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Mongolia Brief July 13, 2014 Part II

Nat’l consumer price in increases
Ulaanbaatar, July 13 (MONTSAME) This June, the national consumer price index rose 0.5% from the previous month, 6.7% against with the beginning of the year, and by 14.6% over the same period of 2013.

The increase occurred due to increases of 0.7% in food and non-alcoholic beverages, of 1.0% in clothing, footwear and cloth of 2.8% in health, of 1.2% in miscellaneous goods and services.

Loss of animals declines
Ulaanbaatar, July 13 (MONTSAME) In the first half of 2014, natural losses of adult animals reached 300.8 thousand heads at the national level, going down 337.6 thousand heads or 52.9% against the same period of 2013.
The losses include 17.7 thousand horses, 27.0 thousand cows, 913 camels, 115.0 thousand sheep and 140.2 thousand goats.

Industrial production index rises
Ulaanbaatar, July 13 (MONTSAME) The industrial production index (2010=100 seasonally adjusted and experimental estimation) increased 19.8% from the end of the last year, 0.4% over the previous month, and decreased 4.0% compared with the same period of the previous year.
The mining of products such as molybdenum concentrate with 47%, goal, iron ore, crude oil and copper with concentrate increased 0.1%-57.4% in the mining and quarrying sectors while the production of products such as buuz and dumpling, milk, pure water, knitted goods, wooden building door and windows, flour, macaroni noodles, ice cream, vacuum windows and doors, and sawn wood rose 4.4% to 2.7 times in the manufacturing sector compared with the same period of the previous year.

Freight and passengers in statistics
Ulaanbaatar, July 13 (MONTSAME) In the first half of 2014, 9,358.1 thousand ton freight and 1,686.2 thousand passengers (with duplicated counting) were carried by railway transport.
Compared with the same period of the previous year, the amount of the freight carried decreased 730.5 thousand ton or 7.2 percent while the number of the carried passengers went down 202.6 thousand persons or 10.7 percent. The revenue from the railway transport in the first half of 2014 reached 195.9 bln.tog reflecting a decrease of 5.4 bln.tog or 2.7 percent against the same period of the previous year.
In the first half months of 2014, 1,633.3 ton freight and 312.7 thousand passengers (with duplicated counting) were carried by air transport. Compared with the same period of the previous year, the amount of the freight dropped 289.4 ton or 15.1 percent and the number of carried passengers decreased 24.7 thousand persons or 7.3 percent. The revenue from the air transport reached 103.3 bln.tog increasing 5.1 bln.tog or 5.2 percent against the same period of the previous year.

Construction in statistics
Ulaanbaatar, July 13 (MONTSAME) Construction and capital repairs work in the first half of 2014 reached 447.2 bln.tog, increased by 92.0 bln.tog or 25.9 percent compared with same period of the previous year.
This rise was mainly due to an increase of 96.8 bln.tog or 28.6 percent in the work done by domestic construction entities.

Mongolian wins five medals in IMO
Ulaanbaatar, July 13 (MONTSAME) Mongolian pupils have competed in the 55th International Mathematical Olympiad which took place July 3-13 in Cape Town, South Africa.
Mongolia was represented by six children. By the team result Mongolia took the 44th place among 101 countries, winning five bronze medals and getting 102 points. A.Sukhbat achieved a special prize for solving two problems. The coaches are Ts.Dashdorj, and B.Bayasgalan.
This year’s IMO was attended by 616 pupils from 101 countries. The Chinese team became the first, winning five gold and one silver medals and getting 201 points. The USA grabbed five gold and one silver medals, with 193 points, and the Chinese Taipei took four gold and two bronze medals.
Since its first participation in the IMO in 1964, Mongolia has won two gold, 19 silver and 54 bronze medals.

