Monday, July 7, 2014

Mongolian Honorary Consulate opens in Madrid

Foreign Affairs Minister L.Bold conducted an official visit to Spain, a country influential in the European Union and the historical core of Spanish speaking countries, on July 1 and 2.
The visit represents the implementation of the “third neighbor” policy, strengthening Mongolia’s national security politically and broadening Mongolia’s position on the international stage, as well as contributing to the two country’s economic relations.

Foreign Affairs Minister L.Bold held bilateral talks with his Spanish counterpart, Garcia Margallo, and discussed cooperation and relations widely. The sides agreed on stabilizing political talks, intensifying economic cooperation, exchanging students, and shared views on cooperation within the EU, U.N. and other international organizations.

At the meeting, Margallo noted that this was the first official visit of a Mongolian Foreign Affairs Minister in the 40-year history of relations between Mongolia and Spain, and emphasized the visit was a significant step in developing relations and cooperation between the two countries.

Minister L.Bold attended the official opening ceremony of the Mongolian Honorary Consulate Mission in Madrid, and presented the newly appointed honorary consul, Spanish citizen Adriana Poveda, a Mongolian flag.

Over 300 Mongolian citizens are registered as residing in Spain. On June 30, Spanish police arrested a man who attacked a young Spaniard born in Mongolia on Barcelona’s underground railway system, after a video of the incident posted on YouTube went viral. The honorary consul in Madrid is currently working on this case, protecting the rights of the alleged Mongolian attack victim.

During the visit, L.Bold met Spanish Secretary of State for trade, Jaime GarcĂ­a-Legaz, where the sides highlighted that there are many pleasant opportunities to intensify Mongolia-Spain collaboration in trade, economy and the investment sectors, and discussed possibilities to promote and support collaboration through policy and intensifying the organization of bilateral business meetings. The sides agreed on collaborating particularly on infrastructure, urban planning, agriculture, leather processing and tourism, and reached a decision to hold a Mongolia-Spain business forum in Spain this September.

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