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Mongolia Brief October 30, 2014

Gov't Rep Addresses UN on Agricultural Development and Food Security
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 30 (MONTSAME) The Government representative to the 69th session of the UN GA Ms O.Enkhtsetseg addressed on October 28 a plenary meeting of the Second Committee on this theme.

She informed the gathered about the policies and actions of our government towards these matters. She underlined in particular that Mongolia's intention to reduce a number of people with nutrition deficiency by six times against 1990 will be fulfilled by 2015 as reflected in the Millennium Development Goals. She also highlighted an importance of the a document supposed to be adopted during the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN) which will run in Rome this November.
After this Ms Enkhtsetseg presented results of the 32nd Regional Conference for Asia-Pacific of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) which took place in Ulaanbaatar in March of 2014.

President meets participants of tripartite consultative meeting
October 30 ( President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj meets participants of ongoing first tripartite consultative meeting at level of Deputy Foreign Affairs Ministers of Mongolia, Russia and China on October 30th.
At the meeting Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation Ministry D.Gankhuyag, Russia's Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister I.V.Morgulov, and Vice Foreign Affairs Minister of China Cheng Guoping were present.
With initiation by President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj to hold a meeting of leaders of neighboring three countries Mongolia, Russia and China constantly in Ulaanbaatar, the first meeting of three leaders was held in Dushanbe in Tajikistan on September 11th.
At the meeting, as parties agreed to hold tripartite consultative meeting at level of deputy foreign affairs ministers, the first ever tripartite consultative meeting begins in Ulaanbaatar today. 
At the first tripartite consultative meeting of deputy foreign affairs ministers, key directions on future bilateral cooperation and sectors will be defined and discussed.
President Ts.Elbegdorj wished success to Deputy Foreign Affairs Ministers for their works.

Disinfection and sterilization conducted at Gandan Monastery
October 30 ( The Veterinary and Animal Breeding Department of Ulaanbaatar conducted disinfection and sterilization of Gandantegchinlen Monastery on Wednesday, as the area is a place for the gathering of a large pigeon population that visitors feed by hand.
Conditions at the monastery pose a threat to safe public hygiene as the bird droppings create a mess and complaints have been made. Several Ulaanbaatar city agencies have also reported that the large pigeon population disturbs power lines.
The disinfection and sterilization of the city's historical site of was conducted by the Veterinary and Animal Breeding Department of the capital city, in collaboration with the monastery, and Bayangol District Police Department I.
A disinfectant that is not harmful to people and animals was used to make the area more pleasant for public use.
Authorities suggest that visitors to Gandantegchinlen Monastery do not feed the pigeons, to preserve the historical and cultural site and prevent possible electrical fires.

