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Mongolia Brief October 27, 2014

Special permit of Industrial and Technology Park is granted
October 26 ( The Government of Mongolia is granting soft loan in building industrial and technology park to process animal raw material domestically, renewal of equipment and technology, and increase of cash flow. Also additional subsidy is given to herders who sold their animal products (sheep and camel wool) to domestic factories.

Within the framework of this policy, “New Asia Group” LLC was granted in return to its request, with the 4 year special permit to run Industrial and Technology Park in Zavkhan aimag, as presented by the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture.
According to the project, Industrial and Technology Park will be built in the territory of Telmen soum, next to the planned 100 megawatt power station, with purpose of processing raw material from animal according to the main standard, correctly coordinating raw material trading, and producing value added and export oriented goods with ecological and complex water treatment facilities.
Zavkhan aimag has good location to get supply from 5 aimags of the western Mongolia with reserve of 22.5 million animals in the region.
The following production will be made at the Industrial and technology Parks with purpose of replacing import, increasing export and producing final products of high technology.
Hide and leather processing factory
Hide and leather product factory
Wool processing factory
Meat processing factory
Milk processing factory
Fruit processing factory
Industrial Park to Be ErectedMontsame, October 26

Mongolia to Join International Union for Conservation of Nature
October 27 ( At the Cabinet meeting held on October 25, 2014, Ministers agreed it is appropriate that Mongolia to join the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the organization dedicated to finding "pragmatic solutions to our most pressing environment and development challenges”.
In the scope of joining the IUCN, Mongolia will be accessed to implement major projects of the Union and provided with regular assistance to develop its policy papers and capacity building of staff under further collaboration. In other words, Mongolia to join the XXI century’s most comprehensive and most advanced environmental network.
The IUCN supports scientific research, manages field projects globally and brings governments, non-government organizations, United Nations agencies, companies and local communities together to develop and implement policy. IUCN is the world's oldest and largest global environmental network - a democratic membership union with more than 1,000 government and NGO member organizations, and almost 11,000 volunteer scientists in more than 160 countries. IUCN's work is supported by more than 1,000 professional staff in more than 40 offices and hundreds of partners in public, NGO and private sectors around the world. The Union's headquarters are located in Gland, Switzerland, near Geneva.

Mongolia Announces Its National Flower of Pride
The regular Cabinet meeting of the Government was held on October 25, 2014, and one of the issues resolved was to name the National Flower of Pride.
In the Government Action Plan for 2014-2016, one of the tasks to implement is included a policy to adhere in accordance with the principles of sustainable development in tourism sector to attract travelers and promote special interest in the natural and cultural diversification developing in each regions.
Accordingly, Government of Mongolia resolved to name the Falcon as the "National Bird of Glory" in October 2012, the Burkhan Khaldun as the “National Mountain of Pride” in 2013.
In September 2014, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Mongolia stated to announce the National Pride of Flowering Plant or Magnoliophyta by conducting a poll among the population. The studies were made in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Green Development and the Institute of Botany by establishing a working group, where citizens, students, experts and researchers were involved in this program to announce the National Flower of Pride.
In the list of the first announced flowering plants, it was promoted eight species as below, but the working group agreed to add the ninth type namely Ber Tsetseg (mon. Бэр Цэцэг, lat. Scabiosa (Delphinium grandiflorum) or Butterfly Blue) and this flower gained most opinions and votes to be named, because the first promoted 8 species mostly do not meet the requirements of international practices. For instances, Mongol Altankhundgana is an endangered plant, which may soon not exist and the most expected Vansemberuu is grown only on high mountains, but the selection-winning Ber Tsetseg flower is spread across all over and long-exist during the summer months as well as nectar rich and attract a variety of insects including moths and butterflies, moreover the flower is able being cultivated in the garden that require less maintenance.
As of today, 153 countries have their own national flowers of pride and the Ber Tsetseg becomes a new flower adding the list of species.
The eight species first promoted to be named as the National Flower of Pride of Mongolia:
1. Mongol Altankhundgana (mon. Монгол Алтанхундгана, lat. Adonis mongolica),
2. Ikh Shuudergene (Их шүүдэргэнэ, Chelidonium majus),
3. Numrugt Banzdoo or Vansemberuu (Нөмрөгт банздоо, Вансэмбэрүү, Saussurea involucrata),
4. Durvulsun Mugez or Altangagnuur (Дөрвөлсөн мүгэз, Алтангагнуур, Rhodiola quadrifida),
5. Tsagaan Tseene (Цагаан цээнэ, Paeonia lactiflora),
6. Goviin Khyalgana or Mongol Uvs (Говийн хялгана, Монгол өвс, Stipa gobica)
7. Mongol Potanin (Монгол Потанин, Potaninia mongolica),
8. Mongol Dogar (Монгол догар, Caryopteris mongolica) 
Scabiosa Named as National FlowerMontsame, October 26

