Tuesday, May 20, 2014

'Beautiful Grasslands, Sweet Home' acappella concert hits Beijing

On May 17, an acappella concert called "Beautiful Grasslands, Sweet Home," organized by the Publicity Department of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee and the Ethnic Art Theatre of Inner Mongolia, presented a splendid performance in Beijing Poly Theatre.

A total of 110 singers composed of the Inner Mongolia Youth Glee Club and the junior chorus left an unforgettable impression on the audience in Beijing by featuring a mixed chorus, male chorus and male trio.

The concert began with an acappella song named The Rising Sun at 7:30 pm. Next, singers wearing colorful costumes with blue hada in their hands performed several typical classic Mongolian songs, including The Whole World, Swan Goose and Fall in Love within Grasslands. Besides, the traditional stage properties together with the songs, created a Mongolian grassland atmosphere for the audience.

Songs like The Ode to Eight Horses and Mongolian Boots, mixing throat-singing, long tunes and Mongolian stringed instruments, showed the diversity of Mongolian choir songs and highlighted the unique style of the Mongolian prairie. The young singers presented their passion for life, community spirit and the hope to build a better Inner Mongolia through songs with exuberant innocence, sweetness and vitality. The two-hour performance won applause from the audience. The concert ended with the beautiful classic melody Mongolian.

Uyunqimg, former vice-chairman of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee; Yang Zhijin, vice-minister of the Ministry of Culture; Dong Wei, secretary of the Beijing Military Area LianQin Department Hailisi; Ma Yuwei, deputy director of the Political Department; Li Yi, deputy secretary and vice-chairman of the Literature and Art Union’s Party group; Guo Yunde, secretary of the Secretariat and Party member; Gao Honebo, vice-chairman of the writers’ association and Party member; and Wulan, standing committee member of the autonomous region Party committee and director of the publicity department, watched the show.

Edited by Liu Yufen and Michael Thai

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