions to developing the bilateral ties as well as Mongol studies, refining studies of Mongolian history and culture and preparing trained staffers.
Saying that the state prize is awarded to him on eve of the 69th Victory Anniversary of the Great Patriotic War, P.Tsagaan noted Mongolia contributed to the victory, and greeted Mr Kruchkin on this day.       

Turkish People Awarded “Friendship” Medals
Ulaanbaatar, May 8 (MONTSAME) Citizens of Turkey T.Karabulut, director of the “Empathy-Yurtunts” LLC; the company’s deputy director V.Akcay; and director of the Mongolia-Turkey joint secondary school M.Saglam have been awarded the “Friendship” medals pursuant to a decree of the President of Mongolia.
Head of the Presidential Office P.Tsagaan granted the medals in the State House. The medals went to them for their significant contributions to the educational sector of Mongolia.  

Foreign Minister Meets US Delegation
Ulaanbaatar, May 8 (MONTSAME) The Minister of Foreign Affairs L.Bold Thursday received in the State House Ms Piper Anne Wind Campbell, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the USA to Mongolia; and Ms Darlene Grant, a country director of the US Peace Corps for Mongolia.
The Foreign Minister emphasized voluntaries at the US Peace Corps have been playing a vital role in the Mongolia-USA relations, especially in the inter-citizen ties, and then said Mongolia aspires to continue the collaboration with the Peace Corps.
Peace Corps voluntaries are appointed to work in Mongolia with a two-year term, but they usually prolong their term by one year because of being attracted to Mongolia, its people and lifestyle, Ms Grant said.
The Peace Corps has been carrying out its activities in Mongolia since 1991, and some 1,000 voluntaries have worked in Mongolia so far. It implements four main programmes on English language training, public-based health, economic development and youths and children-local development.
As of present, 109 voluntaries are working in all provinces of Mongolia. Over 90 voluntaries will arrive here in this year.

Mongolia-Italy Business Summit to Take Place in Ulaanbaatar in June 2014
May 8 ( On May 06, 2014, the Embassy of Mongolia to the Italian Republic hosted a business meeting in Milan city for representatives of Italian companies and firms, which are interested in establishing business contacts with Mongolia.
At the meeting, over 50 companies' representatives have attended, where Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the Italian Republic with residency in Rome, Mr. Shijeekhuu ODONBAATAR made a briefing on Mongolia’s current socio-economic situation, investment opportunities and legal environment.
During the meeting, representatives of Italian biggest entities and organizations including “Expo 2015”, “Fiera di Milano”, Bennet and Roncato have forwarded its interests seeking opportunities to enter Mongolian market.
Also, comprehensive information was also provided on Mongolia-Italy Business Summit to be organized in Ulaanbaatar to which the participants are invited to take part, which is scheduled on June 19-21, 2014.

Technical University to See Composition Changes
Ulaanbaatar, May 8 (MONTSAME) The Board of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology decided to make structural changes in composition of the university during a board meeting on May 2.
According to that decision, the university will consist of schools or faculties of Civil Engineering and Architecture; Business Management and Humanities; Industrial Technology; Geology and Mining; Information and Telecommunication Technology; Energy; Mechanics and Transport; Social Sciences.
Besides these faculties, a school of Technology in Darkhan-Uul province will also remain as a branch school of the university.
The decision foresees closing down of the current 15 schools of the university by June 30, and re-organizing of the university by July 1.
The Mongolian University of Science and Technology is a multidisciplinary and multileveled center for education, training and scientific research based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Among universities of technology and science in Asia, it was placed the 7th in 2002.
It is also one of the largest centers for scientific and cultural exchanges in Mongolia. Approximately two third of the academically educated Mongolians have graduated from this university.
The University offers bachelor, master degree programs, as well as PhD programs.

JICA assistance for Health Sciences University hospital
May 8 ( With financial assistance from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Health Sciences University of Mongolia (HSUM) is set to build a 150-bed hospital next to the university.
The hospital of the Health Sciences University of Mongolia (HSUM) is planned to be built at Botanic Garden. Once the hospital opens its door, health care professionals will provide all kinds of higher levels of care, including services such as neurosurgery, women`s health, neonatal, pediatric and surgery.
The hospital is expected to be a health service provider to citizens of Bayanzurkh district and a base for resident specialists’ specialized health.
In the scope of the cooperation project JICA and the Health Sciences University Mongolia signed a draft project design for the hospital.
The construction for the hospital will begin this year. According to the plan, the construction project will become operational in two years. 

