Thursday, July 17, 2014

How weird is your palate? (The Sweet Tooth blog)

What is the weirdest food you've eaten?

Earlier I was looking through photos from two friends of mine who are traveling the world for a year. They started in Japan, spent a month in China, a very short time in Mongolia and then took the Trans-Mongolian Railway to/through Russia.

Like all good travelers, they take pictures of food. Like all really good travelers, they try the local cuisine, even when it looks a little fishy.

Y'all, that is a seahorse. On a stick. I didn't even know that was a thing.

Britnee's chewy adventure led me to reflect on the weirdest food I've eaten. I have done octopus -- whole, but very small, and not fried. (Calamari doesn't count in my book. All you can taste is fried.) I chewed two or three times and then risked the choking to swallow it as quickly as possible. (Chinese restaurant in Utah)

An Ethiopian extravaganza. I don't even know what was on that plate. I do know neither my friend nor I could get much down. (Ethiopian restaurant in D.C.)

I've eaten frog legs. I did not love them. (French restaurant on a cruise ship)

Cactus (Mexican home-cooked meal)

Black bean brownies (Weight Watchers recipe)

Eel -- except this is really Unagi sushi, which is the best sushi I've had ever (Sushi place, Portland, Oregon)

My mom tried blood pudding in Scotland. She offered me a taste; I declined. I also avoided haggis in Scotland and all forms of liverwurst or weisswurst in Germany. Hungarian, Austrian, Mexican and Czech foods tend to be a fairly normal form of weird/delicious.

All of this leads me to believe that I need to be a little more gastronomically adventurous. Time to plan an exotic trip! And time to eat lunch.

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