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Mongolia Brief August 12, 2014 Part II

The industrial production increased by 16.9 percent 
August 12 (Mongolian Economy) The industrial production index also shows signs of growth as it increased by 16.9 percent from the end of last year.
The mining of products, including molybdenum, iron ore and copper concentrate, increased between 2.7 to 53.9 percent. Production of products such as soft drinks, buuz, pure water, windows, and knitted goods rose 2.6 percent compared to the previous year.
In terms of transportation, 11129.4 thousand tons of freight and 1999.8 thousand passengers were carried by rail during the first seven months of 2014. The amount of freight decreased by 807.0 thousand tons and the amount of passengers decreased by 252.4 thousand persons compared to the same period the previous year.
Thus revenue decreased by 2.7 percent, amounting to MNT 233.5 billion. By air, 1959.1 tons of freight and 385.2 thousand passengers were carried. The amount of freight decreased by 374.9 tons and the amount of passengers decreased by 44.3 thousand persons compared to the same period the previous year. Thus revenue decreased by MNT 1.3 billion, totaling MNT 126.5 billion. 

Mongolian Economy Partners with Global Water Partnership
August 12 (Mongolian Economy) Mongolian Economy magazine is an official Partner of the Global Water Partnership, a network of Partners who collaborate together to ensure the sustainability of the world’s water resources. GWP believes good water management comes from good governance, thus the importance of Partners working together to create effective solutions to combat negative water-based impacts.  
The main goal for the GWP is to construct a more solid network of Partners. With this, the starting point is advocacy to place water at high priority levels. More Partners means more dialogue. More dialogue means more positive changes. Through advocacy, the network can build capacity, share knowledge and in turn, change the way water is managed. This way, we can create a water secure world. 

A.Battsetseg, Women’s 55 Kg, Becomes Champion in 2014 Junior World Wrestling Championship
August 12 ( The 2014 Junior World Wrestling Championships in Freestyle, Greco-Roman and Women Wrestling were held at “Dow Sportova” sport hall in Zagreb city of Croatia on August 05-10, 2014.
The Championships were conducted in 8 weight divisions for both Men’s (50, 55, 60, 66, 74, 84, 96, 120 kg) and Women’s (44, 48, 51, 55, 59, 63, 67, 72 kg) categories, where the Team of Mongolia has participated with its 5 male and 7 female junior wrestlers.
Following the competition results, only two female wrestlers grabbed medals, Gold by A.Battsetseg, 55 kg, in the Women Wrestling and Bronze by B.Nyamgerel in the Women’s 63 kg.
A.Battsetseg becomes Mongolia’s 7th champion in the Junior World Wrestling Championship and the 3rd champion as of female junior wrestler. She is a promising young athlete, who won such title in the past during the Junior and Youth Asian Wrestling Championships.
Final Results in Women Wrestling category
Women Wrestling 55 kg
1. Altantsetseg BATTSETSEG (MGL)
2. Tatyana KIT (UKR)
3. Nanami IRIE (JPN)
Women Wrestling 63 kg
2. Ekaterina LARIONOVA (KAZ)
3. Burneebaatar NYAMGEREL (МGL)
3. Kiwa SAKAE (JPN)

Top 10 Albums of Week: August 04-10, 2014
August 12 ( The "Hi-Fi Records" music chain store releases the Top 10 bestselling albums on weekly basis. Below the chart list of albums of the week of August 04-10, 2014.
Top 10 albums of the week: August 04-10, 2014
1. UBS TV (Universe best songs) “Silver Night” - 10,000 MNT (Tugrug)
2. Composer N.Jantsannorov “Burkhan Khaldun” - 23,000 MNT
3. UBS TV (Universe best songs) “Namuun Baigal” - 18,000 MNT
4. Morin Khuur instrument player D.Shinetsog “Unu Munkhlei” - 30,000 MNT
5. Singer S.Javkhlan “Khamag Mongol” - 13,000 MNT
6. Singer Kh.Lkhagvasuren “Kharangyn Lkhagvaa” - 15,000 MNT
7. Khuumii (throat) singer G.Yavgaan “Altai Khangai Goviin Ayalguu” - 35,000 MNT
8. Anar Od studio “Mongolian National Melodies” - 19,900 MNT
9. Morin Khuur Ensemble "The Best One" - 25,000 MNT
10. Composer G.Onon “Yertunts” - 20,000 MNT

