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Mongolia Brief July 8, 2014 Part I

Official Visit of Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Begins with Welcoming Ceremony at Chinggis Square
July 8 (infomongolia.com) Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic, Mr. Djoomart Otorbaev is paying an official visit to Mongolia on July 08-12, 2014.

Today on July 08, Prime Minister of Mongolia, Mr. Norov ALTANKHUYAG welcomed his counterpart of Kyrgyzstan at the Central Square and after bowing to the Chinggis Monument, Premier Dj.Otorbaev left a note on the Book of Guest.
During his visit, the Kyrgyz Prime Minister will hold official talks with Premier N.Altankhuyag, pay courtesy calls on President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj and Parliament Speaker Z.Enkhbold and visit to the Khyargas Lake in Uvs Aimag.
Moreover, the Kyrgyz delegation led by Premier Djoomart Otorbaev is invited to participate in the 2014 National Naadam Festival as Distinguished Guests.

Mongolia to be involved in New Colombo Plan
Ulaanbaatar, July 8 (MONTSAME) An invitation has been sent to Mongolia by the Foreign Minister of Australia Julie Bishop to officially involve our country in the New Colombo Plan implemented by the government of Australia.
A proposal on this involvement was put forward by Mongolia’s Foreign Minister L.Bold during his visit to the country in March.
Officially launched in December of 2013, the New Colombo Plan offers Australian undergraduates new opportunities for prestigious scholarships and grants for study and internships/mentorships in the Indo Pacific region. By this programme, Australian students are involved in short- and long-term trainings, and it is being successfully realized in Japan, Indonesia and Singapore.
In conjunction with the programme, Mongolia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working for involving Mongolia in the Work and Holiday visa classification of Australia so as to let Mongolians aged 18-30 be allowed to travel Australia for up to 12 months, of which four months are spent for training or job.  Main criterion is the mutual equality. Mongolia does not have yet any legal regulation for allowing foreigners to simultaneously work and have training within its territory for up to 12 months, so some times shall be taken to do official talks on the matter.

Survey shows corruption levels are still high
July 7 (Mongolian Economy) Business people who are satisfied with the general business environment decreased to 12.4 percent from 27.2 percent since 2012 in Mongolia.
As a part of the Strengthening Transparency and Governance in Mongolia (STAGE) project, the Asia Foundation and the Sant Maral Foundation released a fourth Study of Private Perceptions of Corruption (STOPP). This study was released to combat the nation’s corruption problem by instigating good governance and increasing transparency within society. This project is currently funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), an organization that wishes to expand democratic governance while promoting a system of checks and balances.
The first study in the STOPP series was published in December of 2012. The main focus of these studies examined the effects of corruption and bad governance in Mongolian society as conflicts of interest are rampant. The fourth survey that was released earlier today interviewed 330 senior-level managers of Mongolian businesses in April of this year in an attempt to provide a bigger picture of corruption levels.
These surveys hope to establish awareness for the need to increase transparency and accountability of the Mongolian Government as well as to receive proactive action from Mongolian companies. It was also shown that taxes are considered to be the major obstacle in terms of establishing business practices. On the bright side, the number of companies with established written policies against corruption rose to 17 percent from 9.7 percent since 2012.
There are many obstacles in the way of practicing good governance. While taxes represent the biggest obstacle – at 52.4 percent as of April 14 of this year – other obstacles also presented a huge problem. They include, but are not limited to, obtaining and renewing licenses and permissions, access to credit, strong competition from other companies, low level of professionalism, and the conditions of the labor market making up 27.3 percent, 27.0 percent, 26.7 percent, 16.7 percent, and 14.2 percent respectively.
It is also important to note that in all four surveys, many believe that the level of corruption is much higher in the public sector than it is in the private sector. As of April 2014, 43.9 percent of participants believe that there was a lot of corruption in the public sector, compared to 0.6 percent who believed that there is no corruption. The private sector, on the other hand, showed that 6 percent believed there was a lot of corruption and 24 percent believed that there is no corruption.
The survey also shows that compared to December 2012, when 43.0 percent of participants said that public sector corruption affected their businesses, the number rose in April 2014 to 47.6 percent. The majority surveyed that existing laws are hardly effective at making the business environment transparent and non-corrupt, with a percentage of 40.9 percent. This number is high compared to the 2.1 percent who believe the existing laws are very effective. Similar results are presented when participants were asked how effective the steps the Government is taking to eradicate overall corruption in Mongolia and how often the Government punished corrupted officials.
Multiple sectors are vulnerable to corruption. The most recent release of the survey unveiled that government services are the most susceptible at 68.8 percent. Construction and mining follow close behind at 57.0 percent and 48.2 percent respectively. Companies in other private services and manufacturing are judged to be the least likely to encounter corruption in their course of work.
Many of these participants agreed that net income would increase if the extent of government corruption was to be reduced. In the construction sector, 72.5 percent of partakers believed this would be the case in addition to 54.1 percent in the manufacturing sector, 45.6 percent in the trade sector, and 48.2 percent in the services sector. They also noted that a majority of members, ranging from 71.5 percent in December 2012 to 72.7 percent in April 2014, stated their company has not taken any steps to combat fraud or corruption. This is also consistent with 81.8 percent of participants in December 2012 and 89.1 percent in April 2014 who said they never reported a case of corruption.
This study of private perceptions of corruption clearly shows that fraud and corruption is rampant within all sectors, especially in government services. These numbers help create awareness of corruption issues that the Government needs to tackle in order to effectively promote transparency, good governance and accountability. Numbers remained consistent, if not more severe, over the past four surveys beginning in December 2012, marking the rigorousness of dishonesty found within Mongolia’s developing economy.

