Friday, April 15, 2011

Workers in Mongolia closed mines to get two months’ minimum salary

Yesterday’s Government meeting decided to grant MNT280,400, or two months’ minimum salary, as compensation to miners whose work places have been closed down in Nalaikh, Bor-Undur, and Berkh of Khentii aimag, in Saikhan-Ovoo of Bulgan aimag and to workers of Nalaikh glass factory.

Giving this information to journalists, the Minister for Social Welfare and Labor, T.Gandhi, said the meeting had taken three significant decisions related to social welfare.

The one on compensation to miners was taken on the basis of the Ministry’s recommendations prepared after consultation with the Prime Minister who is also Chief of the National Committee to Support Employment. The compensation will be paid after rules are passed.

The second decision was to open a center in South Korea to help and advise Mongolian citizens there, especially women married to Koreans. The center will also help with documents for children of Mongolian-Korean marriages, and offer assistance in incidents of property dispute, domestic violence, and human trafficking.

The third relates to selection of people who wish to work in South Korea. Up to 15,000 citizens are registered every year and 2,000 of them are sent. It was decided that those not chosen will not have to pay fresh registration fees to the Ministry if they wish to go another year.

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