Embassy of Turkey in Ulaanbaatar Celebrates 91st Anniversary of Foundation Republic of Turkey
October 30 ( On October 28, 2014, the staff of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Ulaanbaatar headed by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkey to Mongolia Mr. Murat Karagoz hosted the celebration of the 91st anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey.
The event at the Embassy in Ulaanbaatar was significant because in 2014, Mongolia and Turkey are commemorating the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. Moreover, the 91st anniversary of the foundation the Republic of Turkey coincides with the day of founding the capital city of Mongolia on October 29th.
At the official reception over 250 guests were invited and Mongolian delegates were represented by Deputy Speaker of the State Great Khural (Parliament) Mr. R.Gonchigdorj, Minister of Environment and Green Development Mrs. S.Oyun, Mayor of Ulaanbaatar Mr. E.Bat-Uul, Chairman of Mongolia-Turkey Parliamentary Group Mr. A.Bakei, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Mr. M.Tumenjargal, Deputy Minister of Population Development and Social Protection Mr. E.Tamir, Deputy Minister of Labor Mr. J.Batkhuyag, State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation Mr. B.Boldbaatar and State Secretary at Defense Ministry, Major General Z.Boldbaatar and along with many other delegates from foreign offices in Ulaanbaatar, Deputy Mayor of Ankara city Mr. Ali Goksin was present.
At the event students from the Department of Turkic Studies, NUM were also invited and a quartet from the Theatre of Opera and Ballet performed during the evening banquet.
On the following day on October 29th, Ambassador Murat Karagoz and Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) Project Coordinator Ekrem Kalan have laid a wreath to the Monument of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, which is located in front of the Secondary School No. 5, Ulaanbaatar.
Here below an address speech by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Turkey to Mongolia Murat Karagoz at the reception event in Ulaanbaatar on the occasion of the Republic Day of Turkey.
Speech by H.E. Murat Karagoz, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey on the occasion of the Republic Day
Esteemed Ministers,
Distinguished Members of the State Great Khural of Mongolia,
Honorable Members of Diplomatic Corps,
Fellow Citizens and Dear Guests,
It is a great honor and pleasure for me and my staff to celebrate the 91st anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey with you here in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of the friendly country of Mongolia.
While I was giving an interview yesterday to a Mongolian TV station, I remembered the lyrics of one Turkish school song which goes like:
“Republic, republic, freedom is the best thing,
This nation made a great effort and suffered pain for you.”
For us, the Turks, Republic means much more than merely a regime. When we look at what is going on beyond our borders nowadays, we understand and appreciate more the meaning of having a Republic both in regional and global terms. In this regard, we pay tribute to and respect the memory of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, and his collaborators.
Distinguished guests,
Turkey and Mongolia, which have deep-rooted historical and cultural ties dating back thousand years ago, enjoy unique relations. Mongolia is a country hosting early Turkic states and protecting devotedly common heritage of the humanity such as Orkhun Inscriptions. Moreover, great nations of Turkey and Mongolia, belonging to the same linguistic family and being inheritors of two world empires who draw lessons of friendship and cooperation rather than animosity from history. Today, the friendship between the two countries is based on shared universal values such as democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights and freedoms, and gains momentum day by day. Both countries successfully maintains this status on a wide spectrum ranging from the UN to NATO, from OSCE to the SCO. Mongolia considers Turkey as “third neighbor” in its foreign policy concept, in return, Turkey contributes to the economic development, welfare and prosperity of Mongolia, which may be located geographically remote but spiritually close to Turkey.
Esteemed guests,
We also celebrate this year the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. To this end, we organized a series of activities in order to consolidate Turkish-Mongolian friendship throughout the year. Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and Turkish Minister of National Defense paid official visits to Mongolia. We conducted consular consultations. A number of working visits were held on national security, budget planning, justice, internal affairs involving legislative and executive bodies. We celebrated the “Ulaanbaatar Turkish Days” together with the Turkish food festival, a fashion show, a rock concert and a documentary movie. We supported many projects through TİKA, the very recent being the “Bilge Tonyukuk Road.” We accomplished visa-free travel by taking a crucial step further for the improvement of people-to-people contacts. We livened up tourism thanks to the direct flies between Istanbul and Ulaanbaatar operated by the Turkish Airlines. We provided 45 Mongolian under-graduate and graduate students with scholarships in order to add more to the 900 Mongolian students studying in Turkey, presently. In order to improve economic and trade relations, we introduced new Turkish companies to the Mongolian market. We brought prize-awarded Turkish films to the “2nd International Ulaanbaatar Film Festival”. And last but not least, we opened this newly constructed beautiful residence, and recently renovated chancellery buildings of our Embassy to our dear Mongolian friends.
Distinguished guests,
We have serious opportunities and challenges ahead. Being a member of G-20, Turkey will hold the presidency of the Group as of 1 December 2014 and host dozens of important meetings. Our Embassy will serve as the NATO point of contact in 2015-2016 in Mongolia. Parliamentary elections will be held in Turkey in 2015 and in Mongolia in 2016. Finally, Mongolia will host ASEM Summit, a very significant event in 2016. Turkey wishes to be in close coordination and cooperation with Mongolia during these processes.
Esteemed guests,
I believe that Turkish-Mongolian friendship will prosper day after day on the basis of rich common cultural heritage and strong political will, and serve as a model for the future generations.
To conclude, I would like to thank the Mongolian State University Turcology students and the Quartet members of the State Opera and Ballet for their great contribution to our reception.
With these thoughts in mind, I propose a toast for the 91st anniversary of the Turkish Republic and ever-lasting Turkish-Mongolian friendship.

