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Mongolia Brief August 18, 2014 Part II

Khuvsgul's Music and Drama Theatre performs at Festival de Montoire
August 18 ( The 42nd Festival de Montoire international folklore festival was held to celebrate world culture in Montoire, France, from August 12-17.

The Music and Drama Theatre of Khuvsgul Province staged performances for the first time at the festival, where ensembles and groups from Cuba, Uruguay, Ireland, France, the Canary Islands, Croatia, Bhutan, Vietnam and Nigeria were represented.
The annual folklore festival showcases folk music, dance groups and ensembles from every corner of the world and welcomes over 20,000 visitors.
The entire team of from the Music and Drama Theatre of Khuvsgul Province has participated in 14 festivals being held in France from May 28 through August 19.

Remote Control' screened at Melbourne International Film Festival
August 18 ( Mongolian director S.Byamba's film “Remote Control” was selected for the Melbourne International Film Festival and shown to the Australian audience on August 10 and 12.
“Remote Control”, which depicts the harmony and conflict between old and new in fast moving modern life, was seen by 600 visitors in two days. Melbourne International Film Festival, a renowned film festival in the Australia and Asia Pacific region, screened 320 films from 63 different countries in 2013.
“Remote Control” became the first Mongolian film ever selected for the festival.
This was a big move in bilateral cultural relations between Mongolia and Australia. “Remote Control” won the New Currents Award, the top prize of South Korea's Busan International Film Festival, and has been selected to screen in festivals in Munich, Shanghai, Terracotta, Seattle, Vilnius and an international film festival in Belgium.
Mongolian Movie Screened at MIFFMontsame, August 18

Mayors of Northeast Asian cities gather in Ulaanbaatar
August 18 ( The Forum of Mayors of Northeast Asian Cities, initiated by Mayor of Ulaanbaatar E.Bat-Uul, begins today in Ulaanbaatar.
The forum with the theme of "Sustainable and Inclusive Cities" will convene at the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Mongolia. Over 120 representatives from six countries in Northeast Asia have arrived in Ulaanbaatar for the two-day forum.
At the forum, many subjects such as "Economic Development of Northeast Asian Cities - 2014", "Urban Management and Service Supply, Technology, Innovation Practice", and " Sustainable Development of Cities-Achievement" will be reviewed and discussed.
President Ts.Elbegdorj and Foreign Affairs Minister L.Bold are attending the opening ceremony of the Forum of Mayors of Northeast Asian Cities.

From August 22nd Vehicles to Participate on UB Road Depending on Their Plate Number Endings
August 18 ( The Traffic Police Department of Ulaanbaatar issued a 10-day regulation permitting only vehicles those plate numbers ending with EVEN numbers to participate on the road on EVEN days and vehicles ending with ODD numbers allowed on ODD days, which is effective from August 22 until August 31, 2014.
The regulation that approved by Capital City Administration is connected with the increasing number of vehicles entering the City due to new academic year that cause a heavy traffic. Therefore, the temporary regulation to decrease the traffic will be implemented for above 10 days between 07:00 am and 09:00 pm.
In other words, vehicles with license plates ending with 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 are allowed to participate in the road traffic on August 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 and vehicles ending with 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 will be riding on August 23, 25, 27, 29 and 31. The regulation does not comply to special equipped vehicles on duties such as police, ambulance, fire and etc.

“Selenge” Russian-Mongolian Joint Military Exercises to Continue until August 29, 2014
August 18 ( The "Selenge 2014" Russian-Mongolian joint military field exercises are started at Munkh Khet polygon (firing field) near Choibalsan, the center of Dornod Aimag, Mongolia from August 15, 2014.
This year’s military exercises are quite distinct from previous ones because the Selenge-2014 is being organized in the scope of the 75th anniversary of the victory by Soviet-Mongolian Army over the Kwantung Army of Japan in the Battles at the Khalkh River.
Over thousand militants from both sides with over 100 hardware units are participating, where Mongolian military servicemen are chaired by Brigadier General R.Sukhbat and Colonel B.Amgalanbaatar and the other part by Major General V.Ye.Sharagov.
The “Selenge” Russian-Mongolian joint military exercises will be continuing until August 29, 2014.

President Addresses Northeast Asian Mayors’ Forum
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 18 (MONTSAME) The leader of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj delivered a speech at the opening of the Northeast Asian Mayors’ Forum which kicked off Monday in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ulaanbaatar.
The forum has brought together delegates of Russia, China, Japan, the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea besides of Mongolia.
Starting his speech, the President underlined an importance of the Mayors’ Forum and wished the gathered successes.
"Recent years, it is said that the development of world countries has been determined by their city mayors, and the Mayors are the kind of leaders who bear the people’s trust," he said. Our cities have both good jobs and problems, "so I hope that this forum will seek opportunities to tackle them," Mr Elbegdorj said.
After this he highlighted his ideas on cities. "The most vital matter is to develop a city for its people; which means all special structures that always serve the people's needs. If we do our urban planning in this way, the urban development tendencies will go correctly," Mr Elbegdorj said.
He also noted a unique feature of the Forum--"it has been running here prior to visits of the Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin". Here he expressed a hope that agreements reached at this forum will be touched upon during these visits. 
The Northeast Asian Mayors' Forum will continue until Tuesday.

Mongolia Immigration Office Issues Warning against Nonessential Travel to West African Countries
August 18 ( To date, the largest outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD), the outbreaks that have a case fatality rate of up to 90%, is occurred in West Africa, which is affecting Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria.
On August 08, 2014, the World Health Organization announced the EVD formally designated the outbreak as an emergency of international concern, which was first appeared simultaneously in Sudan and Congo in 1976.
Accordingly, affiliated organs report that no citizen of Mongolia is affected by the Ebola virus to date and the first statement was issued by Citizenship and Migration General Authority of Mongolia (CMGAM).
“As of today, it was registered that 12 citizens of Mongolia have returned from the Democratic Republic of Congo and currently there is no suspect of disease from these travelers, who are under control. The CMGAM is temporary not issuing a visa to Mongolia for those nationals whose country or region is registered as affected with EVD until the outbreak calms down. The CMGAM is also advising its citizens to avoid traveling to those regions if it is not essential”.
Also, the National Center of Communicable Diseases (NCCD) reports, “We are doing some disinfections and analyses to those recently returned from and nearby countries affected with Ebora virus and giving people detailed info about the disease.
Moreover, we regularly exchange information with relevant bodies such the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and currently, there is no suspect registered with the EVD”.
The General Staff of Mongolian Armed Forces reports, “However Mongolian militants are serving in hot spots overseas, but our peacekeepers are not involved in operations in those country or region, where the EVD outbreaks. Today, Mongolian peacekeepers are on duties in North and South Sudan and in Afghanistan”.

Mongolia-Japan Business Meeting to Promote Bilateral Cooperation
August 18 ( On August 20-23, 2014, Mongolia-Japan joint exhibition of calligraphy namely "Sky and Sun Partnership" is announced to be organized at Blue Moon art gallery in Ulaanbaatar.
It was also reported that some well-known politicians of Japan are to participate in this exhibition by sending themselves written calligraphies. In conjunction, some members of Japanese Parliamentary Groups will be arriving soon. Moreover, they will be accompanied with a group of business delegates, who requested to organize a Business Meeting with Mongolian counterparts.
As a part of visiting program, a meeting with Chairman of Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI), MP S.Demberel will be hosted and the Business Meeting will be held at the MNCCI building at 11:00 am on August 21, 2014.
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