Sunday, August 10, 2014

Operation PACANGEL 14-4 begins in Mongolia

The United States and Mongolia will conduct humanitarian assistance operations Aug. 11-16 as part of Operation Pacific Angel-Mongolia.

Operation PACANGEL is a total force, joint and combined humanitarian assistance operation led by Pacific Air Forces. PACANGEL 2014 includes general health, dental, optometry, pediatrics, and engineering programs as well as various subject-matter expert exchanges.

Approximately 65 U.S. military members, along with local non-governmental organizations, and host nation military forces will conduct humanitarian assistance operations throughout Mongolia, as part of this operation. PACANGEL enhances participating nations' humanitarian assistance and disaster relief capabilities.

Officially in its seventh year, PACANGEL supports U.S. Pacific Command's capacity-building efforts by partnering with other governments, non-governmental agencies and multilateral militaries in the respective region to provide medical, dental, optometry, and engineering assistance to their citizens. This operation will be used to improve and build relationships in the event of future humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts. Since 2007, U.S. military members, together with host nation military and civilian personnel throughout the region, have improved the lives of tens of thousands of people through PACANGEL operations Visit Pacific Air Forces' official website to view or download PACANGEL imagery. (

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