Doing Business 2015: Mongolia
October 30 ( Doing Business 2015:Mongolia
Doing Business 2015: Going Beyond Efficiency, a World Bank Group flagship publication, is the 12th in a series of annual reports measuring the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it. Doing Business presents quantitative indicators on business regulations and the protection of property rights that can be compared across 189 economies - from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe - and over time.
Doing Business measures regulations affecting 11 areas of the life of a business. Ten of these areas are included in this year’s ranking on the ease of doing business: starting a business, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, getting credit, protecting minority investors, paying taxes, trading across borders, enforcing contracts and resolving insolvency. Doing Business also measures labor market regulation, which is not included in this year’s ranking.
The Tope 5 Ease of Doing Business 2015 Rank was led by Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong SAR (China), Denmark and Korea Rep., and Mongolia is listed at 72nd place out of 189 economies, in 2014 was listed at 76th as same as 2013 report, in 2012 and 2011 at the 88th, in 2010 at 60th out of 183, and in 2009 at 58th out of 181 economies.
Doing Business 2015 Report for Mongolia
Starting a business in Mongolia
Globally, Mongolia stands at 42 in the ranking of 189 economies on the ease of starting a business. According to data collected by Doing Business, starting a business there requires 5.0 procedures, takes 11.0 days, costs 1.2% of income per capita and requires paid-in minimum capital of 0.0%of income per capita.
In 2014 report, Mongolia made starting a business easier by eliminating the requirement to get company statutes and charters notarized as well as the requirement to register a new company with the local tax office.
Dealing with construction permits
Globally, Mongolia stands at 74 in the ranking of 189 economies on the ease of dealing with construction permits. In Mongolia, dealing with construction permits there requires 16.0 procedures, takes 137.0 days and costs 0.0%of the warehouse value.
In 2014 Report, Mongolia made dealing with construction permits easier by eliminating the requirement for a technical review of the building plans bythe state for low- and medium-risk construction projects.
Getting electricity
Globally, Mongolia stands at 142 in the ranking of 189 economies on the ease of getting electricity. According to data collected by Doing Business, getting electricity there requires 8.0 procedures, takes 79.0 days and costs 600.6%of income per capita.
In 2014 Report, Mongolia made getting electricity easier by increasing the efficiency of the utility’s internal processes, enforcing time limits at different stages of the connection process and eliminating the fees for testing the installation.
Registering property
Globally, Mongolia stands at 30 in the ranking of 189 economies on the ease of registering property. According to data, registering property there requires 5.0 procedures, takes 10.5 days and costs 2.1%of the property value.
Getting credit
Globally, Mongolia stands at 61 in the ranking of 189 economies on the ease of getting credit. In 2013 Report, Mongolia improved access to credit information by adopting a law that provides for licensing of credit reference bureaus and guarantees borrowers’ right to inspect their personal data.
Protecting minority investors
Globally, Mongolia stands at 17 in the ranking of 189 economies on the strength of minority investor protection index. In 2015, Mongolia strengthened minority investor protections by introducing a requirement for public joint stock companies to publicly disclose related-party transactions within 2 business days.
Paying taxes
Globally, Mongolia stands at 84 in the ranking of 189 economies on the ease of paying taxes.On average, firms make 41.0 tax payments a year, spend 148.0 hours a year filing, preparing and paying taxes and pay total taxes amounting to 24.4%of profit.
In 2015 Report, Mongolia made paying taxes easier for companies by introducing an electronic system for filing corporate income tax, VAT and social security contributions.
Trading across borders
Globally, Mongolia stands at 173 in the ranking of 189 economies on the ease of trading across borders. According to data, exporting a standard container of goods requires 11 documents, takes 44.0 days and costs 2,745.0 USD. Importing the same container of goods requires 12 documents, takes 45.0 days and costs 2,950.0 USD.
Enforcing contracts
Globally, Mongolia stands at 24 in the ranking of 189 economies on the ease of enforcing contracts. According to data, contract enforcement takes 374.0 days, costs 30.6%of the value of the claim and requires 32.0 procedures.
Resolving insolvency
Globally, Mongolia stands at 90 in the ranking of 189 economies on the ease of resolving insolvency. According to data collected by Doing Business, resolving insolvency takes 4.0 years on average and costs 15.0% of the debtor’s estate, with the most likely outcome being that the company will be sold as piecemeal sale. Mongolia scores 2.5 out of 3 points on the commencement of proceedings index, 6.0 out of 6 points on the management of debtor’s assets index, 0.5 out of 3 points on the reorganization proceedings index, and 2.0 out of 4 points on the creditor participation index. Mongolia’s total score on the strength of insolvency framework index is 11.0 out of 16.

