Monday, August 18, 2014

ACWF VP Conducts Survey in Inner Mongolia

Vice President and the First Member of the Secretariat of All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) Song Xiuyan conducted a survey in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region from August 5 to August 8.

During the inspection tour, Song visited grassroots women, "Women's Homes," women's workshops sponsored by the ACWF's small loans program and women's family hotels.

In Xinyuan Community, Song saw dozens of photos of "Most Beautiful Families" displayed in a window. Song asked women's officials in the community, "How long have your displayed these pictures? Do local women want to take part in the activity of 'Seeking Most Beautiful Families'? How can we allow the activity to be held regularly?" Song pointed out that the activity is aimed at selecting good examples and allowing people to learn from these examples and receive education and that this activity is conducive to promoting social harmony and improving people's lives.

Bayanhusuo Village has established a women's home and set up a women's arts team and a volunteer team. The village has taken full use of the village library, entertainment center and cultural square to provide professional training, hold craft work competitions and Mongolian costume shows for local women. In the village, Song watched a Mongolian costume show and programs performed by the local women. Song emphasized that in pastoral areas, the women's federations should study the local conditions and local people's traditions and culture, and provide services for local people.

In Menggenchulu Village, Song visited a family hotel. Subude and her husband established the family hotel with the help of the local women's federation. This family hotel receives 6000 tourists every year and is recognized as a four-star hotel. Song talked with Subude's family members and praised them for developing the local economy and offering job opportunities for 10 local women. Song noted that family tourism is a promising industry that not only preserves the local ethnic culture but also develops the local economy, adding that the women's federations should help women develop businesses in the industry and create more job opportunities for local women.

In Saike Community, Song visited a women's crafts workshop. Song asked about the production process of Mongolian traditional crafts. She said that the crafts production should be market oriented. The women's organizations should help local women find jobs in craft production companies and earn more money. Song also visited a "Caring Home", which provides assistance to disabled children. Song asked about the children's living conditions and study progress. She hoped that the "Caring Home" can improve its services and help the children grow happily.

Song thought highly of the accomplishments made by the Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Women's Federation to promote local women's development. Song hoped that the women's federations in the region would work hard to reinforce federations' organizations, provide services to grassroots women and unite the strength of local women to develop the economy and culture and promote social harmony and stability.

President of Inner Mongolia Women's Federation Chen Yu and other government officials also joined the inspection tour.

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