Kh.Oyunchimeg becomes fourth-time champion
Ulaanbaatar, July 13 (MONTSAME) On the second day of the Naadam Festival, main event of the archery tournaments–the Khalkha-style archery--was concluded successfully in two categories of men and women.
Some 270 men and 130 women attended the two-day event in the archery field near the Central Stadium. The winners became L.Otgonbayar (men’s event) and Kh.Oyunchimeg (women’s event), who achieved 34 and 33 points out of possible forty.
It is the third time winning of Otgonbayar, while Oyunchimeg led the national tournament three times previously.
The second and third places in the Khalka-style men tournament went to B.Batbaatar and S.Olziisaikhan, whereas D.Norjmaa and I.Tsetsegmaa followed Oyunchimeg in the main event of women archery.

Winners of anklebone shooting announced
Ulaanbaatar, July 13 (MONTSAME) The best teams were announced July 12 in the ankle shooting tournament held during the Naadam Festival.
At the final of the team event, top six teams of Ajnai Corporation, APU Group, Tsaidam Altai Group, Selenge province, Orkhontuul club of Selenge province, and Khokh Chono Group competed for the national championship title. The team of Ajnai Corporation became the best, followed by teams of APU Group and Tsaidam Altai Group.
The tournament was attended by 490 shooters of 50 teams from 18 provinces and two cities.

Horse races of Naadam concluded
Ulaanbaatar, July 13 (MONTSAME) Traditional horse races for the National Great Festival – Naadam ran in the “Khui Doloon Khudag” horse race arena, outskirt of the capital city.
The horse races ran in age categories of daaga (2-year old colt), shudlen (three-year old), khyazaalan (four-year old), soyoolon (five-year old), ikh nas (over five-year old) and stallion.
A khongor (fallow) stallion trained by D.Bayanbat from Tov aimag’s Bayantsagaan soum came first in the 24 km race among 222. The winner was ridden by 8-year old boy G.Suldbayar. The runner-up were  “Khaliun” stallion /yellow mixed with black/ trained by T.Boldbaatar from Khovsgol aimag; a “Khuren” stallion /brown/--by E.Tamir from Khovd aimag; a “Sartai khuren” stallion--by S.Tsembel from Dundgobi; and a “Khaltar” stallion--by B.Orgil from Bayanzurkh district.
The race of over five-year old horses took place among 325 horses in 25 km distance. A “Suman khuren” horse trained by D.Bayasgalan finished first, followed by horses trained by people from city’s Songinokhairkhan district, Orkhon, Dundgobi and Arkhangai aimags.
The races of the “soyoolon” and “khyazaalan” horses ran among over 570 horses trained by people from the city districts and all aimags. A “kheer” horse /chestnut/ of T.Batzorig from Dornod aimag and a “Khaltar” horse--trained by G.Temuulen from Arkhangai aimag came first in the Khyazaalan and Soyoolon races, respectively.
A “kheer” colt trained by Kh.Bat-Erdene from Gobi-Altai took first place in the colts’ race in which 280 colts ran 11 km.  