Mongolian Emergency Sector to Be Equipped with European Standard Fire Fighting, Rescue And Wildfire Vehicles and Apparatuses
October 30 ( On October 29, 2014, Chairman of the National Emergency Management Agency of Mongolia, Colonel T.Dulamdorj and the Senior Vice President, Head of Rosenbauer Asia-Pacific, Mr. Herbert Poellinger have signed a Product Supply Contract in Ulaanbaatar in the scope of the Intergovernmental Agreement between Mongolia and the Republic of Austria to provide a long-term soft loan.
Under the Contract, the Rosenbauer Group to improve the technical capacity of the emergency and to implement a project to upgrade the equipment of the National Emergency Management Agency of Mongolia.
This project with a total cost of 5.2 million EUR or 12 billion MNT will be supplying a complete tools and accessories for firefighting, rescue and wildfire operations as well as fully equipped 4 types of 16 vehicles accompanied with over 2 thousand apparatuses.
These vehicles will be manufactured especially for Mongolian harsh climate and delivered by September 2015, moreover, 11 Aimags of Mongolia including Ulaanbaatar will be equipped with European standard fire fighting vehicles and equipment.
The Rosenbauer Group is one of the world’s three largest manufacturers of fire-service vehicles, based in Leonding, Austria.
Rosenbauer supplies the firefighting sector in over 100 countries with a wide range of custom fire and rescue apparatus and services. It produces its extensive series of fire fighting vehicles and aerials in three continents, to both European and US Standards.

DB's Investment to Ulaanbaatar Reaches over Trillion
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 30 (MONTSAME) The Executive director of the Development Bank (DB) N.Monkhbat participated Wednesday in an online meeting with the citizens at the "11-11" Government centre.
He spoke mainly about the investments the DB had made to the city. Since its establishment in 2011, the bank had allocated around MNT three trillion for financing constructions, projects and programs. Its one third or MNT 1.1 trillion was dedicated to Ulaanbaatar. Almost 93 billion went to roads maintenance, 81.9 billion--to renovation of 33 crossroads in the city in a scope of the “Street” project, "which means that an indirect annual economic benefit will amount to MNT 20 billion". Some MNT 202.3 billion were put into projects on engineering infrastructure and circuit lines, "so it is possible now to build schools, kindergartens and hospitals in seven locations of downtown and in eight zones of re-structuring".
A cost of producing one kW of electricity decreased from 74 togrogs to 36 togrogs thanks to USD 35 million of investment for the third thermal power station’s 50kW extension. The fourth thermal station is now can provide ten percent of the domestic consumption of power, moreover, a financing of USD 25 million was made for the Amgalan thermal station, so that the eastern part of Ulaanbaatar has a reliable power, he went on.
The DB also had allocated a financing of MNT 16.2 billion for the capacity extension project of Baganuur coal deposit, the main source of fuel coal for the ger (national dwelling) districts, thus increasing a transportation capacity by 4.5 million tons, the exploitation–by ten percent, and improving stripping and earthworks by 11 percent, said N.Monkhbat.

Meeting of Deputy FMs Completes
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 30 (MONTSAME) The first tripartite consultative meeting between the Deputy Foreign Ministers of Mongolia, Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China took place Thursday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation of Mongolia. The next meeting will run in January of 2015 in Beijing.
The participants were the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation of Mongolia D.Gankhuyag, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia I.V.Morgulov, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Chen Gouping. Mr Gankhuyag gave the opening speech. He noted that developing friendly relations with Russia and China in every sphere as good neighbors is a priority of Mongolia’s foreign policy.
"The leaders of the three countries--Ts.Elbegdorj, Xi Jinping and V.Putin--held a historic tripartite meeting in Dushanbe this September and reached a decision on timing of 'Ulaanbaatar Meeting', on it frequency and a scope of issues to be discussed", said Gankhuyag. In accordance with such a decision, this meeting discussed the place and issues of the next one, he said.
The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Mr Morgulov said that the meeting demonstrated again an existence of wide capacity of the tripartite cooperation in trade and economy. "We have discussed ways of joint efforts in collaboration on international and regional levels".
Emphasizing an importance of the meeting in Dushanbe in trilateral relations, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Chen Gouping said his meeting with the two colleagues aimed to expand the relations between China, Mongolia and Russia and to forward the outcomes of the meeting of the heads of states. The main purpose was to discuss tripartite cooperation through exchange of opinions, particularly the collaboration in minerals’ sector and in improving the technologies and educated personnel, he said and officially invited the Deputy Ministers for Foreign affairs of Mongolia and Russia to Beijing.