Speaker on an official visit to China
October 27 ( Speaker of the State Great Khural Mongolia Z.Enkhbold arrived in China to pay an official visit upon the invitation of Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of the National People's Congress of China, today.
Chair of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress China, Li Lihui, and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to China Ts.Sukhbaatar welcomed the Speaker of the Mongolian Parliament, Z.Enkhbold.
Speaker Z.Enkhbold will meet today with the President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping.  Then, the Speaker will hold a meeting with Chairman Zhang Dejiang to sign a memorandum of understanding to create regular mechanisms of cooperation between the Mongolian State Great Khural and National People's Congress of China.
Speaker of Mongolian Parliament Z.Enkhbold is accompanied by MPs S.Byambatsogt, S.Odontuya, M.Batchimeg, D.Sumiyabazar, Senior Assistant to the Speaker and Director of Speaker's Services S.Lambaa, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to China Ts.Sukhbaatar, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister D.Gankhuyag, and other officials.
Speaker Heads to ChinaMontsame, October 27

Programme for Ulaanbaatar Anniversary
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 27 (MONTSAME) Series of events will take place in frames of marking the 375th anniversary of establishment of Ulaanbaatar. The events will run for three days starting October 27.
On October 27, a ceremony for honoring the Best Families of the city, at the Khangarid palace; opening ceremony of “From nomadic city to Settled city” photography exhibition at the National Museum of history (open until November 5) at 10.30 am; also a photography exhibition opening at the Office of the Mayor 11 am; a discussion of “Economic development strategy of Ulaanbaatar” at the Capital city Citizen’s Hall at 11 am; and a musical concert “Ulaanbaatar–The City of Great Deeds” at the Ulaanbaatar Ensemble Hall at 7 pm will take place.
On October 29 the expected are a ceremony for handing State orders and medals to a best servants and citizens of Ulaanbaatar at the Office of the Mayor; the national wrestling contest at Mongolian Wrestling Palace; and a ceremony for handing prizes for the best constructions in Ulaanbaatar at Bayangol Restaurant.
On October 29, lessons themed “History and Culture of Ulaanbaatar” will be given to children in every general education schools; an honorary session of the Citizen’s Khural will run; a photography mobile exhibition “From Yellow Cloth Palace to Mongolia’s Capital” will open at the central park of Ulaanbaatar; and a tribute ceremony will run for the first foundation stone of the capital city–“Melkhiit” monument as well as a tribute ceremony for the statue of Chingis Khaan at the central square, a tribute ceremony for the generations of city leaders at Khangarid Palace, a ceremonial conference and “Children’s Choir Festival” gala concert Central Cultural Palace, also a rock-pop concert “Big City Night” at the central square; and all thjs will be crowned with a ceremonial salute from the central park at 10 pm. 
Other actions such as parades, shows and commercial exhibits will run at Chinggis square throughout the day.

