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Mongolia Brief July 2, 2014 Part II

Ambassador of Mongolia to Switzerland, V.Purevdorj Accredited by President D.Burkhalter

July 2 ( Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the Swiss Confederation, Mr. Vaanchig PUREVDORJ has presented a Letter of Credence to the President of Switzerland Mr. Didier Burkhalter on July 01, 2014.

Newly accredited Ambassador V.Purevdorj, who is a Permanent Representative of Mongolia to the UN Office and other international organizations in Geneva, was promoted by the Government of Mongolia in October 2013.
Following the credential handing ceremony, Ambassador V.Purevdorj conveyed warm greetings of the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj to the State Head of the Swiss Confederation and after the sides shared views on issues of bilateral relations and cooperation. Ambassador V.Purevdorj noted that Mongolia and Switzerland have been developing closer ties over the last 50 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, especially since the beginning of democratic transformations in Mongolia.
Ambassador also expressed Mongolia’s thankful to Switzerland for implementing projects and programs through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), which are conducive to priority development guidelines of Mongolia of advancing democracy, developing agricultural industry, promoting rural development, protecting environment and developing vocational education.
Mentioning that the two countries maintain closer collaboration within UN and other international organizations, Ambassador V.Purevdorj congratulated Switzerland on chairing OSCE this year.
President D.Burkhalter said this year the sides are marking the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations, which was established on May 22, 1964 and the 10th anniversary of SDC in Mongolia and highlighted a great potential for deepening bilateral trade and economic cooperation.
At the credential handing ceremony, the Federal Chancellor of Switzerland Mrs. Corina Casanova and other officials from the President Office and Foreign Ministry of Switzerland as well as staff of Mongolian Embassy in Zurich.

“Creative Mongolian” Fair and Trade Welcome 2014 Naadam Festival with National Manufacturing

July 2 ( In the frameworks of Government Action Plan, the "Job and Income Provided Mongolian" Program is being implemented and in this regard, welcoming the 2014 National Naadam Festival, the Ministry of Labor is organizing "Creative Mongolian" fair and trade at the Misheel Expo Center on July 04-07, 2014.
The objective of the fair is to promote and support national manufactures by introducing their products in the market, encourage and increase an opportunity of competitiveness.
The “Creative Mongolian” fair and trade will be classified in the following categories:
- Traditional hats, belts
- Deel, jackets
- Boots, handbags and leather goods
- Decorating and handcrafts
- Wool and cashmere outfits
- Gifts and souvenirs
- Food and services

Biggest Live Music Festival “Playtime” to Take Place on July 19-20, 2014

July 2 ( The biggest live music festival, "Playtime 2014", will be organized over the weekend of July 19-20 at the banks of the Tuul River adjacent to the "Mongol Shiltgeen" (Hotel Mongolia) in Gachuurt village, which is about 20 km from center of Ulaanbaatar.
This is the 13th edition organized by Hi-Fi Music Records and is themed under “Friendly Ulaanbaatar Starts From Us” motto, where over 40 Mongolian bands and singers, along with guest bands from Russia, Japan and the United Kingdom will be participating.
Moreover, from this year, organizers are offering a VIP Zone, where fans will be provided with opportunity not only to listen to live music but also to meet their favorite bands, DJs and singers in a friendly atmosphere.
The festival will be taking place in three different stages simultaneously for two days and viewers can bring their tents to stay overnights or order rooms or Mongol Gers at the “Mongol Shiltgeen”, besides food and beverage stalls, mobile ATM, cold beer tent, and emergency care unit will be also provided.
Ticket for a single day performance costs 30,000 MNT (Tugrug) and for both days is 45,000 MNT if you order before July 09 and onwards ticket raised up to 60,000 MNT for a two-day festival, and the VIP Zone ticket is 100,000 MNT, which are available to order at 1900-1199 with a free delivery service.
The first day festival starts from 10 o’clock in the morning until 03:00 am, on the second day or July 20, live music will be played until 11:00 pm and the following bands, singers and DJs will be participating.
Central Stage: Guest bands are Mumiy Troll (Russian rock group), Envy (Japanese rock band) and Wow Bat (British band) and Mongolian bands are Shugam, Aadar, Orshikhui, One Way, The Compass, The Colors, Lego, Vatame, Tsonkhon Deer Suusan Yalaa, The Lemons, White Shadow, Motorway, Silent Scream, Berd, Jokers Wild, Marquis On The Radio, Rec On, Nisvanis, Mohanik and singers Choijoo, Kush & Oyuka and Solongo.
Small Stage: Strings, El Cid, The Linked, The Y.O, The Tourists, The Vibes, Tangled Wires, Return, Sakobs, MonHax, Atlantics, Purgatory Destroyers, Futurama, Amphibian Sphere, Sunderiya, The Electrics.
Electro Tent: Hi & Lo - DJ Cnomad, Enkhuul, Show master works - DJ Maara, Deep Music Freakz - DJ Tulga and Badral, Aural Projects - DJ Enkhmandakh and Ganzorig, Discotheque - DJ Zoloo and Doc, Smooth Operator - DJ Brown Sugar, Ilgel, Funkymator, Bodikhuu and Erkhem, D Join Event - DJ Agvaan and Nyamka, Leather Nation - DJ Peljee, Duk and Моку, Big Up - DJ BD.