Political and economic conjuncture could mean a new era of trilateral cooperation between neighbors
July 13 ( Hence famous expression; whether you like it or not neighbours are eternal: China and Mongolia had been eternal neighbours for thousands of years and Russia is also Mongolia’s eternal neighbour in the north. Since the Crimean event, the energy route to Europe from Russia has been shifting, and just a month ago, the two giants, a consumer and a supplier, signed a USD30 billion gas deal to cement their cooperation in the changing international environment.
Few reckoned that Mongolia is being left out in the trilateral cooperation. However, soon after the gas deal, Russian Rosneft and Mongolian NIC signed a long-term petroleum deal. Moreover, last May Speaker of the Mongolian State Great Khural met the Chairman & CEO of China Investment Corporation Mr. Ding Xuedong. Two parties restated the importance of China’s investment for the country’s development, especially in infrastructure sector. Furthermore, the Chairman specified that coal gasification project that would require USD30 billion to develop believes that SGK will provide tax reliefs that would make the project possible. Mongolia has been contemplating coal to oil and coal gasification projects for some time.
In the coming month, President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin will visit the country on 75th Anniversary of joint Mongolian and Soviet Khalkhin Gol Battle against Japanese Empire. In conjunction, President of PRC Xi Jinping will pay high level official visit to the country. This could be a decisive and next level cooperation between the countries in the new changing economic and political environment. Also, it could be a stepping stone on country’s ambition on becoming integrated with newly establishing logistic route from Asia to Eurasia and Europe.
Bank of China, a first Chinese bank, opened its representative office in Mongolia last year, and this year, it would become eligible to open its official branch according to the country’s law. It already issued its multimillion dollar loan to local Tuushin Group earlier this year. Also, it would facilitate new investments in the country through project financing and short-term loans.
One of the vital negotiation during the two country’s presidents would be conducting trades in their respective currencies, Roubles with Russia, and RMB with China. Bank of Mongolia already in swap agreement with China on RMB. Also, it borrowed a billion dollar to ease the country’s currency depreciation. It has been said that it could borrow USD3 billion more if necessary.
In the times of financial and economic difficulties, trilateral and joint economic initiatives would be beneficial to all sides. Three of the neighbours need each other more than ever in these times.

Speech by President of Mongolia, Mr. Tsakhia Elbegdorj at Opening of 2014 National Naadam Festival
July 13 ( The 2014 National Naadam Festival, which is officially being celebrated nationwide as public holidays on July 11-15 starting from this year, is dedicated to the 2,223rd Anniversary of the Mongolia's First Statehood, the 808th Anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire and the 93rd Anniversary of the People's Revolution.
Traditionally, the official opening ceremony is held with opening remarks by the President of Mongolia at the Central Stadium in Ulaanbaatar and here below the speech addressed by the President Ts.Elbegdorj to his people and distinguished guests co-celebrating the National Naadam.
Speech by the President of Mongolia, Mr. Tsakhia ELBEGDORJ at the Opening of 2014 National Naadam Festival
My fellow countrymen Mongolians,
Dear guests and friends from afar and near,
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
At this auspicious rostrum of confluence of the glorious past, assiduous present and prosperous future, the hearth of Mongol Naadam and the heart of our beautiful country, the capital Ulaanbaatar, I convey my hearty greetings for a joyous Naadam, the Great National Festivity, to all my fellow Mongolians throughout our vast motherland.
The delightful season of bloom has come to our beautiful lands of blue skies, high mountains, vast steppes, sand dunes and crystal clean waters.
The Mongol Naadam is starting at every part of our country, full of vigor, bliss and joy.
The Great National Festivity, the Naadam, is the innate treasure of the Mongol people, which embodies our glorious history, cherished dreams and collective power. The Mongol Naadam attests, through time, that the accuracy of aim of the arrow, speed and stamina of the horses and the strength and clout of the fine men of our fathers and forefathers, who upheld good governance, rule of law and order in the world, remain as firm and sustained as ever.
Naadam starts rendering every Mongolian a splendor and pride for our culture and traditions and entertaining a happy talk for further prosperity and wellbeing. At this momentous hour, I convey my heartfelt wishes for success and happiness to my fellow Mongolians, near and far both in Mongolia and abroad.
Before the State White Banner, the sanctity of the Mongol State, I wish the arrows of our bows be sharp and straight, our horses - fast and light, our wrestlers - strong and deft, and the anklebone shoots - accurate.
I reiterate the call to my people I made recently. Dear Mongolians, let us ride our horses. Let us take pride in and further deepen our unique traditions and culture of riding horses. Let us honor our horses for a horse is a Mongol man’s delight of any season and a friend in any storm. A horse, indeed, a fortune bestowed upon the Mongol people.
At this juncture, I declare open the Mongol Naadam, the millennia-old great pride and delight of the Mongol people.
Have a Naadam filled with vim and vigor.