Duurenbayar Becomes Youth World Champion
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 27 (MONTSAME) The Mongolian judoka O.Duurenbayar became a champion on October 25 in the +100kg category at the Junior World Championships which took place in Fort Lauderdale of the USA.  
He had defeated wrestlers from Estonia, Egypt and S.Korea, in semifinal he had beat Khammen Lakiv from Ukraine by yuko in the semi-final and then, in the gold medal fight, he defeated Kibordzalidze Guga from Georgia within 02:14 minutes.
Last September and in the same weight category, he grabbed silver at the Asian Games.
Other Mongolian medalists in Fort Lauderdale were B.Amartuvshin and G.Battulga, who both grabbed bronze medals in men 55kg category, and also Ts.Tsogtbaatar with a silver medal in men 60kg category. In women’s 44kg category, G.Narantsetseg ranked the fifth.
Our national team in the Junior World Championships ranked at fourth place, having won a gold, a silver and two bronze medals among 80 countries. Japan topped the tournament with its 12 medals, followed by the French with 8 medals, and Russians with 6 medals.
The Championships completed on October 26.

Smartphone use banned at a UB school
October 27 ( The use of smartphones during school hours has been banned for pupils at the 84th Secondary School in Ulaanbaatar.
The school board issued the decision as pupils use smartphones for browsing the internet, taking photos, and listening to music during school hours. Concerns were also raised about students losing expensive phones and having property stolen. This is the only school in Ulaanbaatar that has banned the use of smart or expensive mobile phones.
Social worker of the 84th Secondary School, R.Tserensodnom spoke about the decision.
When did the school board make this decision?
The school board issued the decision to ban the use of smart or expensive mobile phones at school when it discussed the school rules last year. Although smartphones are technological advancement, they spoil students, hindering their learning. The school also believes that mobile phones are just a tool. Due to heavy usage, a smartphone battery lasts only one day or less, but a normal mobile phone can keep battery power much longer, and it is more economical as well.
There has been a significant rise of youngsters with poor vision in recent years. Looking at a smartphone display panel contributes to this somehow.  Considering a number of these facts, the school board has made this decision. We also think the ban will prevent students from committing crime. Students may be victims of smartphone robbery and theft after classes in the evening.
How has the decision been complied with by students at the school?
How do you enforce the decision?
There are 3,367 students, and the students know and comply with the decision. The school installed cameras. Parents still tend to buy expensive smartphones for school children, not knowing the consequences.

National monthly minimum wage expected to be raised to 380,000 MNT
October 27 ( The national monthly minimum wage is increased annually, following three-party negotiations between the labor unions, employers and the Government of Mongolia.
The national minimum wage was set at 192,000 MNT, with a 36 percent increase set in 2013.
Now the re-setting of the national monthly minimum wage will be 380,000 MNT, a nearly twofold increase.
The government budget has planned 320 billion MNT for the increase of salaries and 170 billion MNT for pension and allowances next year.
The average salary is expected to increase as the minimum wage sees another increase.
Nationwide, it is estimated that the workforce is made up of 1.1 million workers in Mongolia, and 8.4 percent (over 200,000 employees) are paid the minimum monthly wage.

Camel Festival of Great Gobi 2014 to Be Held for Consecutive 9th Year
October 27 ( The Govi-Altai Aimag Governing Administration is organizing the “Camel Festival of Great Gobi 2014” in its Tugrug Sum on November 16-17, 2014.
This annual festival was first organized under the initiation of incumbent Parliamentarian Ts.Dashdorj in 2005 and now became the traditional event and this year’s festival is being co-organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture.
In the frameworks, consultation among breeders of camel will be hosted that aims to consider government policy to adhere on raising the number of heads of camel and exchange opinions with local breeders.
During the celebration, many sports and cultural activities will be held such as a Camel Parade, Camel Races for two-year and five-year animals, Camel Polo, selecting Best Male and Female Camels. Also, hand-made exhibition originated by camel products will be displayed along with arts exhibits. Winner of the race will be awarded as customary with a silver peg for a camel weighing about 370 gr.

