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Mongolia Brief July 16, 2014 Part I

Non-Resident Ambassador of Mongolia to Greece Accredited
July 16 ( A non-resident Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to Greece (Hellenic Republic) Mr. Lkhamsuren DUGERJAV has presented a Letter of Credence to the President of Greece Mr. Karolos Papoulias on July 09, 2014.

Ambassador L.Dugerjav conveyed greetings of the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj to the State Head of Greece and pledged to take every effort to develop Mongolia-Greece relations and cooperation in all spheres.
Following the ceremony, the sides touched upon issues on exchanging top and high-level delegates, increasing the number of Mongolian students to study in Greece, training Mongolian young diplomats at the Diplomatic Academy of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stimulating bilateral economic, tourism and cultural ties, promotion of the both countries, and fostering multilateral cooperation.
Newly accredited Ambassador to Greece, L.Dugerjav was appointed as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to the Republic of Bulgaria with residency in Sofia, who concurrently represents Mongolia in Romania and the Republic of Macedonia since January 2014 and to the Republic of Moldova since May 2014.
Mongolia and the Hellenic Republic have established the diplomatic relations on March 03, 1967.

Mongolia at ASEM meeting
Ulaanbaatar, July 16 (MONTSAME) A director of the Policy Planning and Research Department of the Foreign Ministry and coordinator of the ASEM Northeast Asia group, Ts.Batbayar attended the ASEM senior officials’ meeting in Brussels on July 9-10.
The meeting discussed agenda and final document of upcoming ASEM summit “Responsible Partnership for Sustainable Growth and Security” scheduled in Milan in October of 2014, as well as matters concerning a preparation for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of ASEM to be marked in 2016.
The Mongolian delegation also attended a conference themed “ASEM: Partnership for 21st century” that ran within the above meeting in Brussels on July 8.

Visa waiver agreement signed for diplomatic passport holders
Ulaanbaatar, July 16 (MONTSAME) A visa exemption agreement for holders of diplomatic passports was signed between the Governments of Mongolia and Italy in Rome on July 14.
Holders of diplomatic passports of both countries are now able to visa-free travel to each other up to ninety days within half-year’s time.
The same day, the Ambassador of Mongolia to Italy Sh.Odonbaatar held a meeting with Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Italy Benedetto Della Vedova to discuss matters of the bilateral relations and cooperation. The sides also talked about a meeting of the Mongolian-Italian intergovernmental commission and a consultative meeting between the Foreign Ministries of the two countries, ASEM summit to be held in Milan in October of 2014, EXPO 2015, as well as ways of fostering bilateral ties, including a facilitation of travel conditions for each other.

Stock exchange news for July 16
Ulaanbaatar, July 16 (MONTSAME) At the Stock Exchange trades held Wednesday, a total of 12,804 shares of 19 JSCs were traded costing MNT four million 109 thousand and 400.
"Khot Development” /12,000 units/, "Arig Gal” /510 units/, "Darkhan Nekhii” /105 units/, "Aduunchuluun” /101 units/ and "Tavan Tolgoi” /35 units/ were the most actively traded in terms of trading volume, in terms of trading value-"Darkhan Nekhii” (MNT one million 659 thousand), "Arig Gal " (MNT one million and 70 thousand 490), "Khot Development” (MNT 684 thousand), "Tavan Tolgoi” (MNT 196 thousand) and "Aduunchuluun” (MNT 193 thousand and 415).
The total market capitalization was set at MNT one trillion 749 billion 37 million 59 thousand and 897. The Index of Top-20 JSCs was 17,160.49, increasing by 0.44% against the previous day.

