Wednesday, July 16, 2014

HomeSlyce sponsors team driving 10,000 miles from England to Mongolia

A Baltimore pizza bar is taking a little slice of Charm City to Mongolia.

HomeSlyce, which has locations in Mount Vernon and Federal Hill, is sponsoring a three-person team driving 10,000 miles from England to Mongolia. It’s part of the annual Mongol Rally, a drive launched by a group called the Adventurists to raise money for charity by taking people off roads and out of their comfort zones — often in the middle of nowhere.

Baltimore teacher Alex Insel, who also works for HomeSlyce, is making the drive with teammates Eric Geraci of Long Island, N.Y., and Ida Tahri of Sydney, Australia. By next week, the team, which calls itself “Breaking Khan,” will be on the road for on the 10,000-mile trip.

"When [Insel] told me about it, I asked if I could sponsor his trip," Haluk Kantar, HomeSlyce's owner, said. "He is a great person and this sounded like an adventure I would love to do."

Kantar said he hopes to participate in the rally next year.

HomeSlyce is one of two main sponsors for the team, and it’s calling its sponsorship the “10,000-Mile Delivery.” Half the money raised will go to the Mongol Rally’s designated charity, CoolEarth, and Breaking Khan is donating the other half of its proceeds to the Lotus Children’s Centre Charitable Trust in Mongolia.

The 10,000-Mile Delivery is a promotion for HomeSlyce — a sponsorship worth a few thousand dollars — but Kantar said he doesn’t have any plans to expand internationally (yet).

"The marketing value for us is invaluable," Kantar wrote. "What we learn from this would be used in future marketing efforts."

HomeSlyce is actively growing in Baltimore, and Kantar said he plans to open a third location Canton by September. He said he'll have more details to share later this summer.

The team is currently jazzing up its car overseas in time for Sunday's start of the rally. You can track the “delivery,” which kicks off in London, on HomeSlyce’s Facebook page, or on Breaking Khan's blog.

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