Mongolian Athletes Finished 2014 Asian Para Games with 12 Medals
October 27 ( The 2014 Asian Para Games, also known as the Second Asian Para Games for Asian athletes with disability were successfully concluded in Incheon, South Korea on October 24, 2014.
The Para Games, that continued six days after conclusion of the XVII Asian Games, brought about 4,500 athletes from 41 countries competing in 23 sports events and representing Mongolia, 61 athletes under 15 coaches have competed in 9 sports categories including Archery, Athletics, Goalball, Judo, Powerlifting, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, and Sitting Volleyball.
Following the final standings, Mongolian athletes achieving a total of 12 medals (2+1+8) stood at the 17th place and the medal table list was led by the Team of China (174+95+48), South Korea (72+62+77) and Japan (38+49+56).
In the First Asian Para Games held in Guangzhou, PR of China on December 13-19, 2010, Mongolian athletes won five medals (0+2+3), and finished at the 24th spot in a medal table out of 45 Asian member nations participated.

EU and Mongolia to Launch Cooperation Project on Improving Food and Product Standards
October 27 ( The EU and Mongolia will launch the Support to the Modernization of Mongolia’s Standardization System (SMMSS) Project that aims to improve food and product standards at the "Ikh Tenger" State Complex in Ulaanbaatar on October 28, 2014.
Project activities will focus on standardization, accreditation, market surveillance, national quality programs and human resource capacity building, with the aim of contributing to Mongolia adopting, adapting, and applying parts or the totality of the European principles governing its quality infrastructure (including market surveillance) in order to stimulate trade and assist in ensuring the safety of products and food, as well as aid institutional capacity building. It will assist in enabling the Mongolian administration to effectively develop and manage the modernization of Mongolia’s standardization system.
The kick-off event for the SMMSS Project will be held in the presence of representatives of all high-level stakeholders and decision makers, such as Members of the Mongolian Parliament, the Deputy Prime Minister, as well as officials of the EU Delegation, EU Ambassadors, and representatives of the project partners. The aim of this event is to trigger the commitment of partners and stakeholders to cooperation, exchange information among all parties, and provide further instructions and directions regarding the implementation of the project.
The event, which is expected of 150 participants, will be opened by Mr. D.Terbishdagva, the Deputy Prime Minister, whose remarks will be followed by welcoming remarks by Mr. Lars Gronvald, Head of Development and Cooperation, the EU Delegation to Mongolia. Next, presentations will be delivered by the Project Partners and beneficiaries focusing on the role of standardization in trade between the European Union and Mongolia and the future of Mongolia’s standardization system, as well as a project introduction and presentations.
About the SMMSS Project
The aim of the project is to support the initiative of the Government of Mongolia (GoM) to adopt European principles, norms and standards relating to the first pillar “Free Movement of Goods” through institutional capacity building.
The EU project "Support to the modernization of Mongolia's standardization system" started on April 01, 2014, and will run for three years. The project has a 3.7 million EUR budget (9.25 billion MNT).
The objectives of the project are:
- A national quality policy and a national quality programme are in place, managed by the working group under the Deputy Prime Minister, which is actively supported and implemented by all stakeholders.
- The provisions of Directive 2001/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 3 December 2001 on general product safety and of Directive 1999/34/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 10 May 1999 amending Council Directive 85/374/EEC on the approximation of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States concerning liability for defective products are transposed into the Mongolian legislation.
- The legal framework for the quality infrastructure is in place, ensuring institutional separation of the regulatory, standardization, accreditation and conformity assessment functions.
- The Mongolian national standards body, MASM, is able to operate as a WTO compliant national standards body.
- The national accreditation body is able to operate according to ISO 17011 (general requirements for bodies providing assessment and accreditation of conformity assessment bodies) and that it has carried out first (joint) accreditations in the priority sectors.
- A market surveillance body is established and the transition from state technical inspection towards market surveillance is established.
- A first set of product regulations is in place.
The overall objective of the project is to improve capacities of the Government of Mongolia for better delivery of good quality public services.