Stock exchange news for August 12
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 12 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades held Tuesday, a total of 21 thousand and 815 shares of 16 JSCs were traded costing MNT 27 million 829 thousand and 634.00.
"Jargalant uils” /15 thousand and 700 units/, "Gobi” /2,522 units/, "E-trans logistics” /1,550 units/, "Genco tour bureau” /1,108 units/ and "Darkhan khuns” /170 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value--"Gobi” (MNT 19 million 671 thousand and 600), "Jargalant uils” (MNT two million 716 thousand and 100), "Talkh chikher” (MNT two million 037 thousand and 080), "Darkhan khuns” (MNT 680 thousand) and "APU” (MNT 633 thousand and 210).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 601 billion 986 million 101 thousand and 508. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 15,930.09, increasing by MNT 25.07 or 0.16% against the previous day.

Press release: Rio Tinto opens Galba public park in Khanbogd
August 12 (Oyu Tolgoi) - This project is a great example of community engagement, strong partnership and sustainable development in the South Gobi –
Khanbogd, Umnugobi - Last weekend, Khanbogd soum celebrated its historic 90th anniversary.  As part of the celebrations, Galba Public Park, built on initiative of soum residents and administration with financing under Rio Tinto’s social investment programme, was officially opened.
Oyu Tolgoi LLC Board members, executives of Erdenes Oyu Tolgoi LLC, and Rio Tinto representatives attended the Khanbogd soum anniversary celebrations and Galba Park opening ceremony.
In his speech at the opening of Galba Park, Rob Atkinson, COO of Rio Tinto Copper Group said: “I would like to express my gratitude to all the people of Khanbogd who worked together with us and supported construction of this wonderful public park, designed for Khanbogd families and households. I am confident that our partnership and friendship will grow stronger and stronger with each passing year, as we build sustainable development together”.
Khanbogd soum governor T.Buyan-Ulzii said “As Khanbogd residents celebrate 90th anniversary of our soum, one of 90 developments to mark this event is opening of this Galba Public Park, which will provide opportunities for children and adults to spend time in a pleasant and comfortable environment”
Respecting history of Khanbogd, this public park was named Galba which is the original historic name of Khanbogd soum. The park is five hectares and the amenities provide visitors with fountains, lawns, parking for 300 cars, restrooms and lighting. The park was built by a Mongolian company.
Last year, Rio Tinto supported more than 2,200 projects and programmes worldwide in areas such as health, education, business development, environment and agriculture. Galba Public Park is just one example.

Social insurance and unemployment rate
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 12 (MONTSAME) In the first seven months of this year, the revenue of the Social Insurance Fund amounted to MNT 751.1 billion, reflecting an increase of 30.9 billion or 4.3%; the expenditure of the fund reached 734.3 billion, increasing 122.3 billion or 20.0% over the same period of the previous year.
The Social Welfare Fund gave 191.1 thousand people for retirement pensions and welfare payments some 80 Billion. A number of the pension and welfare recipients increased 11.4 thousand people or 6.3% against the previous year, while the amount of the pensions and allowances--by 6.1 billion or 8.2%.
The same period, the Human Development Fund paid out cash benefits of 138.0 billion togrog to 978.9 thousand children aged below 18.
A number of the unemployed reached 34.7 thousand by late July of 2014, decreasing 4.2 thousand people or 10.9% against 2013.  