United Nations E-Government Survey 2014: Mongolia

July 2 ( The Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat has released the biennial “UN E-Government Survey 2014: E-Government for the Future We Want”, the only report in the world that assesses the e-government development status of the 193 United Nations Member States.
The report serves as a tool for decision-makers to identify their areas of strength and challenges in e-government and to guide e-government policies and strategies.
As of continents, Africa led by Tunisia (ranked 75th globally) followed by Mauritius (76th) in the E-Government Development Index (EGDI), Americas led by the United States of America (7th) and Canada (11th), Asia by the Republic of Korea (1st) and Singapore (3rd), Europe by France (4th) and the Netherlands (5th), and Oceania led by Australia (2nd) and New Zealand (9th).
As of Mongolia, the country is ranked at the 65th place out of 193 states with EGDI score of 0.55 and compare to 2012 Rank jumped up 11 places from 76th.

Parliament of Mongolia Passes Law on “Glass Account”

July 2 ( On July 01, 2014, the State Great Khural (Parliament) of Mongolia made its Spring 2014 Session and approved the Budget Transparency Law or Law on "Glass Account", initiated and submitted by President Ts.Elbegdorj.
The Policy and Action Program of the President of Mongolia for 2013-2017 set forward, inter alia, a policy objective to establish transparency in accounting and financial practices of public (budgetary) organizations by introducing a concept of a “glass account”, a transparent system of reporting on financial transactions of public organizations. The Decree of the President of Mongolia of September 19, 2012, endorsed a National Mid and Long Term Policy Paper on Decentralization through Direct Democracy and Citizen Participation. One of the policy goals of this document was to develop and adopt the budget transparency law. The Budget Transparency Law constitutes one of the fundamental legal mechanisms to institute a Smart Government in Mongolia.
The Budget Transparency Law, which is now being widely acknowledged by the Mongolian general public and entering into daily lexicon of Mongolians as simply “A Glass Account Law”, enables citizens’ control and monitoring of the spending of the taxpayers money. By publicly reporting the financial decisions and stances on disbursement and disposal of fiscal funds Mongolia will have established an effective financial prudence and accountability system. The law will help prevent corruption, bribery, abuse and misuse of public funds and official position. It will help build a smarter, more responsible and accountable government.

Mongolia elected as member of CIFs steering council

Ulaanbaatar, July 2 (MONTSAME) Mongolia has been elected as one of the member states of the Steering Council of the Climate Investment Funds (CIFs) during the CIFs Partnership Forum took place June 23-24 in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
The forum was organized by the World Bank Group, and it covered areas like knowledge and learning on low carbon, climate resilient development and a key meeting place for climate change champions from around the world.
As of present, the CIFs has collected money of USD 8.8 billion, and the capital is being spent for low-income and developing countries. The CIFs Partnership Forum decided to give a non-refundable aid of USD 300 thousand to Mongolia for working out an investment plan for renewable energy after being involved in the list of countries to implement projects in frames of the Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Program (SREP).
Approved in 2009, the SREP is aimed at demonstrating the economic, social and environmental viability of low carbon development pathways in the energy sector by creating new economic opportunities and increasing energy access through the use of renewable energy.