Government Securities to Be Traded through MSE from November 04, 2014
October 27 ( On October 24, 2014, in accordance with decision to trade Government securities through Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE), authorities of the MSE JSC and Mongolian Securities Clearing House and Central Depository JSC have received representatives from broker and dealer companies to introduce and inform about new regulations.
Three-month government securities orders for 2014 will be accepting from October 29th, and the first day of trading will be held by authorized securities companies on November 04, 2014.
Before, the Government security actions were used to held at the Bank of Mongolia and the latter Auction for 12 weeks maturity Government Treasury bill was announced at face value of 20.0 billion MNT on October 15, 2014. Face value of 20.0 billion (out of 35.3 billion bid) Government Treasury bill was sold at discounted price and with weighted average yield of 15.470%.

Mongolia's Initiative Approved on Literacy Education
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 27 (MONTSAME) The Plenary meeting of the Third Committee of the UNGA enacted on October 23 the resolution on Literacy Education which was initiated by Mongolia. The resolution has been approved by the gathered without voting.
Member-countries appreciated Mongolia’s constant efforts to realize this initiative which has been reflected in the Development Goals Beyond 2015 as an independent goal. The co-authors of the draft resolution were 81 UN member-countries.
The UNESCO research report for the 69th session of the UN GA says that, in spite of decades of global commitments to improve literacy, there are 781 million adult illiterates, 58 million children of primary school age and 63 million of secondary school age who do not go to schools, and 250 million young children have no access to decent literacy education. Thus, the nations and international subjects should reflect this issue to the policies of any level and promote literacy through political and economic leverages.

Mongolia and China Hold Energy Sector Meeting
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 27 (MONTSAME) The first Mongolia-China energy sector consultative meeting ran October 23 in Beijing. Discussed there were issues such as energy trade, renewable energy, and financing of the power stations to be built on Mongolia’s major coal mines.
The action was organized in a scope of the memorandum, inked during the visit of Mongolia’s former Minister of Energy to China in May this year. According to the memorandum, the two sides will hold such consultative meetings regularly and expand cooperation in the energy sphere.
The meeting was chaired by D.Delgertsogt, acting state secretary of the Ministry of Mining and Energy of Mongolia, and by Zhang Yuqing, deputy chief of China National Energy Administration. The gathered reached general understandings on some issues, reflected in the bilateral official documents, namely, the Agreement on Medium- and Long-term Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and the Memorandum between the former Minister of Energy of Mongolia and China National Energy administration. The issues included matters on bilateral energy trade, renewable energy and others. The sides also agreed to establish a group of experts to draw Chinese investments for the large capacity power station to be built on a coal mine.

Stamp Issued for Anniversary of Ulaanbaatar
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 27 (MONTSAME) In respect of the 375th anniversary of the Ulaanbaatar, postage stamps called "The Capital City of Mongolia–The 375th Anniversary" were published and offered on October 27.
The stamps have been created at the order of the Mayor’s Office, and designed by B.Damdinbazar.
A legendary bird Geruda--the symbol of the Mongolian capital--is depicted in the center of the stamp. According to Mongolian beliefs, the Geruda symbolizes courage and honesty. On the forehead of the Geruda is the Soyombo, which symbolizes statehood and wisdom. The Geruda bird is depicted holding in its right hand a key, which symbolizes openness and prosperity, and in the left--a lotus flower, a symbol of equality and purity. In its feet the Bird holds a snake, which means that everything evil and bad will not be tolerated. Surrounding the Geruda, displayed are the views of central streets of Ikh Khuree in 1911, of Ulaanbaatar in 1958, 1982 and 2014.