Winners of 2014 National Naadam Festival's Stallion Horse Racing
July 13 ( On July 11, 2014, two horse racing competitions were held at Khui Doloon Khudag valley in Tuv Aimag and the first race held in the morning was among Stallion (Azarga) horses, where 222 fastest stallions from all over the country have been raced.
The Stallion race is being held for about 24 km of distance and “Khongor” stallion from Tuv Aimag came in the first, notably, this winning horse was a runner-up at Khyazaalan age race in the National Naadam Festival in 2012.
"Airgiin Tav" or winners of the first 5 places of Stallion category:
1. “Khongor” stallion (Azarga) trained by Davaakhuu BAYANBAT, resident of Bayantsagaan Sum of Tuv Aimag, rode by jockey Galsandorj SULDBAYAR, 8 years old age;
2. “Khaliun” stallion trained by Tuvdendorj BOLDBAATAR, resident of Murun Sum, Khuvsgul Aimag, jockey Batjargal GANKHUU, 13;
3. “Khuren” stallion trained by Erdene-Ochir TAMIR, resident of Buyant Sum, Khovd Aimag, jockey Batsaikhan RAGCHAA, 9;
4. “Sartai Khuren” stallion trained by Sodnomtseren TSEMBEL, resident of Erdenedalai Sum, Dundgovi Aimag, jockey Batjargal ERKHCHULUU, 13;
5. “Khaltar” stallion trained by Badam ORGIL, resident of Bayanzurkh District, Ulaanbaatar, jockey Gerelt-Od TSERENTOGTOKH, 11.

2014 National Naadam Festival Of Mongolia, July 11, 2014
July 13 ( The 2014 National Naadam Festival is being celebrated nationwide and from every corner of the country, strongest men in traditional wrestling, wisest shooters in archery and knucklebone competitions as well as fastest horses have been gathered in the capital city of Mongolia.
This year’s Naadam Festival is dedicated to the 2,223rd Anniversary of the Mongolia's First Statehood, the 808th Anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire and the 93rd Anniversary of the People's Revolution.

Winners of 2014 Shagai Shooting Tournament
July 13 ( Th e 2014 National Naadam Festival dedicated to the 2,223rd Anniversary of the Mongolia's First Statehood, the 808th Anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire and the 93rd Anniversary of the People's Revolution is ongoing on its second day nationwide.
As part of the sport events, Shagai (knucklebone, anklebone) shooting competitions finished today and in the finals, top 6 teams left, where over 490 knucklebone shooters from 21 Aimags, 9 Districts of Ulaanbaatar as well as Mongolians residing in the United States, Belgium and South Korea arrived to participate.
The 490 Shagai shooters were divided in 10 divisions and 50 teams have competed led by 236 shooters with State and Aimag titles including 48 Ulemj Darkhan Mergen, 21 Darkhan Mergen, 51 Garamgai Mergen, 17 Ulsyn Mergen, 22 Ded Mergen, 8 Kharishgui Mergen and 55 Aimgiin Gots Mergen. Moreover, the eldest participant arrived from Dundovi Aimag aged 91 years old, Mr. D.Sanjaagenden and youngest from Khentii Aimag, S.Tsogt-Ulzii, 9 years old.
* Mergen - mon. wise, sharpshooter, marksman; a top title of Mongolian traditional archery and knucklebone shooting games.
The winners of the 2014 Shagai Shooting Tournament are:
I place: Umnugovi Aimag Team, led by Ulemj Darkhan Mergen Ts.Iderzorig
II place: APU Group Team, led by Ulemj Darkhan Mergen S.Yamaaranz
III place: “Taigam Altai” Group Team, led by Ulsyn Mergen T.Bavarkhand
IV place: Selenge Aimag Team, led by Ulemj Darkhan Mergen Ts.Gantulga
V place: “Selenge Orkhontuul” Team, led by Ulemj Darkhan Mergen Ts.Boldbaatar
VI place: “Khukh Chono” Group Team, led by Ulemj Darkhan Mergen J.Munkhjargal
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