Stolen 'Nest of Dinosaurs' Returned to Mongolia
July 15 ( More than 18 dinosaur skeletons illegally taken from Mongolia were formally returned to their homeland last week, U.S. authorities announced.
The fossilized bones were handed over to Mongolian officials in a repatriation ceremony held July 10 in New York. "Today, we return a veritable nest of dinosaurs," Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement after the ceremony.
"This is a historic event for the U.S. Attorney's Office, in addition to being a prehistoric event, and we are proud to participate in the return of these dinosaur skeletons to their rightful home," Bharara said.
The road to repatriation began two years ago, in 2012, when an auction house in New York was offering a skeleton of a Tarbosaurus bataar — an Asian cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex. Mongolian authorities voiced concern that the specimen had likely been smuggled into the United States. The 70-million-year-old dinosaur species was native to the Gobi desert in Asia, and to date, has only been found in modern-day Mongolia.
The Tarbosaurus sale attracted a bid of more than $1 million, but the suspicions of the Mongolian authorities sparked a long legal battle and federal investigation. U.S. authorities froze the sale, and after a lengthy custody battle, the specimen was returned to Mongolia in May 2013.
Eric Prokopi, a self-described commercial paleontologist who imported the dinosaur, pleaded guilty to criminal charges that he smuggled the skeleton and other fossils into the United States. In June, Prokopi was sentenced to three months in federal prison.
The other Mongolian fossils forfeited by Prokopi during the case were returned in the July 10 ceremony, including a second Tarbosaurus, oviraptors and skeletons of the duckbilled, plant-eating Saurolophus angustirostris.
Federal authorities also returned fossils that had been forfeited by Christopher Moore, a onetime business partner of Prokopi in the United Kingdom, including a third Tarbosaurus, skeletons of a rooster-like Gallimimus dinosaur and a nest of fossilized eggs, all looted from Mongolia.
"The fossils returned today do not belong in the hands of any private collection or one owner," James T. Hayes Jr., special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in New York, said in a statement. "They belong to the people of Mongolia where they will be displayed in their national museum alongside the Bataar ICE repatriated last year. HSI will not allow the illicit greed of some to trump the cultural history of an entire nation."
The Mongolian government made it illegal in 1924 to own or export items of cultural significance, including dinosaur fossils.

N.Togstsogt grabs bronze medal
Ulaanbaatar, July 16 (MONTSAME) Mongolia’s seasoned boxer N.Togstsogt (56kg) grabbed a bronze medal at the fourth Kazakhstan President’s Cup International Boxing Tournament in Almaty.
After defeating opponents in the first two rounds, the Mongolian boxer competed against Zhanbolat Tilegenuly of Kazakhstan and lost 1:2 at this silver medal match. Prior to that match, Tilegenuly had surprisingly won over the London 2012 Olympic champion Robeisy Ramirez, Cuba.
Among our nine boxers only Togstsogt bagged the medal.
These events traditionally bring together the best boxers in the world–Olympic champions and winners of Asian Games and European and Asian championships. This year, 104 boxers from 12 countries–Azerbaijan, Iraq, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, the Philippines and Kazakhstan--participated in the events that ended July 13.

Mongolians at World fencing championship
Ulaanbaatar, July 16 (MONTSAME) Mongolian fencers are to compete at the 2014 Fencing World Championship in Kazan, Russian on July 15-23.
The team includes B.Batkhuu, E.Dolgoon, Ts.Jigjidsuren (men) and B.Gerelmaa, A.Khaliunaa and B.Tsolmon all to participate in tournaments of epee fencing.
About 700 fencers from 100 countries are expected to come to Kazan to compete for the title. 42 international and 79 national judges will work at the events.

Our wrestlers attend Golden Grand Prix
Ulaanbaatar, July 16 (MONTSAME) Fifteen wrestlers were announced on Wednesday to participate in the July 25-27 Final Golden Grand Prix international tournament in Baku, Azerbaijan.
The Mongolian team includes E.Narangerel (48kg), E.Davaachimeg (53kg), P.Orkhon (55kg), Monkhtuya (60kg), B.Odonchimeg (69kg) O.Burmaa (75kg) in women’s categories, and B.Ankhbayar (70kg) and D.Khuderbulga (97kg) in men’s categories.
The Golden Grand Prix particularly chooses winners and medalists of world high-level contests such as the World Championships and Continent Cups and Grand Prix.
Winners of every weight category will be awarded 10 thousand USD, silver medalist will be granted five thousand USD and bronze medalists--two thousand USD.
Mongolians have won five silver and four bronze medals in previous editions of the Golden Grand Prix, for example, E.Sumiya, T.Monkhtuya and B.Odonchimeg bagged two silver and one bronze in Baku last year.

Museum to be created on remains of Kharkhorum monastery
Ulaanbaatar, July 16 (MONTSAME) A monastery of the Mongolian ancient capital Kharkhorum will be restored.
A mutual understanding memorandum about it has been signed by the Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Ts.Oyungerel and the German Archeological Institute's president Friederike Fless.
The remains of the monastery will be renovated for the establishment of the open museum. The sides have also agreed to cooperate in restoring cultural heritage, furnishing an exhibition hall, and preparing specialists. The museum project is to be completed late 2015. 
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