Border Military Unit Awarded Military Merit Order
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 30 (MONTSAME) Upon a decree of the President of Mongolia, a Border Military Unit No.0119 was awarded on Thursday with the Order of Military Merit.
The ceremony took place at this unit where Deputy Chief of President’s Office B.Togtokhbuyan handed over the Order and delivered congratulatory remarks. He said the Order has been given on occasion of the unit's 50th anniversary, "and I extend warm congratulations to the all border security officers and workers of the Border Military Unit for their contribution and efforts to the construction of infrastructure, border security and development of the country".

Consultative Meeting of Mongolian and Russian Vice FMs Concluded
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 30 (MONTSAME) A Deputy Minister-level consultative meeting between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation of Mongolia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation took place October 29 in Ulaanbaatar.
The meeting has been chaired by the Vice FM of Mongolia D.Gankhuyag and the Deputy FM of Russia I.V.Morgulov. The participators of the meeting discussed implementation processes of certain high-level cooperation agreements and further activities, and shared opinions on wide range of issues such as international and regional collaboration of the two countries.
The sides also inked the Plan of Cooperation between the two Ministries for 2014-2015.

Mongolian Teenage Wrestlers to Study in Japanese High School
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 30 (MONTSAME) Mongolian Union for Freestyle Wrestling inked October 28 a note of cooperation with the "Kashiwa" high school of the Tokyo University of Physical Education. The organizations will collaborate in scientific studies on the training methodologies for young wrestlers, and organizing of joint trainings.
The president of the Mongolian Union for Freestyle Wrestling D.Dagvadorj (well-known as Asashyoryu) and the director of “Kashiwa” high school Suzuki Seiji have inked the document.
The director of the high school Mr Seiji and the head of the sumo club Mr Nagoi have conducted a selection contest to choose the four children to study in sumo and freestyle wrestling in Japan. The judges have been giving main significance to the general physical development, balance and wrestling skills, as well as the mental conditions.
Mr Seiji said that his school has 1100 students, studying in baseball, karate, rugby, basketball, sumo, football and athletics, among them are students from China and New Zealand being trained in basketball, and an Afghanistani student majoring in football. “These four Mongolian children are to study freestyle wrestling, which is a recently added program at our school. We are very happy to teach the children from Mongolia that is a country of wrestling”, said the director of “Kashiwa” high school.

Mongolians to Compete in Judo Grand Slam
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 30 (MONTSAME) Mongolia has sent a national judo team led by the trainer O.Baljinnyam to Judo Grand Slam to be held in Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates on October 30 – November 2.
 The national team includes the following athletes: Kh.Amartuvshin (men’s 60kg); G.Odbayar (men’s 73kg); B.Temuulen (men’s 110kg); M.Urantsetseg, G.Otgontsetseg (women’s 48kg); D.Sumiya (women’s 63kg); and Ts.Naranjargal (women’s 70kg).

Mongolia leads in most gender equality societies in Asia
October 30 ( The World Economic Forum (WEF) published its Gender Gap 2014 report on Wednesday, and Mongolia ranked 42 out of 142 countries evaluated in the Asia-Pacific region.
Yemen and Pakistan hit the bottom of the Gender Gap 2014 report.
The top 10 countries on the list of most gender-equal societies in the world:

According to 5-Year Report, Oyu Tolgoi Resources Increased
October 30 ( On October 29, 2014, the Implementing Agency of the Government of Mongolia, Mineral Resource Authority headed by an Acting Director D.Uuriintuya hosted a press conference regarding the newly updated report on mineral reserve estimations for a group of deposits at Oyu Tolgoi.
According to the report approved in 2009, Oyu Tolgoi’s efficient resources were 31.1 million tons of copper, 1.3 thousand tons of gold, 7.6 thousand tons of silver and 81.6 thousand tons of molybdenum.
According to the updated report of 2014, Oyu Tolgoi’s efficient resources of 44 million 595 thousand tons of copper, 1.9 thousand tons of gold, 11.9 thousand tons of silver and 205 thousand tons of molybdenum have been registered in the state reserve.
As of October 28, 2014, a total of 2,764 special licenses were issued nationwide that covers 7.53% of total territory of Mongolia, of which 1,378 exploration licenses and 1,386 special permits.
In the first nine months of 2014, 493.5 thousand tons of copper concentrates, 3.0 thousand tons of molybdenum concentrates, 15.9 million tons of coal, 7.7 tons of gold, and 287.3 thousand tons of fluoride were excavated.
In addition, production of iron ore is estimated at 5.8 million tons, zinc concentrate at 71.9 thousand tons. Compare to September 2013, exploration of copper concentrate is increased by 37.0%, iron ore 30.9%, and fluoride by 67.9% respectively.
In the first nine months of 2014, a total of 13.5 million tons of coal was exported, where copper concentrates shows 966.2 thousand tons, molybdenum concentrates 2.5 thousand tons, fluoride 228.5 thousand tons, iron ore 4.1 million tons, zinc 80,4 thousand tons and 5.1 tons of raw and semi-finished gold. Compare to last year export volume, coal exports increased by 18.7% and copper concentrates by 2.1 times.