Mongolian Junior Team Stands at 4th Place in 2014 Judo World Junior Championships
October 27 ( The 2014 Judo World Junior Championships were held in Miami, USA on October 22-26, 2014, where a total of 521 judokas (308 male and 213 female) from 72 countries have participated in the Men’s and Women’s 8 weight categories.
Representing Mongolian juniors, a team of 10 male and 7 female wrestlers have competed and on the first day of the tournament, B.Amartuvshin and G.Battulga, both in the Men’s 55 kg, have shared the third place and Ts.Tsogtbaatar won a Silver medal in the Men’s 60 kg. On the last day, U.Duurenbayar achieved a Gold medal in the Men’s +100 kg division. Moreover, G.Narantsetseg, Women’s 44 kg, stood at the fifth place.
Following the final team results, Mongolia (1+1+2) spotted at the fourth place after Japan (7+4+2), France (1+2+5) and Russia (1+2+3).
Mongolian Junior Team in the 2014 Judo World Junior Championships
Men’s Team
1. Bayaraa AMARTUVSHIN, 55 kg
2. Ganbaatar BATTULGA, 55 kg
3. Bazarsad SUMIYABAZAR, 60 kg
4. Tsend-Ochir TSOGTBAATAR, 60 kg
5. Erdenetogtokh TUMENNASAN, 66 kg
6. Battur SHIRMEN, -73 kg
7. Bayanmunkh GAAJADAMBA, 81 kg
8. Gantulga ALTANBAGANA, 90 kg
9. Byeryedmurat SEYRIK, 90 kg
10. Ulziibayar DUURENBAYAR, +100 kg
Women’s Team
1. Ganbaatar NARANTSETSEG, 44 kg
2. Erdenebat BAZARRAGCHAA, 48 kg
3. Erdenetsogt GERELMAA, 52 kg
4. Baldorj MUNGUNCHIMEG, 63 kg
5. Bold GANKHAICH, 63 kg
6. Batbaatar KHULAN, 70 kg
7. Ganbat ODONJARGAL, +78 kg
Final Results for Men’s 55 kg
1. UMEKITA, Wataru (JPN)
2. FIKRI, Kamal (FRA)
3. Ganbaatar BATTULGA (MGL)
5. HOVSEPYAN, Vahagn (ARM)
7. ZAIRBEKOV, Gamzat (RUS)
7. ALIPIEV, Valentin (BUL)
Final Results for Men’s 60 kg
1. GARRIGOS, Francisco (ESP)
2. Tsend-Ochir TSOGTBAATAR (MGL)
3. CHOI, In Hyuk (KOR)
3. SADIGOV, Mehman (AZE)
5. MAMMADOV, Davud (AZE)
5. HAYASHI, Kohei (JPN)
7. DIAZ, Adonis (USA)
7. REBAHI, Salim (ALG)
Final Results for Men’s +100 kg
1. Ulziibayar DUURENBAYAR (MGL)
3. KHAMMO, Iakiv (UKR)
5. RUDNYK, Anton (UKR)
5. FAGERHILL, Sebastian (SWE)
7. CHOI, Minyoung (KOR)
7. WAHID, Ahmed (EGY)

Ichinojo Becomes Sekiwake Skipping Komusubi Title
October 27 ( On October 27, 2014, the Japan Sumo Association has released the Banzuke - rankings of professional sumo wrestlers for 2014 Kyushu Basho or Grand Sumo November Tournament to take place in Fukuoka cityon November 09-23, 2014.
Most notably, new “star” Ichinojo, A.Ichinnorov, who boomed and debuted in the top division with a Maegashira (ME-10) title in the past September Tournament will be competing with a newSekiwake title.
The Sekiwake title is the top third rank in the top Makuuchi Division and this is the first ever occasion that a new wrestler is skipping the fourth top of Komusubi from a Maegashira title. Moreover, it is recorded in a sumo history as the first achievement to reach this title after 5 tournaments and as of today, Ichinojo becomes the 7th Sekiwake born from Mongolia and 15th foreign national to compete under Sekiwake.
Banzuke for 26 Mongoliansumowrestlers, 2014 KyushuBasho
Makuuchi Division
1. East Yokozuna Hakuho - M.Davaajargal
2. West Yokozuna Kakuryu - M.Anand
3. East Yokozuna Harumafuji - D.Byambadorj
4. West Sekiwake Ichinojo - A.Ichinnorov
5. MW-3 Terunofuji -G.Gan-Erdene
6. MW-10 Tamawashi - B.Munkh-Orgil
7. MW-11 Kyokutenho - N.Tsevegnyam
8. ME-13 Takanoiwa - A.Baasandorj
9. MW-13 Arawashi - E.Dulguun
10. MW-15 Kyokushuho - T.Erdenebaatar
Juryo Division
11. E-1 Tokitenku - A.Khuchitbaatar
12. W-1 6 Kagamio - B.Nanjid
13. W-3 Seiro - A.Unubold
14. E-4 Shotenro - D.Nyamsuren
15. W-7 Asasekiryu - B.Dashnyam
16. E-10 Azumaryu - S.Todbileg
17. W-12 Sakigake - Ya.Battushig
Makushita Division
18. W-11 Chiyoshima -G.Munkhsaikhan
19. W-14Gochozan - D.Uuganbaatar
20. E-18 Ryuonami - B.Buyanjargal
21. W-23 Daishoho- R.Shijirbayar
22. W-25 Sensho - E.Bayarbat
23. E-53 Aratoshi - V.Tserendorj
24. W-60 Daionami - B.Uuganbayar
Sandanme Division
25. E-24 Takakasuga - E.Enkhmanlai
Jonidan Division
26. E-9 Sadahikari - D.Narantsogt