Student-Police Guides Tourists during 2014 National Naadam Festival and Tourist Season
July 8 (infomongolia.com) The City Council in collaboration with UB Tourism Board, Metropolitan Police and Mongolian Students Union are implementing "Tourist Guide-Police" program during the 2014 National Naadam Festival and tourist season.
The Student-Police is obliged to guide tourists and provide necessary assistance, besides prevent attacks on tourists, and in case of any violations relevant to tourists, they have to solve problems immediately.
Students were selected based on their foreign language knowledge and were taught with skills on proper handling in urgent situation like first-aid assistance, advise tourists with basic knowledge on law, etiquette, psychology as well as self-defense classes. Currently, 44 students are involved in the program.
The student-police will be employed and paid depending on how many hours worked, in other words, it is planned to employ at least 4 hours a day and 88 hours per month and 3,500 MNT (Tugrug) per hour. Consequently, a student may earn at least 308,000 MNT per month and during tourist season or months of July, August and September, they will be rewarded with minimum of 924,000 MNT. The necessary fund for this program is allocated from the City Council budget.

Mongolian National Football Team to Compete for 2015 East Asian Cup
July 9 (infomongolia.com) Mongolian national football team is to participate in the preliminary regional competitions for the 2015 East Asian Cup, the football championship of East Asia, which will be held at the National Training Center of Guam on July 21-27, 2014.
The 2015 EAFF East Asian Cup is the 6th edition of this regional competition and will be held in China in 2015.
The composition of Mongolian national team is released, notably, Mongolia’s first legionnaire A.Murun, who was practicing in Thailand, has already arrived in UB and now he is on training with his team. Moreover, Mongolian Team is coached by an experienced trainer from Serbia, Vojislav Brazulik.
Mongolian national football team
1. B.Ariunbold (Erchim FC)
2. B.Batmagnai (Ulaanbaataryn Unaganuud FC)
1. B.Garidmagnai (Selenge Press FC)
2. Ts.Enkhjargal (Erchim FC)
3. B.Munguntulga (Selenge Press FC)
4. D.Lkhumbengarav (Khoromkhon FC)
5. G.Bilguun (Echim FC)
1. A.Chinzorig (Ulaanbaatar FC)
2. O.Bayarjargal (Ulaanbaatar FC)
3. B.Dashnyam (Ulaanbaatar FC)
4. M.Tuguldur (Erchim FC)
5. P.Altantulga (Ulaanbaataryn Unaganuud FC)
6. Kh.Tsend-Ayush (Khoromkhon FC)
7. A.Murun (Krabi FC, Thailand)
1. S.Gal-Erdene (Echim FC)
2. N.Naranbold (Khoromkhon FC)
3. A.Tsolmon (Continental FC)
In the Preliminary Round 1, Mongolia will compete against teams of Guam, Macau and Northern Mariana Islands and if win to advance in the Preliminary Round 2 against Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong and North Korea, afterwards to compete in the Final Competition against the team of PR of China, Japan and South Korea.
Mongolian national football team will departure for Guam on July 18 after the FIFA World Cup that is taking place in Brazil, where the Semifinals (Brazil vs. Germany and Netherlands vs. Argentina) are starting tonight by UB time (04:00 am, July 09).

Deputy PM meets Chinese Inner Mongolian delegation
Ulaanbaatar, July 8 (MONTSAME) Deputy Prime Minister D.Terbishdagva received Monday Mr Wang Jun, a chairman of the Standing committee of the People’s Congress and Party Secretary of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of China.
The Deputy PM highlighted a significance of the Chinese Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region in the Mongolia-China collaboration, and regarded this visit as a great impetus to this cooperation and to the ties between Mongolia and the Region.
He noted an importance of the cooperation in establishing a trans-border industrial and free trade zone and in attracting investments to not only the mining but also to the industry and tourism. He thanked the delegation for supporting the establishment of a Consulate-General of Mongolia in Chinese Hohhot, and asked to solve the land issues in a near time.
He also noted an interest in cooperating and experience-sharing with the Autonomous Region, particularly in developing traditional medicine, and advised that regular meetings should be held between the border checkpoints administrations of the two countries.
Mr Wang thanked the Deputy PM for receiving them and noted the importance of boosting the cooperation not only in the economics but also in the humanities. He also stressed a significance of implementing long- and mid-term programs signed amid reciprocal high level visits between the two sides. He promised to study proposals the Deputy PM made at this meeting and emphasized that great achievements will be reached after joint efforts.

