Monday, May 5, 2014

Military competition showcases ‘Splendor of Mongolian Soldiers’

Champions of the “Splendor of Mongolian Soldiers” competition, held among military units of Mongolia, were named on Saturday. The competition showcased the marching skills of the military units and awarded the top performing units.

The Office of the Ulaanbaatar City Governor, Ministry of Defense, General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Forces, General Authority for Border Protection and National Emergency Management Agency organized the competition in two stages.

Nine military units were shortlisted in the final stage. Fourth place went to Border Military Unit no.0164 headed by Commander Battsengel. They were presented with a prize of four million MNT and a set of wind musical instruments.

Military Unit no.120, led by Dommander Kh.Bandi, showed the best marching skill and had the best maintained unit building, which earned them first place.

Second place went to Border Military Unit no.151 commanded by N.Ganbold, while Military Unit no.353, led by Colonel A.Munkhbat, secured third place.

Commanders of top the military units were each granted two-room apartments in accordance with an Ulaanbaatar City Governor’s Ordinance.

During the award ceremony at Central Square, soldiers who had completed their military services received completion certificates. District labor divisions and vocational training officials were there to register job-seeking soldiers.

The ceremony showed the great splendor of Mongolian soldiers with well-organized marches by the units for spectators.

One of the soldiers who received a completion certificate, P.Purevdash said, “I joined Military Unit no.189 immediately after my high school graduation in May 2013, as it is the duty of all men in Mongolia. Now, I have already completed my year of service with my fellow brothers. Time indeed flies.”

“I am very glad that I have served the military respectfully. My service in the military helped me realize and learn a lot, which will surely help my future and career,” he added.

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