Mongolia gathers Online Freedom Coalition members
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 27 (MONTSAME) As the current chair of the Coalition, Mongolia gathered the representatives of its member-countries on October 23 in New-York to hold a discussion with the UN Special rapporteur on Freedom of opinion and expression.
The meeting was co-organized by the former chair of the Coalition Estonia. The ambassadors and permanent representatives to the UN from the coalition members participated in the event. Special rapporteur David Kaye complimented the member-countries for their mindfuk union at this turning point when human rights’ issues have been extended to cyber world, and shared the conclusions and recommendations from his report to be discussed at the committee meeting of the UN GA.
He also stressed an importance of determining responsibilities of all parties involved as well as of Governments, on the protection of secrets and freedom to opinion and expression.
During the discussion, a permanent representative of Estonia to the UN gave status report on the realization of Tallinn Strategy, enacted at the Fourth Conference of Coalition in 2013. Mongolian representative to the UN O.Och, chairing the meeting, informed about the measures taken by Mongolia on Online Freedom, and preparation status of the upcoming Fifth Conference of the Coalition to happen in Ulaanbaatar in May of 2015.

Stock Exchange news for October 27
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 27 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades on Monday, a total of 122,256 shares of 17 JSCs were traded costing MNT 87 million 876 thousand and 458.00.
"BINSE” Ltd. /120,000 units/, “APU” /1,815 units/, “State Department Store” /149 units/, “Darkhan Nekhii” /100 units/ and "Arig Gal” /92 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value were "BINSE” Ltd. (MNT 75 million and 600 thousand), "APU” (MNT six million and 726 thousand), “UB-BUK” (MNT two million and 152 thousand), "Darkhan Nekhii” (MNT one million and 845 thousand) and "Makh Impex” (MNT 299 thousand and 300).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 562 billion 926 million 878 thousand and 357. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 15,535.83, increasing 21.90 units or 0.14% against the previous day.

Mongolia-Turkey scientific conference runs
By B. Amarsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar, October 27 (MONTSAME) A scientific conference on Mongol Studies of Turkey was held October 24 at Gazi University in Ankara. The University rector professor Dr. Suleyman Buyukberber and a director of the Department for Turkish Studies Hulia Kasaroglu opened the conference.
Mongolian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Turkey B.Batkhishig gave extended speech on development of the relations between Mongolia and Turkey. A total of 11 presentations were also given such as “Reference and connection of Turkish and Mongolian languages” by Tunjer Gulensoi Ph.D., “Mongolian Coin” by Aishe Gul Sertkaya Ph.D., and “Prevalence  of Mongolian language and changes in linguistics” by Dr. Bulent Gul.
Mongol studies have been given much consideration recent years in Turkey, and a center for Mongol studies has been established at the Hacettepe University of Ankara.
The organizer of the first scientific conference on such topic in Turkey--the Gazi University--has over 80 thousand students, among them 24 Mongolians. The Ambassador B.Batkhishig met with the rector Dr S.Buyukberber to talk about raising a number of Mongolian students studying in the University and expanding cooperation on the Mongol Studies.

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