Births increase
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 12 (MONTSAME) The National Statistical Committee (NSO) says that 47 thousand 279 mothers delivered children, where a number of live births reached 47 thousand 587, in the first seven months of this year.
The number of the mothers delivered children increased 1,464 women or 3.2% and that of children went up by 1,544 or 3.4% against the previous year.
Infant mortality reached 728, increasing by 66 children or 10.0%, of under-five mortality reached 884, going up 72 babies or 8.9% against 2013. 

YOG athletes receive State Flag
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 12 (MONTSAME) A ceremony took place Monday in the Olympic House, the headquarters of the Mongolian National Olympic Committee (MonNOC), to grant the State Flag to young athletes who will compete in the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games on August 16-28 in Nanjing, China.
The Flag was handed to them by Ts.Oyungerel, the Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism, in presence of D.Zagdsuren and J.Otgontsagaan, the MonNOC president and the secretary-general.
"Our national team with five athletes is ready to take part in the events," noted Z.Galkhuu, an expert at the MonNOC for sport federation affairs. "Our main purpose is to win at least one gold medal and to augment a number of medals grabbed in previous Games. Our athletes are still having an intensive training at the Sports Medical Center,” he added.
The Mongolians will compete in the judo, shooting, weightlifting and wrestling. They will leave for China on August 14.  

Basketball team wins gold medal in USA
By B. Khuder
Ulaanbaatar, August 12 (MONTSAME) A Mongolian team for basketball has won a gold medal in the annual “Nike 3 on 3” tournament which was held last weekend in Los Angeles, the USA.
Organized by the Nike, the competition attracted the US 1.200 teams with 4,500 players. The Mongolian team was seeded in the second division alongside its 32 teams.
One of the types of basketball sports, the 3vs3 basketball is intensively developing around the world, and the success of the Mongolian players has been strengthening, for example, the boys’ team took 5th place and girls’--11th in the World School Championship for 3vs3 Basketball, recently held in China. 

1 USD Reaches 1,900 MNT, Highest Rate in Mongolian Market History
August 12 ( The regular Tuesday foreign currency auctions organized by Central Bank were held on August 12, 2014.
During the auctions held today, local commercial banks requested to buy USD and CNY, the Bank of Mongolia sold 24.0 million USD at a closing rate of 1,891.10 MNT/USD and 107.5 million CNY at a closing rate of 307.12 MNT/CNY respectively.
On the same day, the Central Bank did not receive any MNT or USD Swap agreement bid offer from local commercial banks.
As of August 12, 2014 by 04:45 pm, rates at the “Naiman Sharga” foreign currency exchange market, 1 USD was equivalent to 1,895.00 MNT (Tugrug) to sell and 1,900.00 MNT to buy, where 1 CNY - 309.00 MNT to sell and 310.00 MNT to buy.
Official Exchange Rates announced by the Central Bank on Monday, August 11, 1 USD was set at 1,884.00 MNT, 1 EUR - 2,523.81 MNT, 1 CNY - 306.15 MNT, 1 GBP - 3,163.24 MNT, and 1 RUB - 52.22 MNT respectively.

Two Military Units from Russian Armed Forces Arrived Today to Participate in "Selenge 2014" Joint Military Exercises
August 12 ( It was previously reported that the "Selenge 2014" Russian-Mongolian joint military field exercises will be held at Munkh Khet polygon (firing field) near Choibalsan, the center of Dornod Aimag, Mongolia, which is expected to start from August 15, 2014.
So on August 12, 2014, two military units from the Eastern Military District of the Russian Armed Forces have arrived at Bayan Tumen railway station - which is about 10 km from Choibalsan - to participate in this sixth edition of joint military exercises.
Moreover, 100 hardware units were unloaded, whereas Mi-24 helicopters and T-72 tanks will be used for the first time, besides, “Akatsiya”, 152 mm self-propelled artillery installations, “Grad” - multiple-rocket launch systems, “Shilka” - air defense self-propelled installations, and several "Vasilyok”, 120 mm mortar launchers will also be deployed for the first time.
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