Here Approaches ‘Saint Muse’ Festival
Ulaanbaatar, May 8 (MONTSAME) The 11th edition of the international drama festival ‘Saint Muse’ is to take place in Ulaanbaatar on May 19.
In past ten year’s time, the festival had been held in a form of a contest announcing and awarding the best plays staged in Mongolia during one year’s period since its last edition. In the last decade, the festival awarded the bests among some 400 drama performances and play-staging of national drama theaters. Last year, the festival advanced to become an international event, with a participation of judges from Russia, Canada, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo.
This year, along with Mongolia-staged plays, plays from Egypt, Serbia, Russia’s Tuva and China’s Inner Mongolia are competing for the Saint Muse. The judging panel includes famous actor and producer Elizabeth Hess from the International Theater Institute.
The bests will be announced in four categories of drama, children’s play, musical and mono-play among twenty nominees including ‘Don Quixote’ of the State Drama Theater (drama), ‘the Chairs’ of Blackbox Theater (drama),  ‘Romeo and Juliette’ of the Classic Musical Production (musical), ‘Adventures of School Boy Norov’ of the State Drama Theater (children’s), ‘Wolf and Seven Little Kids’ of 'Little Fir Tree' Theater (children’s), ‘4.48 Psychosis’ of the Blackbox Theater (monoplay), ‘Human Voice’ from Russia’s Tuva (monoplay) and ‘Waiting’ from Serbia (monoplay).
During the festival, a red carpet ceremony will be held near this year's festival venue of the Cultural Central Palace.

‘Yesterday’ Short Play to Be Staged Here
Ulaanbaatar, May 8 (MONTSAME) The Drama Theater is providing theatergoers with a great chance to see a so-renamed ‘Yesterday’ nervy drama under directing of state-prized N.Naranbaatar, commencing from this Thursday.
The play is to become the fourth play in a short play project of the theater, after opening ‘the Crow Grove’ by A.Vampilov, followed by ‘Lullaby’ by N.Gankhuyag and ‘Sorry, Wrong Number’ by Lucille Fletcher. Within this project where seven Mongolian directors will stage less-known or not-staged-before plays, ‘Yesterday’ is expected to be followed by ‘Innocent Guilty’ by A.Ochibat , ‘the Open Couple’ by Dario Fo and ‘Mannequin’ by Nikolai Kolyada. After a weekly staging of ‘Yesterday’, roughly translated ‘Innocent Guilty’ play by Mongolian A.Ochirbat is expected to be performed in the theater on May 23 - 25, according to a recently released May program of the theater.
‘Yesterday’ is largely based on ‘the Lover’, one-act play by Nobel Prize-winning English playwright Harold Pinter, that contrasts bourgeois domesticity with sexual yearning. It is one of Harold Pinter’s lesser-known and crazier short plays.
As with the drama of Anton Chekhov, some of Pinter's plays support "serious" and "comic" interpretations; The Lover has been staged successfully both as an ironic comedy on the one hand and as a nervy drama on the other. As is often the case with Pinter, the play probably contains both.
Written in 1962, The Lover has the tinny cadences and antic absurdities of Eugene Ionesco. The script is fast-moving, confusing, and hysterical, to the point of becoming, at times, cartoonish.
Pinter leads the audience to believe that there are three characters in the play: the wife, the husband and the lover. But the lover who comes to call in the afternoons is revealed to be the husband adopting a role. He plays the lover for her: she plays the whore for him. As the play goes on the man (first as the lover and then as the husband) expresses a wish to stop the pretend adultery, to the dismay of the woman. Finally, the husband suddenly switches back to the role of the lover.

Couple Opens Exhibition
Ulaanbaatar, May 8 (MONTSAME) A husband and wife T.Olziijargal and A.Olziisaikhan has opened their exhibition in Art House art gallery on May 8.
The exhibition displaying some forty unique and colorful artworks of the young artists (both are members of the Mongolian Artisans Union) will be open to art enthusiasts until May 12. The couple will help interpretation of their artworks for visitors at the exhibition.

Floating lanterns to be released on Day of Buddhas birth
May 8 ( The lamp lighting ceremony for Vesakha, or the Day of the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha, that is observed by Buddhists will be held at the Central Stadium on May 14th. Traditionally the day of the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha falls on the 15th day of the first summer month.
Mongolian Buddhists will eat no meat and do a good deed on the day. In recent years a ceremony of releasing paper lamps for this special Buddhist day has become popular in Mongolia. The lamp lighting ceremony was first practiced in 2007 in Mongolia. Since then the lamp lighting ceremony has attracted larger and larger audiences.
This event is an international phenomenon that is popularly observed in Thailand, India, Indonesia and Mongolia.
The floating lantern event in various countries differs depending on its traditions and customs. But wherever or not this particular event is practiced, the day is dedicated to all good things.
There is a belief that happiness and success will come to everyone who releases a lit lantern on the day.
Buddhists believe that their wishes will come true through the positive energy released by people during the event.