SATOB 2014 November Program
October 30 ( Mongolian State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet (SATOB) has released the 2014 November Program and the premier of the Theatre’s 52nd Season is a “Khukhuu Namjil” opera by State Prize Laureate, People’s Artist L.Murdorj.
The “Khukhuu Namjil” opera in 3 acts and 5 scenes, is a legend of the herdsman "Khukhuu" (Cuckoo) Namjil and his invention of the horse-head fiddle, was last staged in 2009 and this time with renewed version, the SATOB aims to make the opera as a tourism brand.
SATOB 2014 November Program
Saturday, November 01, 2014
05:00 pm “Khukhuu Namjil” opera by L.Murdorj
Sunday, November 02, 2014
05:00 pm “Khukhuu Namjil” opera by L.Murdorj
Saturday, November 08, 2014
05:00 pm “Three Hills of Misfortune” ballet by J.Mend-Amar
Sunday, November 09, 2014
05:00 pm “Raising Stars in Orchestra” concert of young musicians
Saturday, November 15, 2014
05:00 pm Gala Concert for the 90th Anniversary of Symphony Orchestra
Sunday, November 16, 2014
05:00 pm “Three Dramatic Characters” opera by B.Damdinsuren and B.Smirnov
Saturday, November 22, 2014
05:00 pm “Madama Butterfly” opera by G.Puccini
Sunday, November 23, 2014
05:00 pm “Giselle” ballet by A. Adam
Saturday, November 29, 2014
05:00 pm “Giselle” ballet by A. Adam
Sunday, November 30, 2014
05:00 pm “Madama Butterfly” opera by G.Puccini

Summit for NEA Peace and Cooperation Initiative held
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 30 (MONTSAME) Mongolian delegation to the First Summit for North-East Asia Peace and Cooperation Initiative was led by Ch.Bayarmonkh, the head of the Department for Asia and Pacific at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation.
The Summit ran October 28 with a participation of China, Japan, S.Korea, Russia, Mongolia, the USA, also the UN, the EU and NATO observers.

Mongolia and Korean Departments for Asian affairs hold meeting
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 30 (MONTSAME) A meeting between the heads of the Departments for Asian Affairs at the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia and South Korea was held October 29 in Seoul.
Present were Ch.Bayarmonkh, the head of Department for Asia-Pacific of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation of Mongolia, B.Ganbold, Mongolian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, and Li Sang Dok, the head of Department for North-East Asia of the ministry of Foreign Affairs of S.Korea.
The sides exchanged opinions on realizing high-level visits, marking of the 25th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations and the frameworks to conduct in a scope of the date.
Mongolian representatives supported S.Korea’s initiative on announcing 2015 as the year of Mongolian-S.Korean Friendship and signified an importance of cooperation in successful organization of frameworks to happen in frames of the diplomatic relations’ anniversary.

Stock Exchange News for October 30
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 30 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades on Thursday, a total of 11,259 shares of 13 JSCs were traded costing MNT four million 237 thousand and 770.00.
 "Remicon” /8,350 units/, “Hermes Center” /2,135 units/, “Merex” /200 units/, “Olloo” /200 units/ and "Material Impex” /85 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value were "Material Impex” (MNT one million and 411 thousand), "Remicon” (MNT 951 thousand 900), “Darkhan Foods” (MNT 380 thousand), “Hermes Center” (MNT 352 thousand and 275) and "Makh Impex” (MNT 241 thousand 750).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 558 billion 458 million 886 thousand and 902. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 15,591.81, increasing 131.14 units or 0.85% against the previous day.

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