Ambassador to Switzerland presents diplomatic credentials

Ulaanbaatar, July 2 (MONTSAME) The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the Swiss Confederation Mr V.Purevdorj Tuesday presented his diplomatic credentials to Mr Didier Burkhalter, the President of Switzerland.
At the meeting held after the presentation, the Ambassador conveyed a greeting of the Mongolian President to Mr Burkhalter, and then said he will do all his best to expand the Mongolia-Switzerland friendly relations and cooperation.
Mr Purevdorj emphasized that the bilateral relations and cooperation have been intensifying since the diplomatic relations, especially from the democratic revolution of Mongolia.
Mentioning that the content of the bilateral ties is being enriched, the Ambassador underlined that developmental cooperation projects and programmes implemented by the Swiss government are significantly contributing to refining upon the democratic system of Mongolia, developing agriculture and vocational education, supporting rural development and environment protection, and Mongolia is thankful to Switzerland for them.
The President Mr Burkhalter congratulated Mr Purevdorj on becoming the Ambassador to Switzerland, and conveyed his greetings to the President Ts.Elbegdorj and to the Foreign Minister L.Bold. He highly spoke steps and initiatives made by the current President of Mongolia for fortifying the democratic system.
Noting about the 50th anniversary of the bilateral diplomatic relations and the 10th anniversary of the Mongolia-SDC cooperation, Mr Burkhalter expressed his satisfaction with boosting of the bilateral political and developmental cooperation. He pointed out the two countries have an opportunity to expand the commercial and economic cooperation.  

ADB to help Mongolia’s small businesses access bank financing

Ulaanbaatar, July 2 (MONTSAME) The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is helping Mongolia’s micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) get better access to bank financing from one of its biggest banks, through a $40 million loan approved Tuesday, the ADB says.
The loan will be used to expand the MSME portfolio of Khan Bank to 35% of its total loans by 2020 from 26% in 2013.
“Access to credit remains one of the most critical obstacles to the development of the MSME sector in Mongolia,” said Monisha Hermans, an ADB Investment Specialist. “ADB will help address this gap by making available at Khan Bank more loans and longer repayment terms.”
MSMEs comprise 98% of all enterprises in Mongolia, with three quarters of them considered as microenterprises. It is estimated that only 10% of them regularly access financing through banks, as many banks are focusing their operations on top-tier and larger companies which are perceived to be less risky.
The growth of MSMEs is critical to Mongolia as the economy needs to move away from its heavy reliance on the mineral resource sector and develop other growth industries.
Khan Bank, established in 1991, is Mongolia’s largest bank in terms of total assets, loans and deposits. It has a strategic focus on the underserved MSME segment by offering products such as working capital, trade finance, and capital expenditure financing through electronic and mobile banking. It also has the largest branch network in the rural areas.
Khan Bank is the second Mongolian bank to receive such a loan from ADB. In December 2013, ADB provided a $30 million loan to XacBank for MSME relending.

Stock exchange news for July 2

Ulaanbaatar, July 2 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades held Wednesday, a total of 40 thousand and 926 shares of 24 JSCs were traded costing MNT 26 million 745 thousand and 055.00.
"Remikon” /18 thousand and 479 units/, "Merex" /12 thousand and 080 units/, "Hermes center” /6,205 units/, "APU” /3,428 units/ and "Silikat” /200 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value--"APU” (MNT 12 million 507 thousand and 330), "UB-BUK" (MNT three million 998 thousand and 500), "UB hotel” (MNT two million and 880 thousand), "Remikon” (MNT two million 772 thousand and 180) and "Merex” (MNT one million and 208 thousand).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 573 billion 010 million 961 thousand and 008. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 15,360.40, decreasing by MNT 224.40 or 1.44% against the previous day.

NBA Senior Vice president to visit

Ulaanbaatar, July 2 (MONTSAME) Senior vice president of events for the US National Basketball Association (NBA) Mr Mark Aronson will pay a visit to Mongolia on July 10-12 at an invitation of the Mongolia’s Basketball Federation (MBF).
During the forthcoming visit here, Mr Aronson will attend a basketball festival as an honoured guest, and plans to see a development of basketball sport in Mongolia and to learn an opportunity to organize a big sport event in 2015. As serving as the NBA senior vice president of events, Mr Aronson is responsible for all events of the NBA organized around the world. He makes vital decisions on realizing the Basketball Without Borders international programme, and basketball games of the NBA in Japan, Russia, Mexico and Brazil.

Chinggis Khaan 2014 Grand Prix will take place

July 2 ( Under the auspices of the President of Mongolia, the Chinggis Khaan Judo Grand Prix will be taking place at the Buyant–Ukhaa Sports Complex on July 04-06.
In this year`s edition over 350 judokas from 40 countries such as Russia, Japan, Hungary, North Korea, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Georgia, USA, Hong Kong, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Mozambique, Germany, Czech, Canada, Kazakhstan, Poland, Philippine, Singapore, Iran, Venezuela, Switzerland, Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil, China and Portugal.
Mongolian Judo Association set up an organizing committee of the Chinggis Khaan 2014 Grand Prix of 10 members including General Prosecutor of Mongolia D.Dorligjav, MP, President of the Mongolian Judo Association Kh.Battulga, Chief of Staff of the Office of the President of Mongolia P.Tsagaan and State Secretary of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism P.Altangerel.
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