Under Presidential Decree of Mongolia, Nationals of Russia and Turkey Bestowed with Polar Star Order and Friendship Medals
May 8 ( Upon the ordinance of the President of Mongolia, a citizen of the Russian Federation Mr. Yu.N.Kruchkin is highly praised and awarded with Mongolia’s highest order to a foreign national, the “Altan Gadas“ Odon or "Polar Star" Order.
The Order of Polar Star was conferred by Head the Office of the President P.Tsagaan to Mongolian scholar Yuri Nikolayevich Kruchkin on May 08, 2014 in bringing many years of productive work and for the contribution to the development of Mongolia-Russia friendly relations and partnership.
Following the ceremony, Yu.N.Kruchkin said, “First of all, I am delighted to receive the state order on the day before the Victory Day. Thank you all. This summer big events will be occurring in Mongolia-Russia relations. The 75th anniversary of the victory by Soviet-Mongolian Army over the Kwantung Army of Japan in the Battles at the Khalkh River in 1939.
Tomorrow, on May 09, the two peoples will celebrate the Victory Day. I have been working on Mongol studies over 20 years and my major work piece is Mongolia Encyclopedia. Currently, it has been updated. The recent work published is Russian-Mongolian and Mongolian-Russian dictionary. In addition, I wrote a documentary book about 3,000 Russian, Buryat and Mongolian soldiers left Mongolian territory to participate in the Great Patriotic War in the Soviet Union and I plan to make a movie in the future. Actually, there are more than 60 books written”.
On the same day, two nationals of the Republic of Turkey, General Director of Empathy Yurtunts Co.,Ltd, Mr. Turgut Karabulut and Director of Mongolian-Turkish High School in Ulaanbaatar, Mr. Saglam Mehmet were bestowed for their high contribution to Mongolian educational sector and were awarded with "Friendship" medals under the ordinance of the President Ts.Elbegdorj.

Staff of Russian Embassy and Cultural Center in Ulaanbaatar Welcomes Victory Day
May 8 ( Tomorrow, May 09, is the Victory Day and the day is celebrated widely not only in the Russian Federation but also in Mongolia simultaneously and representatives from Russian Embassy in Ulaanbaatar and Defense Ministry of Mongolia, and other officials, militants and veterans will be laying wreaths to Zaisan Memorial and paying tributes to the Monument of Soviet Marshal G.K.Zhukov.
Welcoming the Day, staff of the Embassy of the Russian Federation and Russian Center of Science and Culture took part in cleaning up and restoration the Russian Cemetery in Ulaanbaatar on May 06, 2014. Also, graves of veterans of the World War II and of the Khalkhyn Gol battle were fixed and cleaned up.
The Russian Cemetery in Ulaanbaatar was formed over 100 years ago, where mainly citizens of Russian origin who used to live in Mongolia were buried here and many the Great Patriotic War veterans were also entombed.
In the scope of the event, Frontier Cultural Servant, singer U.Tserenchunt will be staging a concert at the Russian Center of Science and Culture on May 09, 2014. U.Tserenchunt graduated from the N.A.Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory and will be performing songs mostly themed the Victory Day.

Mongolia and Republic of Union of Myanmar Have Arranged Its First Consultative Meeting at Foreign Ministry level
May 8 ( The Foreign Ministries of Mongolia and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar held the first ever consultation meeting in Naypyidaw city, Myanmar on May 06, 2014.
Mongolian part was headed by Director of the Department of Asia and the Pacific at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, Mr. Ch.Bayarmunkh and the Burmese part by Mr. U San Lwin, Director General of the Political Department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar, where Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to Myanmar Ch.Battumur was also present.
During the meeting, sides emphasized that a state visit of the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj to Myanmar conducted in 2013 and an official visit of Parliament Speaker of Myanmar Thura U Shwe Mann to Mongolia in April 2014 have lent an important impetus to the bilateral relations and cooperation and agreed to take joint actions for the implementation of issues discussed during the visit, particularly, exchange of experiences in effective utilization of natural resources and cooperation in the tourism sector.
Moreover, the sides came to terms with the organization of short-term training on democracy, open society, public service and judicial reforms for Myanmar public servants through International Cooperation Fund of Mongolia and the exchange of lawmakers and officials of the Election Committees.
In sharing views on Mongolia’s aspiration to become ASEAN partner state and East Asia Summit participating state, Myanmar pledged to consider with member-states in positive way Mongolia’s official request on the participation of the Foreign Minister of Mongolia in ASEAN Ministerial meeting as a special guest of Myanmar Government and the organization of ASEAN+1 an unofficial meeting.
On the same day, Mr. Ch.Bayarmunkh was received by Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Myanmar U Thant Kyaw. The latter part highly valued Mongolia’a achievements reached in developing democratic open society and free market economy and said Myanmar is ready to cooperate with Mongolia in promoting democratic values in Asia, reports the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia.
Mongolia and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar have established the diplomatic relations on September 26, 1956.

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