Friday, April 15, 2011

Ms. Heyzer Impressed with the Development and Lifestyle Of Mongolians

When Foreigners visit Mongolia, they usually are very much interested in a herder’s daily life. One of the foreigners to visit a herder’s family was Ms. Noeleen Heyzer who is the first executive director from the South to head the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM).

She was in Mongolia on an official visit to attend the conference of United Nations for Asia-Pacific Landlocked Developing Countries. It’s her fourth visit to Mongolia and last time she was in Mongolia ten years back.

She saw the “statue of the Chinggis Khaan” located in “Tsonjin Boldog”which is the biggest statue of Chinggis Khaan in the World.

After that she visited a 67 year old herdsman named T.Andgai at his home. In this spring, over 70 new lambs were added to his herd of sheeps.

By profession T.Andgai is a driver and his wife is a teacher. They have three sons and one daughter. They have about 250 sheep and over ten horses.

T.Andgai fetches their water by motorcycle from Tuul River which is around 500m away from his homestead. Andgai and his wife keep in touch with their kids by mobile and they watch television by help of a solar battery. Ms.Heyzer was very much interested in it all these.

“Mongolia has developed much more than what it was when I came to Mongolia ten years ago” said Ms. Heyzer.

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