Thursday, May 8, 2014

Man who tricked 10 women to be his sex slaves says they were his employees

An Iranian conman posing as a business tycoon tricked 10 women to be his sex slaves with promises to make them top models, reports the Daily Mail.

The 50-year-old, known as Shoja S. convinced the women to live with him for three years in his palace in Marbella and fathered seven children with them, the Daily Mail reported.

The victims aged between 18 and 24 years were from Germany, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Mongolia, Russia and Turkmenistan, according to a Spanish report in The Local.

Although the women soon realized that their lover was a conman, ‘they were always controlled and supervised by him,’ it was reported by Spanish newspaper ABC, according to The Local.

‘He threatened to harm them if they didn’t tell him everything they were doing.’

But one of them complained to police after the physical and psychological abuse and Shoja was arrested on March 27, reported Typically Spanish.

The women who have all been freed have now got a lawyer and are demanding financial compensation for their ordeal, according to the CEN Agency.

The lawyer of six of these women, Sonsoles Rosales, said that the wealthy man claimed the women were his “domestic workers” when he was arrested. The man was granted bail on condition he does not approach the freed women, CEN Agency reported.

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