Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Discovering unexplored China with Land Rover

British brand's expeditions give drivers 'once in a lifetime' experiences

Life is an extraordinary journey to go above and beyond. For Land Rover loyal, a three-day desert jamboree in the astonishing, outlying Alashan Desert spanning from Inner Mongolia to Ningxia in early August is another enlightening experience en route to explore the unknown and discover inner strength.

The journey in early August included challenging driving across sand dunes, escaping urban lifestyles for Mother Nature's purity and ruthlessness, spending time with like-minded people under the stars, bonfires, camping, dancing and a live concert featuring Chinese rock star Zheng Jun and the famed Panthers band. The list of "once in a life time" moments that celebrate passion for life and freedom and that participants experienced could go on.

"It's one of the most challenging, grueling, and exhausting journeys that I've ever experienced," said Feng Huawei, a Land Rover car owner. "Yet it is the most enlightening, rewarding, out-of-expectation one. To me, it's a baptism for mind and soul."

"When you see the fleet put together, the Land Rover logo against the backdrop of the boundless desert, you just can't stop feeling the very pulse of the brand spirit and an unbreakable bond with it," said Feng.

The effect is exactly what Bob Grace, regional president of Jaguar Land Rover Greater China, wanted. The desert jamboree was designed to be an unforgettable expedition to experience the British marque's renowned all-terrain capability, to explore China's picturesque and challenging landscape and, most importantly, to kindle the unstoppable pursuit of adventure.

"Our events are meant to lead all participants to experience something they have never imagined, something unique, exclusive and that encapsulates the Land Rover brand spirit ��to experience the unexplored, to embrace the toughness and fun of adventure, and to go 'Above and Beyond' with the backup of Land Rover, the finest all-terrain capability in the world," said Grace.

The captivating three-day journey, from Aug 7 to 9, attracted 500 Land Rover owners and media with a fully equipped fleet of 200 Land Rover vehicles. The event marked a milestone for Land Rover and it signaled the end of its "Never Stop Discovering, Unexplored Experiences" campaign.

Unexplored experiences

This year's "Unexplored Experiences" campaign was the first time that a full range of Land Rover nameplates joined the journey.

The year also saw a record number of participants in Land Rover's flagship "Never Stop Discovering" campaign.

"Unexplored Experiences" expeditions followed the brand's "most beautiful 24 hours in China" and "most beautiful frontline in China" experiences.

The expeditions began a new season for the "Never Stop Discovering" campaign in the British icon's largest market. The annual marketing gala started in China in 2012 to reach all out to Land Rover fans and partners to give them an opportunity to better understand the brand's pioneering and unstoppable spirit of "Above and Beyond".

This year's "Unexplored Experiences" covered one national and four regional routes in the southwest, east, northeast, and northwest of China. The unexplored routes included rainforest in Yunnan, the waters in coastal Zhejiang province, mountains in Inner Mongolia and desert in Inner Mongolia and Ningxia.

All the journeys lasted more than 70 days and brought unexplored experiences to almost 900 drivers. Each journey served as an inspiration, especially the national route, which covered almost all the elements of the four shorter sessions��mountains, water, rainforest and the spirit that pushed every member of the team to discover themselves.

Powerful lineup

During the experience participants drove on crowded urban roads, express highways, twisting mountain roads and unbeaten tracks in remote regions like the Alashan Desert. In doing so they gained a better understanding of vehicle control and obstacle handling.

"China's rapid urbanization is creating an increasing number of new elites who have a discerning taste for SUVs which can push the boundaries of traveling and lead them to unexplored territory," said Grace. "Our esteemed Land Rover stands out perfectly to meet the trend."

"Behind the wheels of a Land Rover, you can just go anywhere with nothing holding you back," the Briton said with pride.

Since it rolled out its first model in 1948, Land Rover has been dedicated to making industry-defining and market-leading SUVs. Its off-road reputation has been earned through decades of application, dedication and development. All models are ingeniously designed with brilliant simplicity for extraordinary ability and unrivalled versatility and durability.

In China, the British brand has introduced a powerful range of Land Rover models, the full range of which was showcased in the "Unexplored Experiences" campaign.

The Discovery Family completes the Land Rover product portfolio along with the Range Rover Family and the Defender Family and is the next strategic focus for the brand in China. The upcoming Discovery Sport, a premium mid-size SUV, will pay tribute to the legendary Discovery for its 25th anniversary.

As the most versatile and capable SUV in its segment, the model will be the first all-new member of the Discovery Family and will go on sale next year. The car takes styling cues from the Discovery Vision Concept, which won praise from pundits when it was unveiled in Beijing earlier this year.

"Customers are seeking fantastic driving journeys that rely on trustworthy vehicles," Grace noted. "That's why we keep rolling better, stronger and more advanced products of the assembly line."

Customer first philosophy

"A brand is a promise to customers," said Grace. "We cherish customers' trust in us and we act to deliver our promises."

While campaign themes and tour destinations vary from year to year, there is a long-standing customer first philosophy that drives all of Jaguar Land Rover's marketing in China.

Campaigns like "Unexplored Experiences" are designed to resonate a deep chord in the hearts and minds of China's rising new elites.

The campaigns offer intrepid travellers who are looking for something truly unique, a rare opportunity to embark on an exclusive travel adventure: steering through some of China's most iconic destinations from within Land Rover's state-of-the-art off-road vehicles.

For potential customers who missed the chance to join in the journeys this time, Land Rover is offering another driving experience to gain a deeper understanding of the brand in its three Land Rover Experience Centers in Beijing, Huzhou in Zhejiang province and Guangzhou.

China commitment

China is already the biggest market for Jaguar Land Rover. Standing out with exclusivity and understated luxury, Jaguar Land Rover is now the fourth largest premium automaker in China, having climbed the ladder rapidly with strong momentum.

"We pledge to stay in China for the long haul," said Grace. "That's why we keep our devotion to the market with tailor-made campaigns, reliable products, growing experience centers and network."

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