Monday, August 11, 2014

Russian Minister S.Ye.Donskoy visits to discuss strategic partnership

Mongolian Deputy Minister and Chairman of the Mongolia-Russia intergovernmental commission (MRIC) D.Terbishdagva called on Russian Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology and Russian Chairman of the Mongolia-Russia intergovernmental commission S.Ye.Donskoy at the State Palace.

The Deputy Minister reported that Mongolia is working on plans for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Battles of Khalkhiin Gol, and gave thanks for Russia’s attention to the celebration and involvement at the highest level. Mongolia is preparing for the visit of the President of the Russian Federation next month. The Deputy Minister said that Mongolia is working on a mid-term plan on the development of strategic partnerships between the two countries.

S.Ye.Donskoy replied, “We cherish the 75th anniversary of Khalkhiin Gol, and most important is our President’s summit visit on December 3rd.”

In the next intergovernmental commission meeting the parties will sign documents on bilateral relations and the commission will work on the implementation of decisions made during the previous conference. The Russian chairman underlined that the bilateral trade cycle has decreased, and proposed developing trade and economic relations based on Mongolia and Russia’s traditional relationship.

D.Terbishdagva replied, “Developing strategic partnership relations with the Russian Federation is one of the major priorities of Mongolian foreign policy. Keeping up the frequency of bilateral summit visits and negotiations is important to our future development. We are improving in trade, economic and investment relations, however, I agree that the results are not like we expected.”

The Mongolian chairman expressed his gratitude for the successful implementation of references and solutions on some issues stated in the protocol of the 17th conference of MRIC.

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