Delegation of Chinese Inner Mongolia visits school
Ulaanbaatar, July 8 (MONTSAME) The visiting delegation headed by Mr Wang Jun, a chairman of the Standing committee of the People’s Congress and Party Secretary of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of China, legged Monday the #102 secondary school in Bayanzurkh district of Ulaanbaatar.
The guests were given a concert staged by pupils and teachers. Present at the event were also Mr Wang Xiaolong, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Mongolia; Ts.Narantungalag, a head of the External Relations Section of the Parliamentary Office; and others.
The school, put into use in 2007, has 640 pupils, 78 teachers and 20 workers.

State prizes awarded
Ulaanbaatar, July 8 (MONTSAME) On occasion of the 808th anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire and the 93rd anniversary of the People’s Revolution of Mongolia, some foremost people who have fruitfully worked in the energy sector have been awarded the state prizes pursuant to a decree of the President.
The prizes were granted Tuesday by M.Sonompil MP, the Minister of Energy.
The Red Flag Order of Labour Merit was bestowed upon R.Khaidav, an executive director of the Ulaanbaatar Thermal Network state-run company; Z.Sanjaa, a retired worker of the “Ulaanbaatar Electricity Delivery Network” state-run company; B.Chinbat, a plumber at the “Ulaanbaatar Electricity Delivery Network” company; and L.Enkhbaatar, an audit officer at the Ulaanbaatar Thermal Network company.
The Polar Star Order went to P.Boldbaatar, an electricity mechanism office head of the Ulaanbaatar Thermal Network company, and to other 13 people.

PM welcomes Kyrgyz counterpart
Ulaanbaatar, July 8 (MONTSAME) The Prime Minister of Mongolia Mr N.Altankhuyag Tuesday welcomed and greeted Mr Djoomart Otorbaev, the Head of Kyrgyzstan's executive power, on the Square of Chingis Khaan in Ulaanbaatar.
The two dignitaries paid a tribute to the Monument of Chingis Khaan, then Kyrgyzstan Premier wrote his signature on the Book of Honoured Guests in the Ceremonial Hall of the State House. After this, the two Premiers began official talks.  

Visit of Chinese Inner Mongolian delegation ends
Ulaanbaatar, July 8 (MONTSAME) The visit ended on Tuesday of a chairman of the Standing committee of the People’s Congress and Party Secretary of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of China Wang Jun and accompanying him officials.
In frames of the visit, the delegation got acquainted with the Parliamentary Office, National Park, secondary school in Bayanzurkh district, and Bogd Khaan Museum.
In the VIP hall of the “Chingis Khaan” international airport, the delegation was seen off by L.Bold, the Minister of Foreign Affairs; D.Arvin MP; Wang Xiaolong, the Ambassador of China to Mongolia; and Ts.Narantungalag, a head of the External Relations Section of the Parliamentary Office. 

Mongolia and Italy to Broaden Cooperation in Defense Sector
July 8 (infomongolia.com) A delegation from the Ministry of Defense of the Italian Republic led by Secretary General of Defense/National Armaments Director, Lieutenant General Enzo Stefanini is conducting a working visit to Mongolia on July 06-08, 2014.
In the frameworks of the visit, the Secretaries General of the Defense Ministries of Italy and Mongolia, Lieutenant General Enzo Stefanini and Major General Zagdsuren BOLDBAATAR have held a meeting discussing bilateral ties between the Ministries and exchanging views on current cooperation and further measures to carry out.
During the meeting, parties agreed that although the bilateral relations between the sectors had been established in 1997 by appointing reciprocal Defense Attaches, current collaboration has been almost stopped; nevertheless, this visit with a large delegation plays an important role to boost.
Moreover, the two Secretaries exchanged opinions to further broaden Mongolia-Italy defense industry cooperation, particularly, in peace support operations, military training and defense industrial sector as well as potentiality to be expanded in the regular high-level and mid-level official visits between the two Ministries of Defense.
Also, Lieutenant General Enzo Stefanini held a meeting with the Vice Chairman of the General Headquarters of Mongolian Armed Forces, Major General B.Bayarmagnai. Afterwards, Italian delegates visited the Military Training Center of Mongolian Armed Forces or so-called Five Hills Training Center in Tuv Aimag and got acquainted with activity of Military Unit No.084.

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